Thursday, August 20, 2015

Watch one of our unsold pilots!

For many years the major networks would air their unsold pilots during the summer. The industry nickname for this practice was FAILURE THEATER. But it used to be great fun to watch the pilots that didn’t get series orders. Some were better than what got on, and a few were jaw-droppingly atrocious.

Today my blog reprises this summer programming highlight with a pilot David Isaacs and I wrote called UNDER ANDREA.

We adapted it earlier this summer for THE DEAD PILOTS SOCIETY at the Whitefire Theatre in Studio City, California. These were three passed over TV pilots adapted for the stage. It was a great experience. Everyone associated with this first-rate 99-seat theatre was terrific.

I was very fortunate that my friends Kevin Gershan and Rob Phillips graciously taped one of the performances. Obviously this is not broadcast quality (it’s not FOR broadcast) and the cameras were placed in locations that wouldn’t obstruct the audience’s view. Still, you’ll get a good idea of what went on there.

Briefly, UNDER ANDREA is about three ambitious young assistants who go to work for a sleek Devil Wears Prada-type woman who controls a magazine empire. It was originally developed for Fox in 2003 and NBC in 2005. For more background on the pilot and process please go here.

The cast is: Jules Wilcox (Andrea), Suzanne Mayes (Jill), Jack Zullo (Walter), Sterling Sulieman (Ernie), Paul Lauden (Neil), Paul Culos (Bugeater), Julie Meyer (Lana), and David Svengalis (Eric). I directed it.

Now, you’ll notice there are no comments today. That’s by design. It’s one thing when I post a script and the trolls come after me, but there are actors involved here who generously gave of their time and talent to be in this production. They don’t need to be critiqued. So for today only, I’m not seeking feedback. Thanks for understanding.

Hope you enjoy it. Here, for the first time is UNDER ANDREA. MY NAME IS EARL will return next week in its normal slot.