Thursday, December 31, 2015

Checking New Years Resolutions

We all make New Year’s Resolutions. But do we ever look back and see how many we kept? Here’s a look at mine from this January 1. How’d you do on yours?

Host movies on TCM – I did that in January.

Finally watch THE WIRE – No, but I did finally watch BREAKING BAD.

Get ALMOST PERFECT on Netflix or Hulu – No, and I tried. Tracked down the person who could make that happen and was told there’s no interest. The fight continues.

Go to the gym at least twice a week. (My gym is usually packed in January and by March it’s me and two other guys.) -- Did that and continue to.

Stay off the 405 freeway when it’s crowded (so only take it between 2-4 AM) – For the most part I did that. I’ll wave to you from Beverly Glen.

Visit my friend in Walla Walla – No, but he moved to Portland. So actually I have less of an excuse.

Get more productions of A OR B? -- Done. It’ll be produced at the Village Theatre in Hatboro, Penn the first three weekends in April.

Meet Claire Danes – Unfortunately, no. Of course I wasn’t in Berlin or Jordan or wherever the hell she was this year.

Learn to do an accent in my improv class -- Nyet.

Direct more episodes that my daughter and her partner write – Did that.

See a Broadway show I wish I had written – Yeah, I saw KING AND I.  I actually wish I wrote the music.

Go somewhere in the world I've never been – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Pala, California.

Recover from the jet lag – I still need another month.

Watch and listen to as much Vin Scully as I possibly can – That I did and will do even more this year, savoring every precious moment.

Finish writing my new play – Did that. First reading next month.

Learn what half the features on my car are – Yes, but I still don’t know how to put it into reverse.

Not piss off the North Koreans – I stayed away from the DMZ during my visit so yes.

Continue to support the WGA’s Foundation – Yep.

Give DOWNTON ABBEY one final chance – Nope.

Champion strict gun control – Yes, not that it helped. The madness continues.

Get a humor piece in the NEW YORKER – Nope, but I didn’t submit anything.

Get a cartoon in the NEW YORKER – Nope, but I didn’t submit anything. Still I blame them.

Avoid the incredibly tasty fried chicken wings at the Hamburger Hamlet (now that it has reopened) – No, I fell off the wagon.

Keep Tetris playing down to three hours a day – It’s down to four so I’m making progress.

Answer more Friday Questions (which I'll be able to do if I keep the previous resolution) – I sprinkled in some extra days and will do more of that this year. So keep those FQ’s coming in.

Clean my desk (a perennial resolution but this year for sure!) – Sort of. I found a sandwich from 2006.

And finally, solve the Natalie Wood case – Not yet but RJ, I’m on to you.

Happy New Year's.  Drive safely tonight.


blinky said...

Give up on posting anything political on Facebook.
Post more cat pictures on Facebook.
Learn what a tweet is and why I should care.
Get chummy with Ken Levine.

CamrioKid said...

I hope Vin doesn't pull a "Johnny Carson" and disappear from the public spotlight upon his retirement, although I fear that is what he will do. He certainly has the right to do so. I, too, will listen and watch his final season with the Dodgers, as much as I can...cherishing every minute.

AltSung said...

Ken, I'm so happy to hear that A or B is coming to the east coast! Since you are all the way on the other side, I'm guessing you won't be in attendance, but I see it does premiere on April 1st. Maybe, just maybe, you'll be there on April Fools, since, well, you're a funny guy and all? :) Here's to hoping. Totally looking forward to it.

- Sung

Bill Avena said...

Ron Jeremy was in upstate New York filming at the time, nowhere near the water.

slgc said...

Wow - I actually know where Hatboro is!

Will you be coming out for any of the performances?

Elf said...

CamrioKid, I fear Scully will be even worse than that, not allowing anyone to honor him at all. He's said he doesn't want any hoopla like streets named after him or a statue. (Though really, let's rename Stadium Way to Scully Way anyway. It's not like we'd be dishonoring Joe Stadium by renaming it.) Either Scully really doesn't understand how much he means to the city or he's got a medically dangerous level of humility. I do know that as soon as tickets go on sale for the final game of the season, I'm buying in hopes I can be there for his last game, and I suppose I should check StubHub now in case any season ticket holders are already selling their seats...

Peter said...

RJ? I've looked up who was on board the boat with Wood to refresh my memory and none of them had the initials RJ.

Unless you mistyped and meant to say RW.

emily said...

Peter, it's Robert John Wagner, Jr.

Nit unpicked...

Nick said...

Re: Resolving to go to the gym twice a week.

Congrats for following through on that one, Ken.

Oh, I HATE the gym in January. The dozen or so of us who are there two or three times a week the rest of the year get squeezed out by a flood of people who feel fat and flabby after the holidays and rush out to buy a membership, thinking they'll actually use it. And they do--for two or three weeks, then they disappear and you don't see them again until the following January, when, another year fatter and flabbier, they return for another two or three weeks. They always put up signs in my gym about being patient and understanding and encouraging with these people, but I'm afraid I'm never good at that. I just want them to hurry up and go away so those of us who are serious about this can have our gym and our equipment back.

Charlene Atlas said...

Gotta do the gym 3x week just to maintain. I'm an expert on this topic, well, not going to the gym. HNY!

Peter said...

Thanks Emily!

I forgot to add earlier - Happy New Year's to Ken and readers!

By Ken Levine said...

I don't know the date yet, but I will be attending a performance of A OR B? in Hatboro. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Greek Donkey said...

Ken, re: Downtown Abbey, instead of England in the 20s, try Australia in the 50s - "A Place to Call Home". It is very well-written, addictive amd rewarding. Still in Season 1, not a false step yet.

Stephen Marks said...

Letterman introducing two guys at the Oscars, "RJ - OJ, OJ - RJ" for a full 5 minutes, then two murderers go free and Letterman's Oscar hosting legacy is forever tarnished. Too soon?

Mike Schryver said...

You have some fans here in Portland. If you come up here, maybe you can set up an event at Powell's Books, or some kind of informal get-together (provided you're interested.) Several theater companies here - have you approached any of them about A OR B?

MikeK.Pa. said...

"Get more productions of A OR B? -- Done. It’ll be produced at the Village Theatre in Hatboro, Penn the first three weekends in April."

Question: Will you be attending any of the performances in Hatboro? Also, always Pa. (note my name has Pa. in it) Never, ever Penn. Looking forward to more great blogs in 2016 and thanks for all the great ones in 2015. Lot of much needed laughs. If you need help on the Natalie Wood case, I'll bring my deerstalk cap, pipe and magnifying glass. Hopefully, RJ comes clean before he leaves this world.

VP81955 said...

Happy New Year to all, as I hope to advance my screenwriting career during 2016. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Champion strict gun control – Yes, not that it helped. The madness continues.

Strange comment for someone whose livelihood comes from guns.

CarolMR said...

"Mash" actor and FOX News contributor Wayne Rogers has died at the age of 82. Complications from pneumonia. RIP, Wayne.

cadavra said...

How does Ken's livelihood come from guns, unless he's ghost-writing the EXPENDABLES movies?

Anonymous said...

Ken by strict gun control, do you mean in the Tom Clancy and James Woods way?

"Amanda Blackburn killing part of eight-day crime spree Buy more guns and learn how to use them. "

Johnny Walker said...

Congrats on achieving so many resolutions! I'm sure you did much better than most of us.

For me it's:

- Get to the gym more often (nng. twice a week, I guess)
- Get to improv class more often (which should be easy because it's damned good fun)
- Stop worrying so much (I can try)

Happy new year!

Bryan Thomas said...

Meeting Clare Danes is on my list too, watching THE WIRE was not but now that I have, it is quite excellent, although lost it a bit the last season or two.