Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Episode 29: My Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Ken throws caution to the wind and does his very first stand-up routine at an open mic night. You’ll hear the whole set. How did he do? You decide. He’ll also take you behind-the-scenes, before and after. It’s an exercise in either courage or stupidity depending upon how you look at it.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Actually, you weren't bad. The only place you really lost time is when you actually asked the audience how many bullets hit the target.
And I agree with you about your preparation cf others'

Ken said...

An early Friday question.

While channel surfing caught one of Rose's absurd stories one Golden girls and started wondering about that particuluar "tool" in writing.
Like Woody's stories about his home in Indiana Rose's stories about St. Olaf ( I am sure there are other examples)vwhere not only funny as .... but so outragous one has to wonder about the minds that created the stories.
Question is
1) is there a "name" or "title" ( like the restaurant reference you use about joke appearing and disappearing)
2) Is this a specialty?
3) frightenly must ask if these are based upon any real incidents, occurences, events?


Lou H said...

Very funny! I'd love to have gone to one of your dinner parties. The setups were longer than the standup routines I've seen. The target story, up through the first punchline, was 95 seconds long. If you were writing it for a character on one of your shows, how long would it be? I suspect standup would be somewhere in between.

slgc said...

Well done, and it sounds like the audience enjoyed the set too!

Congratulations on accomplishing a bucket list item.

Keith Nichols said...

What if the sharpshooters had really come through for you and the sarge counted 90 hits on your target?

Mike Barer said...

At least the drill sargent didn't catch you with a jelly doughnut. (full metal jacket)

Johnny Walker said...

Can't wait to listen to this! Pure bravery!

Greg Thompson said...

Happy to report that I heard some of this "Veenyoufuckindud" material 20 years ago in the writers room of FIRED UP when you were directing an episode. It holds up.