Monday, February 27, 2017

Episode 9: My Annual Snarky Oscar Review

Ken reveals the most jaw-dropping Oscar ceremony in history. The winners, the losers, the blunders, the fashions, the politics, the red carpet, the facelifts, the glamour, the whole self-important ego-palooza. Join Ken for Hollywood's finest hour and most embarrassing moment.

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The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

Growing up in the 60s is too funny to win. The studios' notes would screw it up. "Can we update it to the 1990s?"

* We stayed up to hear the winner, and shut it off after it was announced La La Land. Didn't find out till this morning. FAKENEWS :)
* How come Warren Beatty stop, and look to the wings and shrug?
* I think Hollywood was sad and shocked that Trump didn't live tweet back.
* The Iran speech was kinda ridiculous coming from people who live in a country that murder homosexuals (but refuse to stand up to them).
* The 16 yr old girl from Mauna was a beautiful poised talented star-is-born
* I'm glad all the parachutes worked every time. What is it didn't?

Mike Barer said...

Wow, your sponsored! We use Blue Apron and love it.

blinky said...

Thanks for the quick turnaround on the podcast. Our dvr cut off right after the tour bus gag so all we saw was the dual best picture award. My only question is what is in a $30,000 gift bag? And who needs it less than people who get paid multiple millions to not sing and dance in bright colored outfits.

Peter said...

That was brilliant, Ken! Your jokes about the outfits were hilarious. I haven't seen the full show, so I was googling photos of the actresses as you mentioned them and you were spot on!

I laughed out loud at your comment that they should have spent $5 looking up Nate Parker's rap sheet.

You always work in a snarky dig at Spielberg even when he's not on the show!

Isn't there a rumour/urban legend that Jack Palance incorrectly read out Marisa Tomei's name for Best Supporting Actress?

It wasn't just the Best Picture result they messed up last night. It emerged later that the In Memoriam montage used the photo of a woman who's still alive for costumer designer Janet Patterson who died in October. They used a photo of her friend, Australian producer Jan Chapman, who's said she was devastated by the mistake.

I read quotes of Viola Davis's speech. I do like her, but thanking god and thanking Denzel Washington for putting god "in the driving seat" and saying how much she loves god and about a dozen other mentions of god are really tiresome, not to mention all the "artist" stuff you talked about. Seriously, just say thanks to the main people, thank the Academy and walk off.

Which reminds me of probably the most bizarrely random and meaningless Oscar platitude, composer A. R. Rahman's speech when he won for Slumdog Millionaire, who said "All my life I've had a choice between love and hate. I chose love". Huh? He must have got the idea that Oscar speeches have to sound profound.

I expect Oprah to do a heartfelt epic this year so she can finally be nominated for Best Actress at next year's Oscars.

Just saw a pic of Mel Gibson at the Oscars with his girlfriend. Seriously? She's 26 and he's 61. Have some dignity, man. Oh, wait, it's too late for that. Well, given we all heard the tape recording of how he talked to his last girlfriend ("You should just fucking smile and blow me"), I hope she's got good legal representation and the number of a domestic violence helpline.

tavm said...

I'm just waiting to see how Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and "Saturday Night Live" will treat the Oscar's final moments of last night this week!

Peter said...

I just watched the full video of Viola Davis's speech.


You could have taken a bath and made a meal and still made it in time for the end of the speech.

VP81955 said...

Wonderful podcast, Ken -- and when will the Academy realize "diversity" isn't simply a black(oops, "African-American")-white issue? That's what Chris Rock and the @OscarSoWhite crowd sadly overlooked a year ago. It'll be fascinating to see the reaction from red-state America to seeing a story of a gay black teen winning Best Picture over a "musical" that I liked, but didn't love (though I so wanted to).

Great commercial reading, sort of a magnum opus of your Top 40 days...although stretching a spot to that length would've resulted in your being a former jock the following day.

Anonymous said...

The diversity issue won't be seen solely as a black-white issue perhaps when Hollywood stops whitewashing roles (calling out Matt Damon, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson more recently) which would otherwise showcase non-black actors or when persons of color are cast as more than just criminals or oppressed beings needing to be saved or annihilated. (Orleanas)

Pat Howard said...

Great podcast man

Glenn E said...

Imagine if the La La Land producer had reacted with a moment of Moises Alou-like frustration, slapping the envelope down on the stage. Bonnie and Clyde would have been “on the run” again.

Claster said...

All nominees (with the exception of the acting nominees) are told far in advance that they will have 45 seconds to make their remarks. It's already a long show, and there are too many categories. From the time of their nomination, they have plenty of time to practice and make sure that their remarks fit the 45 seconds allotted to them. To fail to do this is unprofessional, and will, every single time, result in them being played off.