Thursday, October 29, 2015


... to everyone who took the time to tell me who you are.   I greatly appreciate the support and will do my best to keep you entertained or at least suitably distracted.   If you haven't checked in, please do.  Just add a comment with who you are, where you're from, how old you are, why you're here, and what you do or don't like.  Enough of you seem pleased with the current variety of topics that I don't feel compelled to add medical advice or photos of pets.   Thanks again. 


Snoskred said...

I would love to see photos of your pets, if you have any. :)

Joselle said...

I'm 54, from all over (former Army Bratt) and you amuse me, so...merci beacoup

Lyn said...

Les Ungerleider, from Bronx NY, Long Island, New haven, Eahington DC, Seattle, South fl, Somers NY, Seattle (for over 30 years, South FL (retired(,73 years younf=g,been following you since you started,yes, keep stuff coming + pets

Ben said...

Ben from Minneapolis. 41. I've been reading this blog long enough to not remember how how it has been. Big Twins fan, so I always appreciate anecdotes about the team (or the Twin Cities in general. Keep it up!

Mike Barer said...

Oh and I'm 58, live in Seattle Read you nearly everyday, remember you from the Mariner broadcasts and Fraser show and found you through the Lee Goldberg blog. Been reading this blog for almost 10 years.

Mike Moody said...

I'm 40. I grew up on Cheers. I can't even remember what first drew me here. Probably a web search on something Cheers-related. I've checked in once or twice a week for the last two years or so. I'll be getting my Ph.D. in Economics this year and I absolutely love baseball so I guess I'm one of the people that doesn't hate it when you talk about baseball. Cubs fan.

My favorites posts, though, are the writing tips and the inside stories on how Cheers was made.

Barry in Portland said...

Turning 64 next week, in Portland, Oregon. Have been reading you for years.

Always appreciate Oscar Levant references.

Kevin said...

I'm 49, living in San Diego after a career as a Navy physician (heavily influenced by MASH). Spent the past five years as a set PA in Hollywood to get a better idea of the business. Now I'm back seeing patients (it pays better than PA work), and screenwriting on the side. Been loving your industry insights since I started work in LA. Now I have some stories of my own. Thanks.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

Here's a picture of my pet:

If she were still alive today, she'd be about 13, which is . . . pretty long for a bunny, though they can live up to 15 years if they're really healthy; 8-10 is usually their average lifespan.

RyderDA said...

Decrepit 57 year old from Banff, Alberta, Canada (home to an awesome TV Festival that you should come to).
Daily blog reader ~6 years. Proud to have had 5 Friday Questions answered.
No connection whatsoever to TV. Or comedy (other than a misspent youth doing improv). But find it interesting to read the thoughts of people who excel at what they do, and find the perspective fascinating.
Hate baseball. Not your writing about it -- the game itself.
Love topics like why things I thought were great (eg; SPORTS NIGHT) die when dreck lives.
Proud owner of all your books. One day, I should read them.

Thanks for the blog. Keep at it.

Andy Rose said...

I'm 39 (center of the money demographic, yeah!) living in Atlanta. I'm a journalist who's worked about 70% in radio and 30% in TV. I came over here thanks to Mark Evanier. I've long been interested in broadcasting history, as well as how shows are made and how the industry works. Not too many blogs I can visit that deal so much with both TV and radio from an insider's perspective.

I usually read in a couple of times a week. Since you asked, the only posts I don't really enjoy are the ones on the "ranting" side, although even those sometimes turn into interesting discussions, like the question of whether a comedy can be funny without overt jokes.

Houston Mitchell said...

Hi Ken,

My name is Houston Mitchell, I am 48 and live in San Dimas. I am currently assistant sports editor for the L.A. Times. Born and raised in Carson. I found your blog because I am a big fan of your writing and stumbled across it while doing a search for your name (but I'm not a stalker, honest). I wouldn't change a thing about your blog, except for picking my Friday question more often.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Ken: I just turned 40. On a diurnal basis, I've been reading your blog since 2007. I serendipitously stumbled upon it, while googling the credits for "Point of view" --one of my favorite MASH episodes. I have been absolutely enamored of all 11 seasons of MASH and love your contributions with David Isaacs, especially "Goodbye Radar". As far as your blog, I really savor your movie reviews and sage posts on the writing process. Perhaps you can also impart some advice on marriage, raising kids, your diet, etc.! I say this because I was quite moved by your posts on depression among comedians. It seems you have remained optimistic and positive..I would love to know how!

I am an IT manager but have been trying to write a screenplay; however I lack the confidence and discipline. I really admire your prolific and versatile talents and output. PS: I miss your American Idol reviews; they were side-splitting!

Tammy said...

36, from Israel, have been reading daily for 5 years. Found the blog through a link in another writer's blog, don't remember who, but it was on their "recommended links" list.

What I like: behind the scenes on how TV gets made, writing tips (I'm not as aspiring writer, just interested in that sort of thing), exposing Hollywood bullshit (loved that list with "wants to spend more time with his family"=fired), funny anecdotes from radio days etc., Friday questions, your take on current events in Hollywood.

Stuff I tend to skip: baseball, rants ;)

Hope this helps and here's for another ten years!

Anonymous said...

still reading from Indianapolis In. i come for the entertainment and stay for the fun.. 55 female

Loosehead said...

Looking at the other posts here, it seems you owe a lot of your readers to Mark Evanier, so I thought I would describe how I got to HIS blog. I was randomly searching for Rod Hull and Emu, and he has a story about Rod's appearance on Johnny Carson's show. Then I found his delightful Christmas story about Mel Torme at Farmers Market, and then he recommended your blog. That was about 8 years ago, and I check in virtually every day as I work at a computer anyway cranking out software. Lately working at home rather than in the office as the consequences of treatment for Prostate Cancer prevent me from going out too much. Funny how the treatment has been worse than the disease itself.
Love Frasier, and Cheers before it, and not really surprised that the same people were involved in the writing of it. I love all the background stories about how episodes came to be made or what the stars were really like. Fell out of love with Mash as the canned laughter track became too intrusive, and I've started noticing the Big Bang Theory usually uses what sounds like the same laughter track, despite having an audience. Unlike one of your other posters, I find Sheldon irritating rather than Raj - for someone so intelligent he hasn't gained any self-awareness in 7 series.
I like your movie reviews, but I usually can't tell if you're being serious or doing a "reducto ad absurdum" piece on it.
I notice that you and some other Hollywood bloggers (like Mark) feel obliged to offer reviews of award ceremonies. Not being funny, but why is that? "Here is my review of the Oscars" just seems to jar a little.
Given your feelings about Natalie Wood, I would be interested on your feelings about Mr Wagner and Mr Walken.

Alicia said...

Hey Ken!
24, from Australia. I work in TV but would love to get my teeth into some comedy writing. Have been following your blog for about 4 years, I grew up on a healthy diet of sitcoms such as M*A*S*H* and Frasier and love your stories and insight into the industry. I found you after I did the totally hashtag youth thing of Googling my favourite shows.

Conrad said...

I'm a software developer in Nebraska who found your blog years ago (maybe thanks to Wil Wheaton?). I've been reading daily and lurking ever since via RSS feed. This is my first post. I enjoyed all three of your books on Kindle.

I'm a huge baseball fan, so I'm in the group (small though it may be) that loves your stories about calling games.

Thanks for writing!

Graham Powell said...

I'm 46 years old, originally from Louisiana and now living in Texas, computer guy, wife + 3 kids. I originally found your blog from Lee Goldberg's site (I'm a big mystery fan) and that was probably 10 years ago. The posts I like the most tend to be your anecdotes, about radio, TV, or baseball - they're all great. About the only thing you post that I don't care for are the "found" scripts and pitch meeting "transcripts".

Peter said...

You're welcome, Ken. Though we should be the ones thanking you for all the laughs and entertainment you've given us through your screenwriting and your blog!

Anna said...

I'm a 34 year old lady from the Netherlands. I only came across your blog this year when I watched Cheers for the first time and googled your name. I don't religiously read the blog but I follow you on Twitter and whenever I see you tweet a link I follow it. I'm very interested in the process of making television so those are the posts that I enjoy the most.

Pat Reeder said...

I've been around so long, I assume you sort of know who I am by now, but here goes again: I'm in suburban Dallas. Former radio DJ/production director/commercial writer & voice. Longtime writer of all sorts of things about all kinds of stuff, especially for radio. Former head writer of the Morning Punch prep service and founder/co-writer of the Comedy Wire radio service. Writer of various material for various people (Tony Randall, Jimmie Walker, Jay Leno, etc.) Writer for "The Huckabee Report," the feature news/humor radio show that took over Paul Harvey's thrice-daily slots after he died. Writer for many different radio comedy services (DCE, American Comedy Network, TM Comedy Service, Dorsey & Donnelly, etc.) As original head writer for the Lyons Group, I wrote the home videos that were seriously dumbed down and became the Barney the Dinosaur series (no, despite doing a lot of the original creative work, I got no credit and none of the money, so please don't ask me for a loan. Barney's belief in sharing is highly overstated). Author of the books "Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers" (now available at Amazon in a newly updated paperback and Kindle edition) and "Hollywood Hi-Fi (, which is soon to reappear in a new, expanded e-book edition. And my greatest accomplishment, getting my hot comedy writing partner and amazingly talented singer wife to marry me:

I've been reading this blog for so long, I forget how I originally found it. But I do check it out nearly every day. Ironically, I missed yesterday, which is why I'm answering this question a day late.

I enjoy just about everything you write, although I have no interest in sports, so the baseball posts usually go past me. Unless they're about the Simpsons episode you wrote about baseball. I'm still trying to convince my wife Laura to record a cover version of that Tony Bennett tune about Capital City.

When not doing all the above things, we're taking care of 13 rescued parrots and cockatoos who help me write by screaming in my ear all day.

That is who I am, but I also want to declare unequivocally (and I think this can never be stated too many times): I am NOT a robot.

Andrew said...

Hi Ken,

Since I first came to your blog via Google ("Newhart Finale"), I thought I'd see how many others came to your blog the same way, and what terms they were searching for. Here's what I could find. (I removed one that was NSFW.)

I serendipitously stumbled upon it, while googling the credits for 'Point of view.'

I found you after I did the totally hashtag youth thing of Googling my favourite shows.

Most likely I was looking something up on the Googles about sitcom writing.

A google search related to M*A*S*H or Dharma & Greg, I think it was.

Found the blog when Googling for a review of a TV program I disliked.

… can't remember how I came across it, it was either in a Google search of something TV related or it showed up in the stream on Google+.

Radio nut, originally found your blog probably through Google with your blog entry titled something like: Terrestrial radio sucks.

…I vaguely just Googling "tv writing" or something to that extent.

Your blog came up in a google search 4 or 5 years ago for something I wanted to know about MASH.

I first became aware of you from listening to "The Howard Stern Wrap up show" on the way home from work. You were interesting so I googled you and found your blog.

i came across this blog over five years ago, somehow connected to my google search curiosity about earl pomerantz.

I'm pretty sure I found the blog by doing a Google search for Cheers, and I have read it regularly for several years.

How I found the blog: I googled SHELLEY LONG and your post entitled, "I LOVE SHELLEY LONG" popped up.

I came upon this blog about a year ago, when I did a Google search for "Newhart finale."

I found this blog around 2010 while googling for nerd trivia about either Frasier, Cheers or M*A*S*H (huge fan of all three).

I am a devotee of M*A*S*H and someway through Google one night stumbled upon your blog and started reading a few years ago.

… and found you while Googling Frasier (which I only discovered in 2012! ?????)

I love Frasier so I found you through googling something about the show.

Just thought you might be interested.

Tudor Queen said...

My name is Barbara, I'm in the Southwest US - I was born in the Northeast, though - and I'm nearly 60 chronologically.

I've been reading you devotedly for awhile now - I open your column early on to get my day off to the right sort of start - maybe three years? I love learning about the entertainment business, especially from someone who really knows it and is more interested in Oscar Levant than in all the Kardashians put together. The stories from the trenches, and the reminiscences about slightly older Hollywood, are my favorite columns, but I enjoy your writing style and therefore also get pleasure from your baseball stories and travelogues. I also love your 'random musings' catchall columns (that format is how Mike Lupica grabbed me decades ago).

The Natalie Wood pictures are nice, too!

Unknown said...

I've been reading you for several years- directed here from the Mark Evanier blog.

I'm 61, have worked in local TV as a producer/director for not quite 40 years. I'm a baseball geek and a comedy geek, so this blog is right in my wheelhouse.

What makes me laugh? Bob and Ray, Perelman, Lardner, Benchley, and a guy no one mentions, Stephen Leacock. And Barney Miller. I love me some Barney Miller.

I once took a comedy writing class from Danny Simon, and, inspired by that, tried to write a spec "Buffalo Bill". I discovered that the talent fairy may not have sprinkled that particular kind of dust on me.

I enjoy the blog every day and appreciate the work you put into it. Thanks...

kent said...

I'm 61, born in Connecticut but raised in the bay area. I went to Cal and U.C. Davis law. I've been a Deputy District Attorney for about 36 years. My wife is a sabra. We subscribe to four theatres, Geffen, Pantages, Colony and Falcon, where we saw your play. We are avid Dodger and Laker fans. We've crossed paths with you four times now, first at CPK and most recently at THE DEAD PILOT'S SOCIETY. You once had me do my best Vin Sully impression on your Dodger pregame show and were generous enough to claim it was"not bad".

I've been reading your blog for about 10 years or so. Thanks for all those good moments.


Jerry said...

I'm an aspiring novelist from the midwest. I'm 31. I found your blog a few years back by googling that whole Dan Harmon v. Chevy Chase debacle. I continued to visit because I love sitcoms and really enjoy your behind the scenes insights and stories. I try to catch the blog every day, but often miss days here and there, so it probably averages out to every other day. As for the post topics: I don't have much interest in the baseball or the travelog stuff. I have a little more interest in the radio posts, but not always. Mostly, I enjoy the posts about TV, the TV industry, movies, writing/storytelling, and sitcoms. Especially Frasier. More Frasier please (I never caught a lot of Cheers, though it is on my Netflix list).

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Michael. I'm 47, live in CT, Mark Evanier sent me here about five years ago. The stuff on how to write scripts or break into scriptwriting isn't for me, but I enjoy pretty much everything else very much, particularly your personal anecdotes (loved the 60s book and would buy a 70s follow-up), love the showbiz stories, like the radio stories. No interest in baseball at all -- but you've shared one or two behind the scenes anecdotes that I really enjoyed largely just because of your writing (one was about announcing a game with only one camera, don't recall the other). Thanks for the blog!

Daniel said...

Daniel from Baltimore. I'm 42 and have been reading your blog for several years. I think I found you through Mark Evanier's blog. I'm a huge "Frasier" fan so knew you from that, "Cheers," and "The Simpsons." I also remember when you were the radio broadcaster of the Orioles back in 1991.

Neal said...

Neal from Waltham, MA. I'm 54 and have been reading your blog for many years thanks to Mark Evanier talking about you on his blog(I have discovered many things thanks to Mr. Evanier). Since my writing skills barely got me through college, I am always impressed by people that can do it professionally and you do it so well. Your blog is always entertaining and quite often LOL funny. Please just continue what you have been doing. It is the best!!!

PS-My wife and I always enjoy your visits to Stu's Show, and have sent in questions many times!!

Boomska316 said...

Mark from Wisconsin. I'm 35 and I've only been reading your blog for a couple of years. I found by accident while I was randomly Googling about Cheers or Wings. Obviously I like the posts about MASH, Cheers, etc. the best, but I enjoy just about every single post. This is why I love the internet because it makes it possible to connect with someone like you who's written some of my favorite TV episodes ever. Keep up the good work!

Markus said...

>I'd like to know where in the world you are?


>How old you are?


>How long have you been following the blog?

I don't know. Six years? Seven? Something like that.

>How did you find out about it the first time?

Someone recommended it on some other blog or blog comment. Don't remember where.

>How often do you read it?

It's in my RSS feeds so I read it whenever there's a new post. So, technically daily.

>What do you hope to get out of it?

An interesting read. I stop reading blogs that aren't interesting, so here I still am.

>What's your blood type?


>What topics and posts do you like and (besides baseball) what areas don't you like?

I happen to actually enjoy baseball (oddly enough, for a European). I like the behind-the-scenes stuff about some of my favorite TV shows, I guess that's why I ended up subscribing in the first place. I have pretty much nothing to do with screenwriting myself, so sometimes I "glance over" those parts and leave them be. What areas I don't like, that would require a longer discussion. So let's leave it at your sometimes extremely narrow cultural focus (an American blog written by an American screenwriter naturally specialized in American culture - what do I expect).

Amy said...

Hi Ken - I'm 30 and from Calgary. I've been reading your blog for a few years now and believe I stumbled upon it through a list of great blogs on another site. I read it a few times a week and love Friday questions the most. As a Hollywood outsider it's interesting to get your perspective of what it's like to work as a writer in the industry. Also a big baseball fan!

Rohan Venkat said...

I'm 25. I first started reading years and years ago when I lived in Doha, Qatar (where I'm from). I think I even remember getting a shoutout when you wondered who that one person from the Middle East who reads you is. I have since spent three years studying in LA and moved to New Delhi (where I'm likely one of the few Indian readers?). I can't remember how I got to the blog, but I do know I read it religiously back in the day and (now that I have a day job) wish I paid closer attention even now, because it's always been a treat. Thank you!

Johnny Hy said...

I am 48 from Atlanta so if you are down here again for TCM or other work, let me know and I will give you some great restaurant recommendations. Love the variety of the blog talking about old school Hollywood as well as when you were running shoes and your take on current shows. Love the inside baseball from the announcer's standpoint. I was fortunate to grow up on Skip Carey, Ernie Johnson Sr and Pete Van Weiren so your stories are great. I think the common theme is that as recently as even 10 years ago, people were allowed to show more personality and not everyone had to agree 100% on everything which created some real characters. Love the blog and keep it up

Walt Patterson said...

Ken - I'm Canadian, living in England, writing this on a remote Greek island. Next week I'll be 79. B+ - I donated more than 90 pints before they stopped accepting it. Mark Evanier tipped me off about your blog, and I've read it ever since - five years? and counting. I'm a writer, but non-fiction, a career troublemaker - for details. I've been a Cardinals fan since October 1946; I loved 'It's Gone!...' I actually watch very little TV, but your writing is so lively and engaging I just enjoy your online company. I'd love to talk baseball with you. Thank you for a favourite part of my day. - Walt Patterson

Anonymous said...

Steve in Atlanta; 45-year old lawyer. Friday questions is my favorite feature; also love baseball and Natalie Wood pics. I read all your posts but usually once or twice a week. Would love a meet up for your fans next time you're in town.

Dennis Higgins said...

Dennis in Seattle, 44, IT profesional. Mariners fan disappointed they didn't bring you back fulltime (though your wanderlust would have taken you away from us again before long, I'm sure). I remember when the M's first hired you and they did a feature on you in the Seattle Times; I remember thinking that if someone with your voice could be an announcer that I sure could (sorry!), and then you just grew on me like a bacterial colony. Then I discovered that you were the source of so many TV moments that had made me laugh over the years, and also the source of Tom Tuttle from Tacoma. Now I guess you could just say I'm a fan. Thanks for all of it!

scott said...

Scott, late 50's, and pretty much in San Diego all my life. I too found you through Mark Evanier's blog. And I kept finding his blog whenever I'd search my favorite subjects - Marx Bros., Laurel and Hardy, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, etc. I've been jealous of Evanier and now I'm jealous of you. Who wouldn't be?

Jake said...

44, big MASH and Cheers fan, been reading daily for about five years, don't remember how I got here (something to do with Mary Tyler Moore, I think). No real complaints, write whatever you want, it's your house. Some days I just skim the top and come back tomorrow if I'm not interested. Friday Questions are always good and I liked the overheard pitch meetings (do one for Code Black).

Mike Danner said...

Hi Ken! My name is Mike Danner, and I am a 32-year-old actor in LA. I'm also a huge fan of yours, and a huge fan of sitcoms, in general. I found out about your blog about a year ago. Let me backtrack a bit, if you'll indulge me.

I have been an avid fan of sitcoms my entire life (I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and during that time I watched pretty much every episode of "Full House", "Saved by the Bell", "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "Home Improvement", "The Wonder Years", "Family Matters", "Step-by-Step", and many others. Sitcoms have always just made sense to me.

Then, 2 1/2 years ago, I was flipping through Netflix, and I saw that "Cheers" was on there, and I realized that I had never really sat down and watched a full episode of the show, which I knew was widely regarded as one of the best (if not THE best) sitcoms of all time. So I watched the Pilot. I then watched every episode of "Cheers", every episode of "Frasier", every episode of "Wings", and I went on to watch every episode of "Friends", and I am currently working on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (I'm about halfway through, although I have seen many of those episodes growing up with Nick at Nite), "Seinfeld" (again, I've seen most of those episodes, as well), and "3rd Rock from the Sun". I plan on tackling "M.A.S.H." and "The Honeymooners" next (I'm excited about "The Honeymooners", because I have never seen more than a brief clip of that show, and I recently purchased the complete series on DVD, along with the 109 lost episodes that only became available recently). I have also been reading up on as many sitcom books as I can (so far, my favorites are "The Eight Characters of Comedy" by Scott Sedita and "The Hidden Tools of Comedy" by Steve Kaplan).

So, all of that being said, I've realized over the past couple years that I want to work in sitcom, and I've since been soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly can so that I'm prepared when the time comes. I am equally interested in the writing aspect as I am in the acting aspect of the process, so I haven't quite figured out where I fit in, but that's what I've been working on. I do have plans to write my own show to start in and kind of pave my own way, and I plan on starting it off as a play, so that's what I am working on now.

I came across your blog because while I was watching "Frasier" (a little over a year ago), I wanted to know where the "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs" song came from, and a Google search led me to one of your articles. Then about 2 weeks ago, I found out about "Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs" with Kevin Smith and Matt Mira, and I have since listened to all 16 episodes, including the one that you guest on, and that led me once again to your blog. And I've been reading through it since then (I'm currently up through early August, but I plan on continuing to read it until I've reached the beginning).

I really love your blog, and your passion for what you do is apparent in every word, so thank you sincerely. I love the Friday Questions, and your stories from both the writers rooms that you've worked on and the sets that you've been on. I'm finding your insights to be priceless. I also love your reviews, because you are very specific about where things went wrong and where they went right.

Thanks again!

Alison said...

Alison, 46, from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Following for 6 years. I read the blog every day mostly. I enjoy reading about writing and the inside stories about how tv works. I enjoy my job, but always wondered about being a writer and I find your remembrances and explanations fascinating. It's a little glimpse into another world and I enjoy the honesty of your posts.

Anonymous said...

53, upstate NY, started reading you back at the previous address. Forget what started me, though, maybe the Time citation. Look up the other half-dozen times I've answered this...

I'm a baseball nerd, a comedy geek, and a TV dweeb, so you check off a lot of boxes for me. Love the reminiscences from whichever of your gigs, and the reviews/recaps as well. Not crazy about the send-up scripts.

Jeff Maxwell said...

Jeff Maxwell. Male. Have been for many years. Would prefer Paris or Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but live in Los Angeles and have my entire life. Stumbled on the blog a few years ago and was thrilled. My MASH residuals no longer support the payments on my Ferraris, so I've turned my time and attention to funding motion picture projects. This blog offers me (us) a wealth of information for anyone in or interested in the sitcom world, and an insightful window into the behavior, dynamics and shenanigans of the business of show. It also offers a wonderful perspective on the talent and integrity of a very gifted writer and soul. The information is invaluable and, like radiation, accumulative. Everyone I had the good fortune to work with on MASH helped make me a smarter, better human being. And this blog keeps that train going. Naturally, I love all stuff about MASH, but Ken's writing is entertaining regardless of the subject, so I like it all. Thank you, Ken.

And I am a Los Angeles Dodger/Vin Scully fan. I just wish it would snow here occasionally.

Jack Terwilliger said...

NY area, early 50s, following since June 13, 2011 when a Broadway site linked to your review of the Tony Awards. Discovered the blog was a lot about TV. I love TV. Since then, check in pretty much every day, and even if the subject is not of immediate interest, the take and the writing are enough reason to keep reading.

Most appreciate the insights into the creative process of making TV and theater. Loved the Dick Van Dyke exercise. Learning so much about the interactions of writers, directors, actors, producers, networks-- makes me a more discerning and appreciative viewer--even of shows watched long ago.

Would love it if it were possible to demonstrate what a director does, as in-- how do you read a script and from that, decide how a scene should be shot? Is there anyway to show us that? Maybe post a scene from a script, and then a video of the scene and give a shot-by-shot commentary of the decision process? It's all a bit of mystery to me!

Albert Giesbrecht said...

I am in Vancouver, BC. I am 51 years old. I really wanted to join your Sitcom Room this year, but life interfered.

Ron Rettig said...

Truckee Cal. former 222nd P.I.D. USAR

Cap'n Bob said...

Cap'n Bob from Tacoma, WA. I'm three weeks away from being 68. Nam vet, 32 years as a civilian employee of the US Air Force. Two published novels; fan of mysteries and Western novels. Collect toy soldiers and build plastic model kits. Hero of song and story. Former community and college theater actor and fronted a garage band when I was 17. I wasn't a very good singer and got canned.

I love the Hollyweird insider info you impart with this blog and also like the radio and baseball stories.

I have no idea how I discovered this blog or when I starting following it, but my guess would be a suggestion by Mark Evanier.

Brian Wolman said...

Brian Wolman from Northport NY..loyal reader of the blog..very informative and entertainment..full of great stories.

Brian Wolman said...

Brian Wolman again, 56 years of age.

Pumphouse said...

Steve from Minneapolis area. I also have been reading long enough to forget how long it has been. That's a good thing. Good writing keeps my interest and this blog is the reason I started watching some shows. So, thanks for Good Wife!!!

PAJNewman said...

Hey sir, I'm in my 30s and live in the Scottish Highlands. I was introduced to your blog by, well, by you really, when you featured on the 'Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs' podcast with Kevin Smith and Matt Mira. Really enjoyed that and really enjoyed a lot of the shows you had worked on, so decided to check out this site. I teach, so all insights into writing, the processes and the practicalities are always valuable as a route for educating young people. Love the site and check back weekly now. Keep up the good work!

Neumms said...

More greetings from Minneapolis, Ken. I'm in my 40s unless I'm filling out surveys--then I cheat so that I fit more desirable demographics. I think I discovered your blog through Mark Evanier's.

I'm an advertising copywriter. I'd love to come out for the Sitcom Room but being daunted, I invariably wait too long to pull the trigger. My one qualification is that years ago, I wrote bank commercials with Bob Newhart. What a thrill and what a terrific man. The campaign was based on his classic phone bit. The only trouble is, since I had to perform all the scripts in multiple client presentations, I picked up Bob's stammer.

Andreas said...

Hi Ken,
I’m reading your blog quite some years.
I’m from Hannover Germany and like sports and am a fan of Borussia Dortmund.
I’m a passionate runner and on occasion I run pretty far.
I work in the sports biz, too. So often it feels not like work but more as free time fun.
I binge watch a lot of TV Series like Breaking Bad, The Americans…;
I always loved Mash and Seinfeld, and Frasier.
I read your blog, because generally I like stories and you deliver some delicious, then it’s a good source of behind the scenes stuff, and I learn about the people in your business .
Aaand I need my weekly dose of levinian Humor.
Last but not least thank you for creating one of the best series ever: Doesn’t need to mention the name I know, but for some new reader of your blog. Bioshock

Anonymous said...

I'm Terry.

I'm from North Carolina.

I'm 41.

I'm here because I find your stories entertaining, especially the behind the scenes stuff about old shows. The radio stories are always fun, too.

Not a huge fan of the political stuff. Baseball's actually okay with me, though.

Anonymous said...

Doug, from Juneau, Alaska. I'm 58. Been reading your blog since 2009 (like many others, I was sent by Mark Evanier). I love the inside show business material you write so well - particularly the nuts & bolts of how shows are put together.

Anonymous said...

Shaun, San Diego, 49, been reading the blog about 8 years. Probably was tipped to its existence by a highly placed MLB source. Stayed for the laughs and the peeks behind the curtain. Really like when you reveal the process of the writing room. Also enjoy any references to B100. Wouldn't tell you to change a thing because it's YOUR blog and blogs work best through one honest voice. Well, maybe add a gardening segment every other Tuesday.

McAlvie said...

54. Service brat now living on the mid-Atlantic coast. I guess I've been reading your blog for 3 or 4 years now? It happens that I'm a fan of the shows you've written for, but I keep coming back because I'm an avid reader who appreciates good writing.

Bryan Thomas said...

Bryan Thomas Schmidt, 50, professional editor and author, aspiring screenwriter, film school grad. Ottawa, KS outside Kansas City. New to the blog and catching up but other than not liking political stuff generally because I get enough elsewhere, no complaints.