Saturday, August 01, 2015

Why sign up for THE SITCOM ROOM?

I will be holding another SITCOM ROOM weekend seminar this October 17 & 18 in Los Angeles. Registration will be later this week. But it will open one hour earlier for anyone on the Alert List. Here’s where you go to sign up for that. (The list is private and will never be shared.  And you can unsubscribe at any time.)

So why should you sign up for the SITCOM ROOM?

It’s the only truly hands-on writing seminar there is.

I only hold it once every couple of years.

You get to see professional actors perform your work.

It’s something to do.

This might help you break into the business.

You learn things about yourself that you never knew. (Good things even)

You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses.

You build lifelong friendships.

You might even find a writing partner.

You get to hear some of my old war stories.

You’ll laugh for two straight days.

No experience is necessary.

You’ll develop a taste for Red Vines.

You’ll learn different “types” of comedy and which are bested suited for sitcoms.

You’ll learn how to write spec scripts that sell.

There’s no keynote speech by Tommy Lasorda.

Even if you don’t want to do this professionally, it’s “fantasy camp” for comedy writers.

You get to live out a dream.

You get to meet some of my friends. 

You’ll forever see sitcoms in a whole new light.

I only lecture once.

You learn how to make things funnier.

Chicks love comedy writers.

You learn how to be creative on demand.

You learn whether this is the career path for you.

It’s a lot cheaper than a year at NYU.

You’ll be introduced to the business side of sitcom writing – agents, managers, job opportunities, salaries, and marketplaces,

It’s something to look forward to in October besides the World Series (unless it’s held in November this year) and Halloween.

You develop new ways of thinking.

There’s never more than twenty attendees so that everyone gets personal attention.

You’re held to professional standards.

There’s a Burger King across the street.

Former attendees have gone on to have nice careers in writing. One was on staff of NURSE JACKEE.

You get to ask me lots of questions.

You come away not just with a notebook of notes but with a scene you’ve co-written (and rewritten) and a great sense of accomplishment.

Here’s what past attendees have said (and a few more always chime in with an unsolicited comment or two), and again – here’s the Alert List. Hope to see you at this year’s SITCOM ROOM.


Oat Willie said...

When comedy writers lecture, people tend to pay attention. You may well have students demanding encores after each lecture. Or asking you to repeat what you said because they were busy tweeting and passing notes.

Anonymous said...
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Roger R. said...

No Lasorda? Awww man!

Johnny Walker said...

- You'll finally get to see what the fuss is about

- You'll experience the joy and misery of being in a sitcom room

- Ken will personally give you a back massage

- You'll get to join the top secret Facebook group for previous attendees

One of these might not be true.

Sam said...

Hi Ken!
Any chance the $1,600 fee could be paid to you in installments? Or maybe just two big chunks of $800? I only ask because as much as I'd love to sign up, money is a wee bit tight lately.


Gerry said...

Phew! I'm on the short list but I've already convinced myself that this is too much at the moment and I've got too much on my plate. But you're a persuasive guy. Now I'm not sure. I guess when the bell rings I will still have 24 hours to decide. Curse you Ken Levine!

Ritchie said...
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Pete said...

If you're a professional, it's tax deductible!

mmryan314 said...

Sitting from my perspective as an old(er) person, I would beg, borrow, or O interest a credit card for this writer's room experience. It could be one of those moments in life that you regret if you don`t do it.I think even Suzy Orman would agree.

Diane D. said...

She's right, Sam. I was almost ready to say I would contribute half myself, but then I remembered my son needs it!

By Ken Levine said...

Sorry Steve. My seminar is completely independent of any college.

Unknown said...

I'm a broke writer who got a one year internship at The Groundlings. I write stand up because I'm funny on occasion. I watch Cheers and Roseanne when I can because TV writing is my dream job and I miss shows that actually connect with their audiences instead of just pandering to fancy camera work. There's no way in hell I could afford $1,600 for this seminar. It was really disheartening to see that price tag. Instead of begging for a spot at your seminar, I'll just say thanks for writing on Cheers. The show is an inspiration and I hope that someday I'll be able to have the career that you do. Thanks, man.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this really no experience necessary? I really have no experience.