Thursday, February 09, 2017

Episode 6: Valentine’s Day with Beyonce

In this episode Ken tells about the Valentine’s Day he spent with Beyonce that resulted in them both getting a hepatitis shot.  Also, for writers everywhere, Ken gives tips on how to write better more effective dialogue.  And finally, a salute to all your favorite songs that last five seconds.

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Ben said...

Ken, what always blows me away when I hear jingles is how white they sound. I mean really corny. If there was anything that was begging for a Civil Rights revolution, this was it!

DwWashburn said...

If you want to hear a funny take off on radio jingles, listen to George Carlin's second album "FM and AM". On the AM side he does a radio program with his character Scott Lame and it's full of jingles.

Also was surprised that I didn't hear a WLS jingle in the montage. I did hear WHBQ from my old stomping grounds in Memphis. Interesting fact -- WHBQ and WMPS of Memphis both used the same tunes in their jingles during the late 60s even though the stations were owned by different companies. I thought the jingle company would have a no compete clause in their contracts but apparently not.

Mike Barer said...

Great stuff, as usual!

DG said...

I have enjoyed all the podcast episodes, but this was the best by far. The tips were fun and useful--even the ones I've heard a dozen times were entertaining because of the punchy delivery style. Subtext: "I only have one thing to say, and I've said it, and we're done." Glorious!