Monday, October 09, 2017

Do I know Harvey Weinstein?

I’ve gotten a lot of readers asking if I know Harvey Weinstein. Nope. Never met him. I'm not nearly important enough.  At one time I had a feature career and was on the B-List.  Now I'm the C-List and the problem with that is: there IS no C-List." 

Harvey is embroiled in a big sexual harassment scandal that is likely to derail his career and tarnish his reputation – only leaving him with the untold millions he’s made over the years and whatever continued profits he earns from his shares of the company.    Gee, don't you feel sorry for him???   He was officially fired from the Weinstein Company yesterday (leaving his brother to run the company -- Hmmm, that doesn't sound remotely fishy, does it?). 

Hollywood is “shocked,” which of course is a giant joke. The only shock is that he was allowed to get away with this reprehensible behavior for so long.

Now come the army of attorneys and spin doctors. The current official response is for the transgressor to plead that he’s “sick” and wants to take steps to be a better person. He’s soooo sorry for what he did.

He’s only soooooo sorry he was caught.

Now he's off to "rehab" -- probably his villa in Italy.  

But this tact seems to have replaced outright denial (at least for the moment).

Meanwhile, a legal team I’m sure is setting about trying to discredit the women who blew the whistle (no pun intended but I’ll take it).

And I’m sure high-powered Hollywood chieftains are frantically meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel to discuss this stain on their cherished industry. Their big concern is probably that half of them could be exposed too.

Am I too cynical? I don’t think so because even I wouldn’t have thought Harvey Weinstein would ask Ashley Judd to watch him shower.

I mean, you figure bigshots like Weinstein and Roger Ailes probably cheat on their wives, and even have multiple mistresses, or call thousand dollar hookers, or go in chat rooms as “Tad from Pasadena.” But masturbating in hallways in front of TV reporters? These are sick fucks.

I’m sure this is nothing new. God knows what movie moguls and power agents did in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Starlets were probably passed around like joints. They were just more powerful then and there wasn’t the scrutiny and ability to break a story globally with one click. Dick pics had to be processed in studio photo labs.

But maybe now things will change – even a little. As these sex scandals continue to make headlines, blowing up longtime prestigious careers and shattering harassment firewalls, maybe one or two (or hopefully ten) of these lowlifes will not subject these women to this abuse.   And maybe women who have been abused will feel safe enough to finally come forward. 

The shame is, and it’s me being cynical again, that these lowlifes will stop this practice not because “they know it’s wrong,” but because now they’ll get caught. Still, I’ll cheerfully take it.

By the way, Harvey Weinstein will start a new company.  So far it doesn't seem like he's going to jail.  So because he makes money for investors he will get backers.   He will be back.  And I'm sure he'll be staying at nice hotels with showers.  Beware, ladies -- despite his "rehab." 


Lily said...

Thanks for the post Ken. My respect for you has increased, as you had the guts to speak out against this pervert.

But many other public commentators are silent, like Mr Pat Reeder said yesterday "Since the late night comics are being suspiciously silent on Weinstein"

It has to do with friendship and fear I guess.

Jason said...

Ken, you were the first person I remembered when I read this sleazebag's story.

No.. No... Not comparison or anything 😅😅😅😅😅 ....... but your oft-repeated story about Spielberg not clapping at the Oscars when "Shakespeare in love" won the Oscar over "Saving Private Ryan". And also the subsequent story about how Weinstein and Spielberg clashed over who is the big shot, by inviting Bill Clinton to their movie screenings or some such event....

Now the rumor that Gywneth paltrow did sleep with Weinstein to get the role in "Shakespeare in love" appears true.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Also worth reading is SorryWatch's dissection of Weinstein's "apology" ( As they put it, many men his age managed to get through their careers without doing any of the things he's claiming were "normal" in 1960s/1970s offices.


Thea said...

All those years when Weinstein was accused of buying the academy votes by enticing old folks in some old age homes to vote for "Crash" and his other crappy movies; none had the guts to confront him and ban him and his movies from Oscars. His money power and influence won.

None of those actresses gushing over how "Harvey Dear" was helping them with their Oscar campaign have spoken out. Thespians including Judi Dench, "Ms.Liberal" Meryl Streep, "Victim Crusader" Nicole Kidman all sucked up to him. Now, not a squeak from them. Nope. Nothing at all. Shame on the lot of them.

Leo when he was hell bent on getting his Oscar, kissed Harvey's ass and got the endorsement too, with Harvey crowing "This is Leo's year". Now, nothing... Our "Hollywood Hero" has no guts to speak out against this creep.

And those "brothers in arms" Matt and Ben, will they speak up? No, they wont. It was 'good hunting' for Oscar with Harvey, why speak against their "Master".

The whole lot of them stink.

Peter said...

You hit the nail on the head, Ken. Can't disagree with a single word you've said here. Weinstein and others like him are utter scum. And it's not just him. There seems to be a spate of these assholes being exposed. A couple of weeks ago it was the loathsome Harry Knowles, who used the "therapy to get to a better place" bullshit, and now the creator of Honest Trailers, Andy Signore, has been fired for sexual harrassment.

It shocks me that Weinstein's been allowed to get away this for 30 years. 30 fucking years. And all while the son of a bitch was building a reputation as a fearsome thug who would get revenge against anyone who said anything even slightly negative about him.

What I'm curious to know is how many people knew the truth all this time? Tarantino has been backed by Weinstein his entire career. Some have even gone as far as to say Miramax owed its entire success to Pulp Fiction. And Tarantino is someone who's tried to portray himself in many of his films and interviews as a feminist. Are we to believe one of Weinstein's best buddies didn't know how he was treating women all this time?

Benjamin said...

Blasphemous post by you Ken. How can you call the "God of Hollywood" ( as "Sick Fuck"?

VP81955 said...

Randy behavior from powers-up in the industry was why Carole Lombard, "the profane angel," became famed for her inventive invective. As a starlet in the mid-1920s at Fox, Pathe and other studios, Lombard was subject to pawing from directors, producers and others in authority. So she decided on a way to retaliate.

Carole had two older brothers, and asked them to teach her all the curse words they knew -- with their meaning. Armed with her newfound vocabulary, she was able to take them on in their own vulgar language. (This has led many to the erroneous conclusion that Lombard regularly swore like a stevedore, which may have been the case with other actresses -- but not with her. She restricted her coarse tongue to the company of men she knew, and made certain never to use the 1920s and '30s equivalent of the "George Carlin seven" in the presence of women and children.

Had Lombard interacted with Harvey Weinstein, I have no doubt she easily would have put him in his place. (She did with Fredric March, an actor notorious for pawing his leading ladies. Carole invited him to her dressing room, where he made his move on her...only to discover she was wearing a dildo.)

Peter said...

Thea, Streep has just now issued a statement condemning Weinstein and saying she had no knowledge of what he did. Others like Seth Rogen and Mark Ruffalo have also issued statements condemning him.

It's the silence from Mr Tarantino that's rather deafening.

Mike Barer said...

At the very least, he's exposed so it's a step in the right direction.

Craig Russell said...

Imagine my confusion when I thought Harvey Weinstein was Harvey Feinstien...

CarolMR said...

I'm waiting for Weinstein pals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to comment.

YEKIMI said...

But many other public commentators are silent, like Mr Pat Reeder said yesterday "Since the late night comics are being suspiciously silent on Weinstein"

No, it probably has more to do with the fact that if the late night comics started ranting about Mr. Weinstein, 98% of their viewers would go "Weinstein? Who the fuck is he?"

Also, whatever Mr. Pervo did [or does] will not have ANY effect on their well being [asides from the fact they may be a few dollars poorer if they bought a ticket to one of his movies] where as the Orange Turd [aka Mr Pervo II] and his Crappy Cohorts [Hey, a new band name!] in congress could pass legislation that could actually cause great harm and maybe even your/my or your children's death! The majority of people have heard of him. Hell, he's probably decided to put Harvey on speed dial to see if he could get any tips from him.

Oliver Pepper said...

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!” "…Your winnings, sir.” “Oh, thank you very much!”

Sheela said...

@ Peter: "Tarantino is someone who's tried to portray himself in many of his films and interviews as a feminist". Like you said "tried".

He is fooling no one. He is a low-life like Harvey. No morals, nothing. Just the talent overshadows the scumbag cop-hating racist. Art is an excuse for him for using racist profanities in his movies.

The whole lot of them are casting couch creeps. All leading women in Tarantino's movies "dated" him - euphemism for - Sex in exchange for a movie role.

blinky said...

I wonder what you thought of Blade Runner 2049- Now with virtual sex.
I found it to be a beautiful, gorgeous movie that needed a strong editor to tell Ridley Scott that the theatrical release should be shorter than a football game.
The virtual companion synced-up sex was amazing. Come on Apple! We need Siri to take human form like that in real life.

Neil said...

I, like, others condemn this pervert.

But what about the actresses who willingly slept with this man to further their career? They should be condemned too.

Here's list of them:

All lead by the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar win.

A quote: "One of the Harvey Girls was Gwyneth Paltrow, and I suppose she’s what keeps the line long and wanton. But there can only be so many Gwyneths. There’s no shortage of Gretchens."

Also the media should be blamed too. They covered him like he was God. Never reporting his assaults or casting couch stories.

Jeff Maxwell said...

A million years ago, I was a fledgling casting director at 20th. Wore nice suits and had a parking space on the lot. Heady stuff. Part of my "training" was to listen via an intercom to my boss, the son of a powerful 20th exec, as he read actors and actresses for roles. I didn't really like my boss, but neither does Rex Tillerson.

An up-and-coming actress came in to read. Dutifully, myself and another casting director listened to the interview which started with him asking typical questions, chit chat about the her work, her experience, etc. Then she began asking about his work, hobbies, etc. He lived by the ocean so she asked him if he was a good surfer. His answer:
"No, but I fuck really good."

Very new territory for me. I froze waiting for her to slug him. She didn't. I don't remember what she said, but she left with him on the back of his motorcycle. And she got the part.

Not Harvey Weinstein power, but it was icky-creepy-weird, and I quit shortly thereafter. But the suits were nice.

Gary said...

Mucho sickos of Hollywood.

1. Roman Polanski: Every other week there is a new allegation against this child rapist.
2. Woody Allen: Another paedophile.
3. Robert Evans: Sharon Stone banned him from the sets of "Sliver". Her accusation - the sicko had tied her friend by the dog collar for years and made her perform degrading acts.
4. Now this sick freak masturbating and showering, forcing women to watch.

"And I’m sure high-powered Hollywood chieftains are frantically meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel to discuss this stain on their cherished industry." --- many are celebrating Ken.

Anyone interested in Harvey T-Shirts?

Here the M.O. of Harvey as detailed by a waitress:

Rich Shealer said...

Friday Question

In the Final Jeopardy scene in the Cheer's episode "What is Cliff Clavin?" there are two continuity errors.

The first is Cliff's Final Jeopardy question is shown before it is actually revealed. The second is that Agnes's score goes from $3300 down to $400 with her incorrect response, and then briefly jumps back up to $3300 in a cut a few seconds later.

See 3:15 and 4:21

Did they have trouble getting things correct while shooting or was were there shots missed that editing decided it didn't matter and used ones from the future and past?

Simon said...

@ Yekimi

John Oliver has spoken out

@ Jeff Maxwell

You should have "grown up in the 60 and 70s" man, like Harvey.

Elden Rhoads said...

The problem is as much about what he did as the people who let him do it. Powerful men have enablers who are willing to threaten and intimidate women at their behest. And others, seeing such power wielded, are afraid to speak out or call them on their behavior. This is the culture that needs to change.

Sherin said...

Is Kevin Smith being ungrateful here?

Finally Meryl and Judi speak out:

Some notorious stories about Harvey:

Michael said...

Ken, Just listened to your podcast with David Goodman.

Some questions that you should have been asked him:
Why does Family Guy care for the Emmys (since they think it's a hip show better than other Emmy winning shows) and why do they insult Emmy voters with Antisemitism (

And here are some Cheers references on Family Guy for you:

Jeff Maxwell said...

And..."Stardom" and all its trappings is sometimes way more important to woman and men than their integrity. I know people of both sexes who have been hit on by powerful people - of both sexes - able to open doors and change their lives with one good job. For some, success comes easy. But if it isn't easy, for some, they think it may be easier to placate power and get what's promised.

Harvey's a raging jerk, but he won the lottery and is successful as hell. As long as there are people who need success in the form of stardom, and as long as there are people willing to trade it to satisfy their own selfish, sicko needs, there will be many more Harveys.

Will those dynamics ever disappear? I bet not.

Buttermilk Sky said...

When Harvey Weinstein dies, he is definitely not getting the kind of admiring obituaries we just saw for Hugh Hefner. Because there's abusing women and then there's exploiting women, and we all know the difference, don't we?

Except, as Jeff Maxwell pointed out, there are always women who consider it just part of the pathway to a career to put up with these slobs. If there weren't, it would cease.

You may now accuse me of blaming the victim.

Johnny Walker said...

Nicely done, Ken! And horrible reading in the comments. @Jeff What a story. What happened to them?

Glenn said...

I just hope the other Weinsteins out there get outed. No way there's not more of these creeps in high Hollywood positions.

J Lee said...

Harvey's mistake here was having five bad years in a row of producing films and seeing his company inch towards bankruptcy. His usefulness to other peoples' careers created a dam holding back three decades of accusations -- once his run of successes ended, he became like the failed henchman in a Bond movie who gets dropped through the trap door to the crocodile pit.
To the ones coming forth today who didn't in the past (or worse -- who also spoke out vehemently against people who sexually harassed others but said nothing about someone who sexually harassed them) what's now indefensible is Weinstein can't make them money or provide them with Oscar-winning roles anymore.

Mike Bloodworth said...

You alluded to it Ken; the blatant hypocrisy of those condeming Weinstein who are just as guilty as he is. Political correctness being what it is, most people in show business HAVE TO react with shock and horror even though they're doing it to. Speaking of P.C., an earlier reply mentioned this, BOTH genders get harassed. I wonder if he had been sexually harassing males would he be receiving the same reactions? I honestly don't think so. It does happen, though. When I was in radio I was harassed by a male superior. Ironically, if Harvey was a Republican Hollywood would be "tearing him a new one" just for living. The sexual harassment would just be "icing in the cake."

Peter said...

I'm no fan of the NRA but there's something particularly despicable about the way Weinstein used the shock and grief over the Las Vegas shooting as a way to deflect attention from his behaviour by saying in his statement that he intends to take on the NRA. Because if there's one thing people who want tougher gun control need, it's a serial sex offender on their side.

Someone should tell Weinstein to just shut the fuck up and disappear. I really hope you're wrong in your prediction that he will resurface later with new backers, Ken. More to the point, even if he does get backers, you can't make movies without the talent behind and in front of the camera, and judging by the reactions so far from Hollywood, no one will work with him again, as they'd be guilty by association.

Meanwhile, self proclaimed feminist Tarantino continues to be silent. What will the guy whose films helped build the Weinstein empire say?

Peter said...

And so it begins. It's emerged that Matt Damon and Russell Crowe helped kill a story about Weinstein that would have exposed him much earlier.

Michael said...

I think the comment above from Neil where he claims with no proof that all the actresses mentioned in a linked article slept with Weinstein to further their careers is defamatory.

Anonymous said...

Money and power do crazy things to people. Much like the Cosby and Roger Ailies situation, I believe alot of people knew about this for many years. Sadly, this type of behavior is common when you are dealing with powerful, wealthy men. Many more women he abused will be coming forward to tell their stores. There IS strength in numbers. Janice B.

Charles H. Bryan said...

While this Harvey is a famous, wealthy, powerful, well-connected Harvey, there are thousands of Harveys in workplaces everywhere, unfortunately. I've never understood it.

Friday Question, very off topic: Ken, do you still find yourself working and reworking jokes or lines, or do the rhythms and structures come pretty naturally to you now? (I just rewrote a tweet five times before I was 'happy' with it and thought "Well, good thing I'm not trying to be a professional. I'd starve.")

As always, thanks! (Which was initially "Thanks, as always". I can't stop.)

Frederick Herman "Freddy" Jones said...


I read your post with great interest.

While I agree with you that Harvey has issues, needs help and needs to held accountable, this is yet another example where "Hollywood" and those who populate the big cities along the two coasts will never understand those in the "fly-over states."

You said:

"Hollywood is “shocked,” which of course is a giant joke. The only shock is that he was allowed to get away with this reprehensible behavior for so long."

In many publication his sexual power plays are being called an "open secret" and the LA Times had this to say:

"As soon as the story broke last week, Weinstein issued a statement of apology, took a leave of absence from his company and then threatened to sue the New York Times. No one publicly came to his defense. Instead, some in Hollywood admitted they were unsurprised by the stories of Weinstein’s treatment of women, saying they had long been an open secret.
'The only thing I’m surprised about,' one former Miramax executive who worked closely with Weinstein told the Los Angeles Times, 'is how long it took.'”

So, everyone has lost credibility here. How can the country be lectured to or be taken to task by the opinions of those who decided to turn a blind eye to this man's (alleged) deeds? I'll tell you how. He made them money.

Money is the only thing that matters in Hollywood, and if you have money, power and influence, you can, apparently, get by with committing abhorred behavior whenever your want.

Harvey Weinstein not only hurt his own credibility - He is a representation of the lack of credibility in all of Hollywood/LA.

There sounds like plenty of fodder here for late-night "comedians" and SNL, but they all remain silent.

Enough preaching, Hollywood. Clean up and take care of your own house before you come preaching in mine.

Cap'n Bob said...

If it were me, I'd ask Ashley Judd to let me watch her shower. Looks like I have no future in show biz.

Angela said...

But many other public commentators are silent, like Mr Pat Reeder said yesterday "Since the late night comics are being suspiciously silent on Weinstein"

Or, it could be that the late night hosts hadn't taped new episodes on Friday, when the story broke, since their Friday episodes are often taped on Thursdays. Hard to comment on a story when you haven't yet taped a new episode, after all.

For the record, Stephen Colbert did a bit about him on tonight's show. I don't follow the other late night hosts with any sort of regularity, so I don't know if any of them did. But since Stephen, and as somebody else in the comments noted, John Oliver, did make mention of his scandal, there's two names you can for certain cross off the "waiting to hear from them" list right off the bat.

I'm waiting for Weinstein pals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to comment.

Well, Trump, who openly acknowledged he'd known Weinstein for years in a clip Stephen showed on his show tonight, commented on the situation.. He didn't exactly come right out and condemn the guy's actions, though. So, yeah.

Ironically, if Harvey was a Republican Hollywood would be "tearing him a new one" just for living. The sexual harassment would just be "icing in the cake."

The reason Republicans are "torn a new one" when they're involved in these sorts of matters is not because they're Republicans. They get mocked because they're the ones going out there harping on about how this country needs to protect and uphold its "traditional Christian family values" and condemning LGBT people for their "immoral lifestyles" and going after people for having affairs or whatnot, all while engaging in the very same behaviors they're condemning. It's the hypocrisy that's the issue, along with the idea that they think they can shame and legislate people for not living up to the "good Christian lifestyle" they think we all need to emulate.

That being said, however, I have absolutely no problem with calling out the hypocrisy of anyone who looked the other way with this guy, be they conservative or liberal, while publicly railing against this kind of behavior elsewhere. I hesitate to shame many women in this situation, because even if they consented to sleeping with him, that could've come with a lot of strings attached and threats and whatnot, who knows. Given the kind of power he evidently had (this whole scandal is the first I'm even hearing of the guy, myself, so his standing in the industry is all news to me), I can see a lot of women, whether he harassed them or not, feeling intimidated about speaking out sooner, for a whole host of reasons. And I can sympathize with any men he threatened feeling intimidated, too.

But anyone who didn't feel intimidated by him and was buddy buddy with him, while ignoring this stuff? Yeah. They have no excuse.

Peter said...

It's being reported that Weinstein sent an email on Sunday to various people in the industry begging for their help and support to prevent him being fired. He repeatedly says in the email he wants a second chance and promises to get therapy.

Two things with regard to that. First, he was fired, so obviously no one wanted to support the scumbag.

Second, even if Weinstein goes through with the phony act of getting therapy, he'd most likely ask for a female therapist and then start masturbating in front of her.

ScarletNumber said...

> So far it doesn't seem like he's going to jail.

Well, no shit. Asking Ashley Judd to watch you shower isn't a crime.

Buttermilk Sly showed why people are so upset by Weinstein when they referred to him as a "slob": he committed the crime of being unattractive.

VincentS said...

Sadly, I share your cynicism, Ken. Harvey Weinstein's behavior was an open secret for decades but I guess it was okay as long as he was making Hollywood oodles of money. They only came after him after his movies started to bomb. And, yes, Hollywood is very forgiving, unless it was my imagination that I saw Mel Gibson at the Oscars last year.

Michael said...

To reinforce my earlier comment, Mira Sorvino, one of the actresses Neil claimed slept with Weinstein to further her career, is now being quoted in an article that the opposite is true - she lost jobs because she resisted his sexual advances.

rchesson said...

I'm Shocked, Shocked! A fat petulant overpaid Hollywood movie producer bully accused of sexual harassment and rape of starlets. Tell me it's not so!

ODJennings said...

OK, the guys a pig, but on one level these revelations cheer me up a bit. Here's one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and the guy is the Wylie E. Coyote of seduction. He has no game whatsoever.

I recognize this because I also have no game (or money, or fame, or roles to pass out), but I do believe that I might actually have a higher batting average than Harvey. I certainly seem to do better when it comes to actual consensual sex with willing volunteers. I'm not bragging-- in absolute terms my sex life is a pathetic joke, but at least I can look in the mirror and tell myself I'm more of a player than Harvey Weinstein.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Gary: In that waitress's tale it's interesting that apparently no one at the restaurant ever decided to warn the women waiting for Weinstein what they were in for or decided to stop serving him (if he was that intimidating and unpleasant to the staff...)