Wednesday, March 28, 2018

EP65: Meet Writer Phoef Sutton Part 1

Ken interviews the versatile Phoef Sutton who has written sitcoms, dramas, screenplays, and novels.  Among his credits: Cheers, Newhart, Boston Legal, Terriers, a Robert DeNiro movie, and novels, including one with Janet Evanovich. Part 1 deals with comedy, features, and how he got that rather unusual name.

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Brian Phillips said...


Did you ask if there is any way of seeing "Thanks"?

VincentS said...

Great interview, Ken. I was one of those who thought he was a women. As far as THE FAN, I didn't see it but as he indicated I guess hiring a Brit to direct a movie that's even indirectly about baseball might not have been the best of ideas.

Cat said...

Am I crazy that I automatically knew how Phoef's name was pronounced?

blogward said...

Thanks for that, first one I've listened to and enjoyed thoroughly. Gives the lie to the trope of comedy writers together being unfunny.