Wednesday, March 14, 2018

EP63: Ben Mankiewicz, The Voice of TCM

Ken interviews TCM host Ben Mankiewicz. They discuss TCM, how the network works, how he works, classic movies, his career, and even a little baseball.  It’s movie buff heaven.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to listening to this. I’ve enjoyed Ben on tyt and tcm. Thanks Ken

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

I really enjoyed this podcast episode
I've always enjoyed Ben too.
There are TCM snobs that unfairly compare him to Robert Osborne.

To those snobs, I say, "You don't compare Gary Oldman's style to Jimmy Stewart".

Jeannie said...

What a great conversation! We cut the cord with cable 6 years ago, but we missed TCM so much, we found a way to get it back via Sling. It's the only channel we watch and Ben's intros are always a highlight. Thanks for asking all the questions I would have asked him.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Terrific interview. Does Ben write the comments he delivers before and after the movies? Same question for Tiffany Vasquez and the other woman, whose name I have yet to learn.

One small objection: the term "outro" has been around a lot longer than TCM. See, for instance, "The Intro and the Outro" by Bonzo Dog Band on YouTube. Which is still hilarious, by the way.

Dave Wrighteous said...

GREAT interview, Ken, thank you so much! I shared it with my fellow filmgeeks on our Facebook movie group 3-Day Movie Debate, so hopefully I hipped some people to your site and podcast.
Come join us!

Andy Rose said...

@Buttermilk Sky: Scripts are written by TCM staff, but Ben goes over everything with the producers before recording, and changes can be made if he wants. I don't know for sure how much input the other hosts give for their segments.

VP81955 said...

Have met Ben a few times at the TCM Film Festival and other events around town. I like him -- especially since he said in an interview a few years back one of his favorite classic actresses is the lady in my avatar. (A man with good taste.)

DwWashburn said...

Thank goodness for TCM and their Silent Sunday Night. It's a drag when it's pre emptied for their Oscar month or Summer Under the Stars month. But it's about the only broadcast channel that still understands that silent films are worth watching.

Just wish they would go back to their Saturday Film on Film documentaries. And if they wanted to adopt a long lost package that AMC had called "Saturday at the Bijou" where they would show a cartoon, a short, a serial, and a movie I wouldn't object.