Friday, December 25, 2015


It’s warmer in New York this Christmas than LA.

I miss Darlene Love singing her Christmas song on LETTERMAN.

Letterman now looks like Santa Claus.

Subway is still open if you’re hungry.

Remember when the Lakers playing on Christmas was a big deal?

Please don’t dress up your pets like Santa or elves and post them on Facebook.

“Don’t shoot your eye out.”

You just don’t get the same great store windows with Amazon.

Live Nativity Scenes give me the creeps.

My bold prediction: STAR WARS tops the boxoffice this weekend.

Today is a really good day to fly.

What’s the worst gift you got today?

Ham retains water. I’m just sayin’.

You realize most of the classic Christmas songs were written by Jewish composers?

My favorite Scrooge is McDuck.

“Say the magic word, say Mission Pack
And it's on its merry way
No gift so bright, so gay, so right
Send a Mission Pack magic way”


Diane D. said...

Live Nativity Scenes give me the creeps too, but when the character, Neal, in ALMOST PERFECT said he did that every year, I almost died laughing!

By Ken Levine said...


That was Mike Teverbaugh's joke.

Diane D. said...

Thank you for sharing that, Ken. I hadn't heard of Mike Teverbaugh, but sometimes a really great joke coming out of the right character's mouth can tell you all you need to know about a writer.

D. McEwan said...

Maya Rudolph sings Darlene Love's Christmas song on the Bill Murray Christmas Special on Netflix, and sings it quite well indeed. The special is, to put it mildly, a mixed bag (Co-written and directed by Sofia Coppolla, and as weird as her movies), but the good stuff in it is very good.

JED said...

Ken said, "You realize most of the classic Christmas songs were written by Jewish composers?"

Well, the whole holiday is about the birth of a Jewish baby who said he was "God with us". That led to another holiday 33 years later.

iamr4man said...

To find your nearest Mission Pack store call ADams 24184

Anonymous said...

All I wanted for Christmas was Phil Spector's Christmas Album played a least once......

Don K. said...

Darlene Love did her song on the View this year. They had the View co-hosts sing back up. Wish I was kidding.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

Ken said, "You realize most of the classic Christmas songs were written by Jewish composers?"

These top Christmas songs are written/cowritten by someone of Jewish birth.

Someone once asked me why...
I said, "Jews aren't stupid. It's where the money is. If there was money in songs about Purim or Yom Kippur, they'd do that instead. Adam Sandler, not included. Plus it's the celebration of the birth of a nice Jewish boy."
Plus that is what they were asked to write by the TV, Film or Record Producers.

They are:
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
The Christmas Song
White Christmas
Winter Wonderland
Sleigh Ride
Let it Snow! Let it Snow!Let it Snow!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
Silver Bells
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Holly Jolly Christmas
There's No place Like Home for the HOlidays
Santa Baby
Where are you Christmas?
Baby It's Cold Outside
A Marshmallow World
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)