Thursday, December 22, 2016

You've got to see it...

Welcome to picture day -- the gorgeous and goofy.  Maui, December 2016.  To go along with yesterday's travelogue.
Security at the Grand Wailea breaking into my room when my key didn't work.  At least I think they were security.
Sunset at the Grand Wailea.
Not IN the mall, ON the mall.  Chickens apparently can't read because...
This was at Coconuts.  They were all over the strip mall -- answering the question:  "Why did the chicken cross the road?"  Because he was suicidal.
You gotta take a helicopter ride.
Our pilot.  Would you get in a flying thing with him?  He was actually great.
A couple of beauty shots from the chopper.
Can you see any sharks?
I'll spare you the seventy-five others.
Our waiter at Nick's Fish Market just before he set his sleeve on fire.  What a show!
Yes, it rained, but I was prepared.
Everybody takes pictures of their food.  Why not me?
This was after the waiter created this masterpiece and before he set himself on fire.
Feeding Rebecca.  With me and Rebecca's dad.
The highest rating a restaurant can have.  We do live in the age of "It's good enough" don't we?
I did a little writing while in Maui.
The sun setting on the over-privileged.
A Jewish cosabella.
People enjoying breakfast next to a construction site.
Annie & Jon stealing Christmas presents from the Kea Lani lobby.
A yoga class.  What position is "check for messages?"
A beauty shot.
Another beauty shot.
The Sashimi Napoleon is AWESOME.   The Soup of Yesterday is okay.
Doesn't this look like a warning that there is bacon in the ocean?
Always great to watch a football game in the snow when it's 85 and sunny.
Had to end with another sunset.  Aloha!


Jon J said...

In August it seemed every hotel on the Wailea coast was being refurbed. The pool and a few other amenities at our hotel the Fairmont Kea Lanai were out of service. But the private cooking lesson at the Ruth's Chris made up for it.

Mike Barer said...

Nice, Don't think I've ever seen that many pictures in a blog post.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca is absolutely gorgeous! But it does look like she didn't care for whatever was being spooned into her mouth.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Pam, St. Louis

Roseann said...

I spy with my little eye Final Cut Pro. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm...ocean bacon.


Johnny Walker said...

I have to return to Maui one day. What a place.

cd1515 said...

Friday question: just saw a few minutes of Joel McHale's new sitcom, which has him in an office with a bunch of millennials and there's a TON of facebook/instagram humor (or attempts at humor).

just as Murphy Brown got dated with the Dan Quayle references, are shows like this dumb to go down that road, or smart to tailor it to today's young viewers? (if there are any)

Max Clarke said...

Funny, Ken, and true. Strips of bacon they appear to be.

When pigs can fly, there will be bacon in the ocean.

Good vacation report.

Graham Powell said...

Based on how much I laughed, your granddaughter is ready for a career in comedy. Plus, she's adorable.

Guffman said...

Ken, my wife and I have such fond memories of our helicopter ride on Kauai in the early 1980's. In order to drown out the engine/rotor noise we were given headphones where the theme from "Superman" was played over and over at full volume. They couldn't mask the smell of the turbine fuel though. Still, the spectacular view was worth it.