Wednesday, April 04, 2018

EP66: Meet Writer Phoef Sutton Part 2

Ken interviews the versatile Phoef Sutton who has written sitcoms, dramas, screenplays, and novels.  Among his credits:  Cheers, Newhart, Boston Legal, Terriers, a Robert DeNiro movie, and novels, including one with Janet Evanovich.    Part 2 deals with drama, novel writing, a serious health scare, and great practical advice for writers.


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blogward said...

Great stuff again. And on the strength of part one, I dug out 'The Fan' - partner's a big DeNiro fan, she particularly enjoyed him doing every vilain/hero he's ever done rolled into one - and whether it's down to Phoef, Tony Scott or whoever, this English cricket fan now UNDERSTANDS BASEBALL!