Wednesday, April 27, 2016


In no particular order...

I love BETTER CALL SAUL.  I hope their next spinoff is  INSTEAD OF HIM, CALL KIM?

Kelly Ripa had a right to be pissed. She should have been told Michael Strahan was leaving her show more than five minutes before the news went public. But this is becoming the norm these days. There is no such thing as courtesy or respect anymore. Suits routinely avoid awkward situations. If they reject something, half the time they don’t even get back to the submitter. And if they do respond, instead of a phone call it’s now maybe a terse email. Taking other peoples’ feelings into account is a complete non-issue for many of them. So props to Kelly Ripa for calling them out. Whether you like her act or not, she makes a shit-ton of money for these suits. It’s not just a matter of courtesy, they OWED her a heads-up on the Strahan situation.

Now who do I see about applying for her co-host role?

Good time to be a baseball fan in Chicago regardless of your team. When was the last time that happened? I think Buchanan was president.

I mentioned this on Twitter (you’re welcome to follow me): All these radio stations playing Prince songs -- how many of them played Prince before he died?

Was not a big fan of Louis CK’s HORACE AND PETE. It was like “what if CHEERS wasn’t funny?” But I did love Alan Alda in it. He played the most bigoted foul-mouthed character on television (or whatever platform that was). All the things we wish we could have written for him as Hawkeye he got to do.

Forget Trevor Noah. Give me Samantha Bee.

Vin Scully, on Monday’s Dodger broadcast, suggested you use the word “INCORRECT” for your computer passwords. That way if you forget it a box will pop up saying: “Your password is INCORRECT.” What are we going to do when he retires?

Huffpost Wednesday Headline: How Women Deal With Periods in Space

Since the Golden State Warriors had the best regular season record in NBA history I think they should get a bye on every playoff series until the Finals. Every other team should battle it out for the right to play them.  And then the Warriors should start with a 2-0 game lead. 

Speaking of basketball, it’s called a “hoop” Ted Cruz, not a “ring.” You’d know that if you watched a game and not spent all your free time at a Brooklyn matzo factory.

New York can no longer lord it over Los Angeles. We now have a Shake Shack. The lines are way too long (it's just a friggin' hamburger), but just knowing we have one is enough. HA!

How’d you like to be a Tony nominee this year up against HAMILTON? Good luck. The only suspense will be whether the many acceptance speeches will be in rhyme.

HuffPost Wednesday headline: Amy Schumer Recounts That Time Jennifer Lawrence Peed In A Bidet

Is Pat Boone the only artist not doing a cover of “Purple Rain?”

Who should Donald Trump’s running mate be? Hulk Hogan? Ted Nugent? Scot Baio? Gary Busey? Mike Tyson (yeah, he’ll get the women’s vote)? Or Dennis Rodman? Suddenly Sarah Palin starts lookin’ pretty good, huh?

Tomorrow I tackle the controversial issue you’ve been debating hot n’ heavy in the comments section – whether Sam & Diane should have ended up together?  Fireworks ensue.  See you then. 


Anonymous said...

Louis was actually crying about Horace and Pete on Marc Moran's show. Seems like he lost a lot of money, but why cry about it? Louis' therapist should be fired. Marc was hilarious trying to keep Louis from beating himself. Then Louis asked Marc if he watched the show. Marc goes, "I watched the first one... then I got busy... uh... but I binged watched the rest of them last night!! They were good!"
Marc's an unintentionally funny guy sometimes.

Roger Owen Green said...

Louis CK was on CBS This Morning; you should check it out.

VP81955 said...

Los Angeles may have a Shake Shack, what does New York have an original Tommy's or an In-N-Out Burger?

Stephen Marks said...

I agree Ripa had every right to feel disrespected but that's no excuse to act like a petulant seven-year-old running into the bedroom and slamming the door yelling "I hate, I hate you!"

And congrats to Ripa's husband for receiving the Stedman Graham award for the 10th straight year. Other notable winners include Parker Stevenson, Mr. Hope Solo, Mr. Tonya Harding, Mr. Margaret Thatcher, Mr. Dorothy Stratten, and the man who Stedman calls "my mentor, my guiding light and friend", Mr. Lucille Ball himself, Gary Morton. This guy made a living out of being the less significant other. Anyway, good luck next year Mr. Meryl Steep, who has been nominated a record 37 times.

Mike S. said...

The Ripa thing smells of publicity stunt. When Gifford left, the show's ratings floundered a bit. When Regis left, same thing. Now, stir up something so that they get constant and free press and they're hoping they can aviod the scenario this time.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

"All these radio stations playing Prince songs -- how many of them played Prince before he died?"

We have a station in my town that plays, "Today's hits, and all your favorites," ("your favorites" being music that goes back to the late 70s), so it wasn't uncommon to hear a Prince song from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for mentioning Purple Rain covers and Pat Boone in the same sentence. Now it's out there. NOBODY show today's blog to Boone or his peeps! Seriously. There could be violence.

Peter said...

Pat Boone, the guy who compared gay people to terrorists. Currently starring in the latest badly written and amateurishly shot faith based propaganda masquerading as a movie, God's Not Dead 2, starring Melissa Joan Hart, who's previously spoken about sleeping around and doing lots of drugs. I guess the producers don't do irony.

Boone of course also starred in a political ad with fellow rabid homophobes Victoria Jackson and Stephen Baldwin. The ad sadly also featured John Ratzenberger. Nice choice of buddies there, John.

Pete Grossman said...

Trumps running mate? I think it's dead obvious. Megyn Kelly!

Mike in Seattle said...

It is a good year to be a Cubs fan. Jake is pitching tonight. Theo wrote a script for this team and it is playing out just like he wrote it. They are damn good. Speaking of Theo and scripts, his gramps and great uncle wrote CASABLANCA and a bunch of other movies and TV so he's got that how to structure a good story stuff in his genes. All good Cubs fans sing PRAISE THEO.

Jahn Ghalt said...

I really (really) like Kim in BCS (see earlier comment about beautiful actresses) - hope they take forever to "write her out".

RE: Cubs - I guess Schwarber had a bad injury and it seems not to have squelched the Cubbies fair winds. Could this be their year?

I've following/cheering on GSW since about halfway through last season. Any champion, any runner-up, would smile indulgently at the idea any team (much less a historically-great team) should get any kind of a pass. For too long we've risked turning kids into cynics by saying they are ALL "special" and handing out "participation awards".

(I guess that was pretty serious for a light-hearted bit of fan-interest?)

As a smug, longtime Laker's fan I have experienced many tough, seriously-in-doubt, title seasons. I can vouch for the idea that a championship is sweeter when you sweat - especially a RE-peat. Your idea is not only deplorable - but (a lot) less fun.

Prince may have hit big too late to get much attention from so-called "Classic Rock" stations (at least up here in Anchorage). You should expect his work to return to "obscurity".

Finally, I'm going to guess that Ken will vote for Sam and Diane remaining star-crossed, ill-suited, ultimately-apart lovers.

(really much more than a "vote", coming from a stud-writer)

"Should" end up together is not the same as what we might "want".

I Am So Wasted Right Now said...

Good time to be a baseball fan in Chicago regardless of your team. When was the last time that happened? I think Buchanan was president.

Pat Buchanan was president?

Diane D. said...

Mike in Seattle
Who is Theo? I've been a Cubs fan for…well, never mind how long, but I need to know what you're talking about?

Be our hero and say you advocated for Sam and Diane ending up together. Consider in "Cheerio, Cheers" Diane was specifically offered the choice of Sam on a day at a time basis or Frasier as a committed partner. She chose Frasier, but when the time came, she couldn't go through with it. Marriage between Sam and Diane may have had it's ups and downs, but denying that kind of love always ends in disaster.

norm said...

Of course NOT it was >>>>> Edgar Buchanan!
Who only lived to 76 and looked older than that in all those B & W Westerns and of course as Uncle Joe.

Anonymous said...

Theo is Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. He is also the one who built the Red Sox and broke the curse in 2004. (Damn him, lol)

Pam, St. Louis (yes, those blasted Red Sox swept us in '04)

Jahn Ghalt said...

Five minutes ago - conversation at Tex-Mex Lunch Hut (Classic Rock Station playing):\

"So, do they EVER play Prince on this station?"

"Pretty interesting, the morning guy snubbed Prince - didn't mention him at all. The afternoon guy said a few things about him. Prince only has that one hit."

Only ONE HIT - imagine that!

Jahn Ghalt said...

I Am So Wasted Right Now wrote:.

Pat Buchanan was president?

I think Buchanan had pockets of popularity.

Didn't a bunch a folks vote for him in the 2000 General Election in Palm Beach County??

benson said...

@Diane D.,

Theo is Theo Epstein, Cubs' president and team architect. He helped put together the Red Sox championship teams prior to the current gig. He's also the grandson of one of the Epstein Brothers that wrote "Casablanca".

And while checking my facts, I ran across a story where Theo's father punked a Boston reporter by telling him Theo and wife got married at a Nathan's hot dog joint.

Diane D. said...

Jahn Ghalt (God, I love that moniker)

You're right, and it's not an issue of "wanting"; Sam and Diane "should" have ended up together, because it really is always a disaster to deny that kind of love. The most public example that pops to mind is Prince Charles. He loved one woman all his life. He married someone else, and the disaster ensued. I have lived long enough to see it happen over and over.

The woman who created the character you honor with your byname wrote an essay on the meaning of romantic love, in which she explains beautifully where that chemistry comes from. I'm sure you're familiar with it, but it comes at least partly from a synchronicity of values. Some people may not have seen that in Sam and Diane, but in spite of his lifestyle, Sam was a really good person and Diane saw that and loved it (remember the episode about gay men). Diane could be annoying, but she was also a really good person.

Mike Barer said...

My wife, who is a fan of Ripa's show, is thinking Anderson Cooper will replace Straham.

VP81955 said...

Nothing Kenny Williams didn't do on the South Side back in 2005. Of course, since they're the White Sox (who went even longer between championships than the Bosox did), they don't count.

gottacook said...

The idea of Pat Boone covering "Purple Rain" brought to mind a truly odd performance I once witnessed: the country vocalist Eddy Arnold covering George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" (at the Allentown Fair, PA, in 1970 or '71).

As for whether Prince songs will "return to 'obscurity' ": Much of his best stuff was never commercially released, and not only will those tracks always be relatively obscure (unless the vaults are opened), they will be cherished by true adherents and/or anyone who lived in MN in the 1980s. Yeah, me included. Time to cue up "All My Dreams" and "G-Spot."

Anonymous said...

To Cub fans everywhere,
Two words: It's April

Jon B. said...

You may be right, Ken, about Kelly Ripa. Maybe they "owed" it to her to tell her sooner.

Then again, she gets paid an obscene amount of money and will continue to do so.
She's not being harmed in any way. Unless you think an over-inflated ego is worth protecting.

And if her recent petulance is any indication, I know why they chose not to "read her in" any earlier than they had to.

All that being said, repair work on both sides will need to be done to restore trust.

I would feel the same way if she was a man, by the way. So don't think I consider her the "B" word.

Kosmo13 said...

>>>All these radio stations playing Prince songs -- how many of them played Prince before he died?<<<

Similar to what I think at the end of each year when radio starts ramming Christmas "music" into our ears: did radio play the non-Christmas records by these same performers the rest of the year?

Diane D. said...

benson and anonymous:

Thank you so much! Thanks for the funny anecdote, too, benson!

Joseph Scarbrough said...

@Kosmo13 Hey, now that you mention it, you're right! When do we ever hear the likes of Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, or others other than at Christmastime?

Anonymous said...

The Ripa saga reminds me of the Johnny Carson/Joan Rivers fiasco of years ago. She didn't tell him either. Janice B.

VincentS said...

Saw the Period in Space headline on Facebook. Commented, I SOOOOOOOO don't want to read this!

MikeN said...

Trump's VP? Mark Cuban.

Did you notice how many things Kerry got wrong about sports? It caused the creation of a superPAC, Sports Fans for Truth. Other than basketball, Obama has no clue, talking about Cominsky Park, Lambert Field, etc.

Andy Rose said...

My understanding is that Kelly Ripa wasn't upset only because of the short notice. Apparently when they first had Strahan doing segments on GMA, she told her bosses that would take his attention away from Live!, but they assured her it was just be a temporary assignment. Then it became de facto permanent and she told her bosses she was concerned that they were trying to springboard Strahan to GMA and leave Live! behind. Again she was told that absolutely was not going to happen. So it's one thing to be blindsided... it's another thing to be blindsided by your bosses after those same bosses did precisely what they twice told you they wouldn't do, patronizing you in the process.

Barry Traylor said...

This according to THE WRAP. "Louis CK Cancels ‘Horace and Pete’ After One Bizarre, Money-Losing Season" and it appears that he is millions of dollars in debt due to financing the project himself. Bad idea.

tb said...

I say the same thing when I drive by the long line at In n Out Burger - "It's just a fucking hamburger!" And for all the Purple Rain playing - um, the guy has 39 albums out, not just the one, jeez

Danny said...


What was your issue with Horace and Pete? As a machine for empathy, I found it to be unrivaled on contemporary television. And as an experimental piece of entertainment, it also has no contemporaries. Judging it as a comedy strikes me as disingenious, as that's not the shows intention. No one said it was a comedy. Claiming its an unfunny version of Cheers just because it's set in a bar seems an awfully flippant way to dismiss a piece of art from one of our more thoughtful artists. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what may well be the future of TV beyond a tossed off remark.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

@tb So many artists seem to always be defined by one particular song of their as their signature hit, that the rest of their repetoire seems to be blurred. Like "In the Air Tonight" for Phil Collins, or "Who Let the Dogs Out" for Baha Men. Even Carly Rae Jepsen's been on Canadian radio for years, yet all we ever hear is her uber-annoying "Call Me Maybe."

Off topic, but here's a good one: the CAPTCHA thing actually made an error for once. It said select all the squares that contain part of the street sign in the picture . . . but the picture was of a mailbox. Whoops.

Jim, Cheers Fan said...

If I were on the twitter, my contribution to # confessyourunpopular opinion would be "Louis CK is overrated". Not that I think he's bad, I just don't think he lives up to the hype

And Samantha Bee is fantastic, she had some good bits on TDS, but she's killing it on her own. I think in fairness you have to give some weight to her having a whole week, but even her presence is (IMO) better than Noah's

Johnny Walker said...

I'm a Prince fan, but I defy anyone to sing me a song of his from the last 20 years. Was he creating great music while none of us were paying attention? I have to wonder if the next 100 years of Prince albums are going to have the same impact as the last 20 have :-/

Stephen Robinson said...

@JohnnyWalker: There is a great amount of unreleased content from Prince's peak creative/commercial period (82 - 87). There's enough there to make whoever inherits his estate very wealthy. You could start with the three-disc version of what Prince originally submitted to Warners, which became SIGN O' THE TIME. Or the unreleased fourth album with The Revolution (DREAM FACTORY).

Johnny Walker said...

I was half-joking. I'm sure there's gems in that vault. The guy was a musical genius.

In other news: I'm also loving BETTER CALL SAUL. This new season is really clicking with me. I think Gilligan and Gould seem to have found their rhythm.

Zach said...

Caitlyn Jenner should be Trump's running mate.