Wednesday, April 11, 2018

EP67: Sports Radio Daze

Ken tells crazy stories of hosting sports talk call-in shows and shares a sample of his baseball play-by-play. A fun show even if you’re not a sports fan.

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Andy Rose said...

The team call-in shows that are the most fun are the ones where the hosts can razz the callers, and vice versa. In Atlanta, Skip Caray didn't hold back when he thought somebody asked a dumb or irrelevant question. His big pet peeve was people calling in asking for an explanation of the Infield Fly Rule. And once this became public knowledge, of course, people would try to call in all the time to ask that very question.

msdemos said...


I don't know Mr. Levine......I hear just the SLIGHTEST bit of that "Brockmire attitude" in your voice on that play-by-play sample (can't QUITE figure out though if by saying that, I'm complimenting you, or 'razzing' you!!) !! ;-)

Thank you VERY much for including that 'sample' in the podcast......after hearing you "talk" about your play-by-play on your blog for so long, I wondered just what it must have sounded like, and it's GREAT !!

Sorry, though......still not QUITE as good as the guy we've been lucky enough to have had here in Milwaukee since back in 1971.....a guy I'm SURE you've heard of a time or two before, Mr. Baseball himself, Bob Uecker !!

Thanks SO much for all the great entertainment you've provided in the past, and are still giving us today through all your MANY different projects !!