Wednesday, October 25, 2017

EP43: My First Girlfriend…and Writing Assignment

Ken introduces you to his first girlfriend, who of course was crazy, and his first writing assignment, which was crazier still – a musical for the United States Army. Coming-of-age insanity. 

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DBenson said...

Great story. I almost want to see it.

Did you get sets and costumes and chorus girls, or was it the two of you in uniform with a guy on a piano?

Was there ever talk of additional road companies? Did the original general ever come around during your two-year run, or did he appear to forget he left it running?

Did you ever get a response other than WTF?

Maybe the script still exists as an official Army issue item. As you read this, it's just possible some sad sacks are being assigned to perform the re-up show in the Middle East.

Ron Rettig said...

Larry Gilbert was at Ft Carson to get GI stories for MASH while 222nd was there while you were still in the unit. Did you meet him then?

Devlin Thompson said...

I was impressed that you got to see the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, but disappointed to hear that you didn't care for them. Their first four albums are all great, eccentric records (and the first, self-released one is also VERY expensive).Their story is too complicated to relate here, but the short version is that they were working musicians who were bankrolled by a wealthy lawyer named Bob Markley who wanted to be in a group to get chicks, and was willing to pay whatever it took to achieve that, so they had great equipment and the fancy light show that you mentioned.On stage, Markley only played tambourine and occasionally sang back-up. Member Michael Lloyd had an illustrious career as a writer, producer, and A&R man, and I can assure you that you played a lot of records he was affiliated with later on the radio.

Ron Rettig said...

Larry Gelbart, typo previous comment Ken.

Artie in Sin City said...

Unreal many of us Valley Boys lived your life...Mine was chain smokin' Gloria in the Mickey D's parking lot on Sherman Way in Reseda...She had a hairlip...but also big tits...I was in love for the evening...And thanks for the laughs...Great memories during our Great days growing up in the Valley...Go Cavaliers!