Wednesday, June 13, 2018

EP76: The Worst of Levine & Isaacs

Ken Levine discusses AfterMASH and MANNEQUIN 2, two of his least
successful projects. You’ll learn what went wrong, how he dealt with it, and ways to find the good in bad situations. There’s also a great karma story you will love.

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tavm said...

Hilarious takes on the experience of both "After MASH" and "Maniquin 2"!

Unknown said...

It reminds me of flying, any landing you can walk away from is good. Anything you got paid for, and was made, is "good".
But I am pushing for Maniquin 3 (I am not a robot), I think you have the chops now to write a Oscar winner.

Col. Henry Blake said...

There are certain rules in Television and Rule Number One is that if Larry Gelbart calls and wants to hire you to be part of his team on a new series, say "Absolutely, Yes" and Rule Number Two is don't forget Rule Number One.