Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What is currently going on in the world of television?

Here we are, the end of March and this is what is going on in television production:

Pilots for the fall are in the process of filming. Actors are being replaced, writers are in borrowed studio offices working late into the night rewriting scripts. When it’s break time they wander through the maze of offices at midnight searching for the kitchen or bathroom. Some will never find their way back to the writing room.

On stage many film directors are directing TV pilots. Yes, they come with all the feature cachet, but they’re also not used to filming seven or eight pages in one day. The seasoned TV directors that do it with ease on a regular basis can’t get pilots because there is way more status to have film directors.

Pilot buzz is beginning. What shows are hot? What shows are in trouble? Projects bounce back and forth between the two on an almost daily basis.

There are only two types of sets on pilots – lovefests or snake pits. You’d think shows that are lovefests would have a much better chance of getting on the air but they don't.

There is nothing more stressful in show business than network run-throughs on pilots.

Meanwhile, on current shows still in production:

Those that haven't already wrapped are just finishing up the season.

The writers are walking around like zombies, absolutely fried.

All lead-time has completely evaporated. There is a mad scramble to write the last couple of episodes.

There is much speculation as to whether your show will be back. And weary staff members at this moment are not sure whether they want it back or not.

Wrap parties are either pretty wild or half the participants fall asleep from exhaustion.

The highlight of the wrap party is the blooper reel. You can expect a quick montage of outtakes of your stars saying “fuck!”  The first time you see one of those you fall over laughing.  By the fifth or sixth you just smile. 

Everyone in television looks forward to April 16th. Pilots are done, seasons are in the can and for the rest of the month everyone sleeps.


DrBOP said...

Off-Topic-Kid with list of the 2017 Top Ten Baseball Give-Aways this year (according to MLB). We'll all notice that they gave Vin Day a #3 rating on this list......N U M B E R T H R E E ! ! ! fer'chrissakes!..... and how many will INSTANTLY appear on Ama-ebay-list for sale at 200 bucks a pop FROM INSIDE THE STADIUM? ;^)

Still, how very smoothly cool is that toy......juuuust like Mistah Scully:

Andy Rose said...

Or if you're on AMC's weird schedule, you're either just finishing up (The Walking Dead), just coming back on the air (Into the Badlands), just about to return to the air (Better Call Saul), just about to finish shooting (Fear the Walking Dead), or just finishing up writing (Halt and Catch Fire).

Unknown said...

Actually April 26th... that's the typical final deadline.

Matthew Kugler said...

Friday Question:

For those of us who are baby staff writers looking to get staffed on a new and returning series in the coming months, what advice do you have going into meetings with the showrunners? What do you look for and expect from a young writer in those first impression meetings? (Outside of the usual "do they shower, wear deodorant, look presentable, take too many breaks to tweet/vape/worship Queen Beyonce...")

Also, having been too young a decade ago to endure the last strike, what is the tone like for writers going into a staffing season with the looming threat of a strike? Obviously, writers are always fearful of the future, but the overwhelming doom and gloom feeling must be at a high.

opimus said...

No.Rabbit season !