Wednesday, July 25, 2018

EP82: Casting Director Sheila Guthrie: Part Two

Casting Director Sheila Guthrie talks to Ken about casting FRASIER, how to audition, mistakes to avoid, and some crazy casting stories you won’t believe. Lots of useful information, tips and laughs.

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VincentS said...

I think that British actor whoever he was was unprofessional not to read, especially if it was for a role that was against type. When you reached the "read or get out" point I think you should have politely drummed him out of the room, Ken. I may have mentioned this before, but in the excellent book, MAD AS HELL about the making of the movie NETWORK the author recounts how Peter Finch's manager kept contacting the producer about Finch for the role of Howard Beale. After numerous actors turned the part down and they were getting close to the start of shooting the producer called Finch's manager and told him they wanted to meet with him. The manager enthusiastically called Finch with the good news but Finch who was not only an accomplished actor but was also nominated for an Oscar the previous year yelled back, "They want me to AUDITION?! Tell them to go fuck themselves!" and banged down the phone. A few minutes later the manager's phone rang: "Hello, Finchy here. Sorry, love. I forgot I was an actor." The rest, as they say, is history.