Wednesday, January 03, 2018

EP53: Revealing the Secret: Who is Richard Castle?

The TV show CASTLE spawned 7 novels supposedly written by the star, Richard Castle.  They became New York Times Best Sellers.  But who really wrote those books?   He also produced NURSE JACKIE, COSBY, NIGHT COURT, GRACE UNDER FIRE wrote for Craig Ferguson’s Late Night Show, was a radio DJ, program director, and weekend TV weatherman.   This week we’ll meet him and for the first time I will reveal his true identity.  You’ll learn a lot about the process of writing and what Edie Falco is really like.

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Walter said...

Uncle Ken,

I know you said you don't like reunions, especially for CHEERS. But have you ever considered that people who were young when CHEERS was on the air and are now feeling the insecurities of entering old age might appreciate seeing how their childhood heroes held up in the onslaught of aging?

I read that Gary Burghoff was a nightmare on the set of M*A*S*H -- "Love Radar, hate Burghoff" some of the cast have been rumored to say. Is there any truth to that? Also, a few years back, a Twitter account using his name was dishing on his former co-stars (e.g. Alda leaving sacks of $h!t on the set). Was that a hoax or did he really tweet all those things?

Unknown said...

First time I saw a Castle novel in a bookstore, I looked at the jacket flap copy (yeah, I'm one of those).
The "bio" mentioned that among Richard Castle's achievements had been winning " ... the coveted Tom Straw Award from the Nom de Plume Society ..."
And that's when I decided to buy it.
Same with the other 'Nikki Heat' books.
'Castle' wrote another series 'Derrick Storm'; those jacket flap bios mentioned another award he'd won, which bore the name of another writer, whose name I can't call to mind at the moment ...
So there too.

James S said...

Thank you.
Another great and interesting interview.

TimWarp said...

Kewl! I bought the first couple of Richard Castle novels (in hardback no less) and thought they were fun.

suesea7 said...

Great interview. Nurse Jackie is one of my favorite shows. So funny, so dark. Nice to hear that Edie Falco is not a diva!

Sue in Seattle

Peter said...

Another great and interesting interview.

Not as great and as interesting (or hilarious) as Ken's reaction to Her Supreme Majesty of the Universe Oprah's speech on the Golden Globes would be.

Mitchell Hundred said...

For what it's worth, while I'm not familiar with Dick Cavett or his voice, I did think that you two sounded kind of similar to each other when I first started listening to this episode (although as it went on, I was able to better distinguish between you).

Charles H. Bryan said...

While I did hear voice similarities between you and Tom (less so as the podcast went on), and I could hear some similarities between Tom and Cavett, I don't know how anyone would think you and Cavett sound alike.

Excellent conversation, as usual. I typically listen through iTunes and I don't remember to hop on here and comment, but thanks for doing these. Always enjoyable. You're good people, Mr. Levine.