Wednesday, June 06, 2018

EP75: Mark Evanier: The art of cartoon voice work and the variety show from Mars

In part two of Ken’s conversation with the multi-talented Mark
Evanier they discuss voice over work for animation, how to break in, what they’re looking for and not looking for, and other various tips. He also talks about producing a truly bizarre TV variety show called PINK LADY AND JEFF. You won’t believe this Hollywood/Tokyo story.

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Wayne said...

Another great podcast. Thanks Ken!

Edward said...

So NBC President Fred Silverman calls Larry Hagman, who is starring on a CBS show and not his agent?

And there is no letter/memo stating the agreed-upon terms couriered to Hagman's or his agent's house/office?

How often does this happen?

Rory Wohl said...

Best part of this two-parter: finally learning how to pronounce "Evanier."

Worst part: the voice I had in my head for how I thought Mark sounds doesn't match his actual voice. Now, when I read his blog, half the time I hear "my Mark Evanier" voice in my head and half the time I hear his "real Mark Evanier" voice." (Small price to pay for an excellent podcast.)