Saturday, July 08, 2017

Some visual aids

For this week's HOLLYWOOD & LEVINE podcast I'm playing a one-act play I wrote and directed then re-playing it, interjecting commentary breaking down my writing process.   It's called "Comedy 101."   You can hear it by simply clicking on the big gold arrow above.   Or clicking here. 

But it occurred to me, along with just describing it, I can show you pictures.  The stars are Paul Pape as a US Senator and Liz Bliss as a hooker.  It was performed a couple of years ago at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles. 

Also, I'm giving away free stuff.  You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what.  And for those who take advantage of the offer, just know I'm Seattle for the weekend but will get you squared away by Sunday night.  Thanks much.   Oh, and please subscribe and if you like what you hear, I could always use a five-star review to attract new listeners.  Yeah, I know I'm shameless but you gotta be in the dog-eat-dog world of podcasts. 


Diane D said...

That was HILARIOUS and brilliant (IMHO)! And the commentary was fascinating to me (not in the business in any way).

I've been a subscriber since the beginning but I have never been able to discover how to rate your podcast or make a comment, whether I go to my podcast app or click on the arrow in your blog to listen to it. I will though, my son will be coming for a visit soon.

Wally said...

Re: 'The Nineties' tomorrow on CNN

jcs said...


Carl Reiner is 95 and when I read the NYT this weekend I noticed that he makes every day count: "Carl Reiner: Justice Kennedy, Don’t Retire"

I was wondering whether you are planning to get a bit more political in your works now that you don't have to worry anymore about getting your kids through college.

DG said...

This is my favourite podcast episode so far, except for all the others that I really liked.

Johnny Walker said...

Let's see the anti-podcast crowd complain about THIS episode!