Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What I'm thankful for

Usually I do this and just provide a long list. It includes favorite restaurants, shows, apps, etc. But this year I just can’t do it. This year I feel so let down by my country that it’s hard to be in a celebratory frivolous holiday mood. It’s hard to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy when I fear they’ll be taken away.

So I’ll just limit my thanks this year to people. And don’t worry; you’re on the list. I realize that by omitting burger joints and frequented websites this might read like an author’s book acknowledgements but so be it.

First and towering over everything -- my family, which grew this year. I have an amazing new son-in-law, Jonathan. Annie, you could not have made a better choice. And that’s from a father, and as everybody knows NO ONE is good enough for a father’s daughter.

Also, my first granddaughter, Rebecca. I know everyone says their grandchildren are the most beautiful and special in the world, but what can I say? In this case it’s true. And I’m thankful that she has the two most loving caring parents in the world, Matt & Kim. And the number one grandmother of all-time, "Ba Ba Debby" (who also owns that title in the wife department).   I look forward to many happy days playing with Becca… then handing her back.

I’m blessed with lots of friends. You are all special to me -- more special than you know. 

And this year, a shout-out to the cast and crew of my play. Collaborating with you for these last three months has not just been a joy but a salvation.

Finally, as promised, you blog readers. That fact that anyone gives a shit about what I think about anything still amazes me. But I am eternally grateful.

So this year I have fewer things to be thankful for but more thankful for the things I am thankful for.

Hopefully you have wonderful people in your life you’re thankful for too.


Anonymous said...

We are thankful for you, too, Ken. You make my mornings brighter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pam, St. Louis

Shrill1 said...

Have a great holiday, Ken and be well. Gorgeous grandchild!

VP81955 said...

It hasn't been an easy year for me either -- but I thank this blog (and its readers) for helping keep me sane during some maddening months.

Peter said...

"So this year I have fewer things to be thankful for but more thankful for the things I am thankful for."

Now say that 20 times in a row after you've had a few beers!

John Hammes said...

As Jack Soo (Barney Miller) would say: "... very well put...".

Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers... a.k.a. PEOPLE. The individuals who love us, check in on us, actually give a damn (if you will) about our well being. Something that matters every day. The spirit of Thanksgiving matters every day.

Besides, savory tomato/lettuce/turkey sandwiches dripping with mayonnaise or other such sauce or dressing... why limit those to just one weekend... guess that matters every day, too.

kent said...

Like you I am a lifelong Democrat, but I think you're letting the situation get to you more than is necessary. We have lived through Nixon and J.Edgar. The country has survived Jim Crow laws, blacklisting, the great depression, two world Wars and Pauley Shore. The president only has so much authority. Checks and balances were created for a reason and this, too, shall pass.

Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks to YOU for all the years of great stuff!

Peter said...

"kent said...

We have lived through Nixon and J.Edgar. The country has survived Jim Crow laws, blacklisting, the great depression, two world Wars and Pauley Shore."

Hey! Only I make the Pauly Shore jokes round here!

I'm kidding of course. He is the perfect punchline, isn't he. Like when I said Trump supporter Scott Baio's work schedule is quieter than Pauly Shore's.

Dana King said...

I'm thankful to have this blog to read every day. Not more thankful than I am for my family and health, but it's something.

Diane said...

Very thankful that you keep writing this blog, Ken. In a world that I am finding increasingly difficult, your sense of humor, your compassion, and your intelligence are real treasures.

Rick Wiedmayer said...

Thank you Ken and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Johnny Walker said...

You didn't ask us to, but I'm joining in :)

I'm thankful for my nephew, and that my sister and the rest of my family are safe and well.

I'm thankful that I have a great girlfriend that I love.

I'm thankful that I have a job I enjoy.

Wow. My life is much better than it used to be :) If you're having a bad time at the moment, it's still useful to count your blessings. Anything you're grateful for. I've been there, and things can turn around.

I'm also thankful for this blog. Ken is an unfalteringly a welcome voice every day. Thanks Ken!

Tudor Queen said...

Indeed, Rebecca is a beauty, and I say that without being related to her at all. Sometimes a loving family member is also objective in seeing beauty or intelligence or character or talent.

I'm thankful for many, many things this year, including getting to read your blog every day. Thanks for adding to the warmth, humor, and keen observation the world needs so badly.

As for our President-elect, things are fraught right now, and we've been left with a lot of 'if onlys' and more than a few "WTF"s, but as I've told my students...

We will survive. That's what we do. It may be uncomfortable, upsetting, embarrassing and perhaps even worse, but we will survive.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

DrBOP said...

Thanks, yada-yada....

Friday Question

any ideas?
no rush

MEANWHILE, this'll put a quick smile......on the dial:

Keep on chooglin'!

Peter said...

I'm thankful for the release of a new Robert Zemeckis movie, Allied. One of my all time favourite directors. Ok, it stars the incredibly annoying Brad Pitt but you can't have everything. Zemeckis makes intelligent, quality cinema and is a master of shot composition and camera moves.

MikeK.Pa. said...

Fret not. Better days are ahead. I have too much faith in the American people. They're pissed off and frustrated and expressed it earlier this month. Hopefully both sides of the aisle in Washington were watching and change, or pay the price at the ballot box next election. Keep writing, enlightening, informing and entertaining us ... and keep the blog admission price at the same affordable price it is today - free. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful my 24 year old daughter says "Mom, how can anyone vote for him after all the horrible things he says about people and the way he acts?" I must have done something right. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Janice B.

joanneinjax said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ken, and to your extended family. Thank you for reminding us that, in our national despair, we all have so many things to be thankful for.

Saburo said...

All the best to you and your growing family. And come by Oahu once in a while, too, for your Hawaii year-end vacations!

VP81955 said...

And I thank Vin for giving me a link to my late parents, who heard his first few years of broadcasts in Brooklyn. Thank you, sir.

Charles H. Bryan said...

As are many others here, I'm thankful for you and your blog and the great entertainment that you and David and all of your other colleagues have provided to me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Beav.