Wednesday, July 04, 2018

EP79: Inside the Writers Room

Ken takes you inside the Writers Room and explains what it takes to succeed. A must episode for all prospective sitcom writers.

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Steve Bailey said...

You posted that this episode is "A must episode for all perspective sitcom writers." I think you meant "PROspective."

-dsr- said...

All perspectives of sitcom writers -- or all prospective writers?

The difference between the lightning bug and the lightning, I think.

VincentS said...

HEADS UP: Just put your quote on writers being paid to write on demand on Donna Hoke's FB playwright's page, Ken.

VincentS said...

Thanks for alluding to the response to the question I asked you when you were appearing at the New School about writers being motivated by fear, Ken. Even if it was unconscious!

Jim S said...

Great podcast Ken.

You said some interesting things about having to write when you're angry or distracted.

So that brought up a couple of questions.

You obviously want to avoid asshole actors. When thinking of hiring someone, and you know the people he or she has worked with before, do you do a quiet check to see if they are Harry Morgan or Kathryn Heigel?

Also, how do you write when something huge in the news happened? I remember reading the book about the Dick Van Dyke Show and one of the stories Rose Marie told was having to do their show less than a week after Kennedy was shot.

The machine roles on, and schedules must be met. How does one do that in the face of a Kennedy-death type event?


Karan G said...

As always, great life lessons shared thru good storytelling. Of coarse, I loved the Vonnegut references. I recently came across an old neighborhood newspaper (2002) where Kurt was honored and dedicated artwork to the Indianapolis Athenaeum Foundation, and Will Shriner was in attendance. Not really knowing who Will is, I looked him up and saw that he had a connection to Becker and Fraiser. I enjoy the podcasts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Filippo said...

What a great podcast!
I canʼt believe I just got access to so much inside information on writersʼ rooms.

A while ago, after starting to wonder why in my country there arenʼt decent sitcoms, and why the sitcom is so American (if I got this right), it took me not long to realise that American writersʼ rooms are key.
Of course it must have something to do with production budgets, too, but thereʼs something else. It sure has something to do with those red lollies you so often mention.

Also, the Superman without kriptonite story... quite moving.
Thank you so much Ken.