Thursday, November 01, 2018

Another announcement (which you may or not think is big)

This month marks my 13th anniversary doing this blog. More than 5600 posts. It's hard to believe.  At least 50 of them are really good.  And over 30,000,000 page views. What I want to do today is make an announcement.

When I started the blog I asked some experienced bloggers how you build an audience. One suggestion they had was post something new every day. Always give the reader a reason to return. So I decided to try that for a few weeks. Thirteen years later I’m still doing it.

But I'll be honest, it’s getting to be a grind. So starting this month I will only post during the weekdays. The Friday Questions will essentially be weekend questions.

Hopefully that will help refresh me. I enjoy writing, I like having this forum to spew my nonsense, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and creating a little community here. But I want to devote more time to my podcast and writing plays.

So that’s my "big" announcement.

For today, I’d like to do something I do every year – ask YOU to write in. Who are you, where are you from, what demographic are you, how did you find out about the blog, how long have you been reading it, what do you like, and don’t you like (besides baseball posts)? I’m in the bay area today but will read every comment and get them posted as soon as I can.

Thanks much for your continued support. I look forward to hearing from YOU.


Michael Hagerty said...

Ken: First of all, congratulations on the anniversary!

My name's Mike Hagerty, a fellow DJ of the seventies now blessed enough to be making a living as News Director and afternoon co-anchor at NewsRadio KFBK in Sacramento. I'm 62, and found out about the blog indirectly from you---in a post on REELRADIO. Been reading it most of these 13 years.

I can't say I dislike anything about the blog and what I love are the inside looks into the business, and your wit. If I laugh out loud while on my laptop in the morning, my wife will usually ask "What did Ken write?"

I'll miss Saturday and Sunday posts, but as someone who writes not only for radio, but a blog for my station's website and my own 10-year old automotive review site, I get it. Enjoy the downtime.

YEKIMI said...

Who I am: Mike, From: My mother's womb, Demographic: Old Fart. Found out about blog: I really do not remember. Reading it: About 5-7 years maybe more, having someone explain it to me....first two years. What do I like: Fried Chicken. What I don't like: Nothing. I like it all.

I guess you could do it like Howard Stern, write three days a week, repeats for 3 or 4 weeks, write 2 to 4 days a week, repeats for 6 weeks. But honestly, please don't!

Tom Asher said...

Tom Asher in Maple Shade, NJ... 40, been a reader for at least seven years, don't remember how I found the blog but I'm glad I did... M*A*S*H is my favorite TV show (and movie), big baseball fan, especially a fan of the legendary broadcasters, and a student of Top 40 radio history (I once had a Friday Question about your Mount Rushmore of DJs... you hated my Terry Young entry). I hope you keep the baseball and radio questions coming, and thoroughly enjoy anything sitcom-related! Five days of Levine is better than none!

slgc said...

Do what you need to do Ken. This shouldn't be a grind. Thank you for all the entertainment you provide.

As I say every year, I'm a New Yorker living in exile in New Jersey. Several years ago someone who was a good friend at the time suggested to me that I'd enjoy your blog and he was right, so I've been reading it ever since. I like your writing and have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to see your plays performed (in Hatboro and NYC). And I love the baseball recollections - keep them coming!

James said...

I'm James. I live in LA. I'm not in the industry but I watch TV and movies, I used to follow baseball, etc. I'm one of those people who likes to learn more about things that I like; I read credits to TV shows and movies and notice the names that show up over and over, or the ones who appear when shows improve and disappear when they jump the shark, or vice-versa.

I don't know how love I've been reading but I'll guess 10 years. I found it from a Google search because I was looking for info on Ed. Weinberger, who became the producer of the MTM Show when it got a lot better in the 3rd season. I think the first post I read of yours was about his writing/producing partner at the time, Stan Daniels. I read your post, recognized your name (I read credits) and hung around to read more of your blog.

What I like most about both this blog and your podcast is that it's NOT the same thing every day. Some days it's about comedy, some days about baseball, some days about growing up in LA (you're about 15 years older than I am but I still recognize a lot of what you talk about).

The only thing I really don't care for is the politics: You have the right to your opinion and express it, so I don't complain, I just skip it for the day and come back the next. Something I really like about your blog: if you get into politics, it's the main thing. You usually don't toss in little political comments into non-political discussions. I admire that. A lot of people believe I need to hear why (insert political adversary here) is Evil regardless of the topic or context.

You've also taken the time to answer some of my FQs. I appreciate that very much.


Kevin O'Shea said...

Who are you, where are you from? Kevin from New Hampshire.

What demographic are you? Irish-Catholic male, 51 years old.

How did you find out about the blog? My law school friend, Andrew, who is now a working TV writer in LA. (Shout out to Andrew: talk about hungry, this guy had a single minded focus and turned down lots of lawyer jobs in order to pursue his dream of being a writer. Stayed with it (i.e. struggled) longer than most other folks with his dream would have, worked hard, networked, became well liked by decision makers, never said no; and now does what he loves and always dreamed of doing. Proud to know him.)

How long have you been reading it? +/- 8 years.

What do you like, and don’t you like (besides baseball posts)? M*A*S*H stories/trivia/intel including stories about the TV veterans (writers and actors) who brought their sensibilities to the early years. I also like the insight you have given from your years on M*A*S*H as well--especially the choices made in the later years to keep the show fresh and topical. And, your behind the mic stories about radio as well as your army days always entertain.

Congrats on 13 years, Ken!

Dhruv said...

This is a great blog. I have bookmarked it since the day I first visited while searching for Oscar reviews.

Thanks :)

My only complaint is more people haven't found out about it :(

On YouTube, many original content videos/vlogs get the same comment that "it is an underrated channel and needs to be seen by more people". Same is my comment here. More people from around the world interested in writing, Hollywood should know about your blog.

I had once suggested that you should have your YouTube channel and post your vlogs/interviews/reviews there. I still hope you would. The biggest reason is that you are able to come up with new content everyday. That's big. Even not many top YT channels are unable to do that. Once you start posting everyday, the repeat viewers will keep increasing and in turn YT will recommend your channel to others who like the same topic and also the regular viewers too will share your channel link with their friends and their subscribers.

Second reason is that there is hardly any channel by a Hollywood insider. There are a ton of gossip and Hollywood trivia channels, but a channel by someone who has and is working in Hollywood are not many. And once people find out, it will surely pick up more viewers.

Also the content for YT is not strenuous. Just the same blogs and interviews and movie reviews in video format is enough.

Anyway, since you said you will be concentrating on podcast and plays, so you may not be able to find the time to start a channel now.

I like all the blogs which I can understand. Since I am from another country (India), many blogs related to sports, politics and many sitcoms I haven't seen, I can't understand.
Apart from that I love all your blogs and podcast.

I miss Golden Globes and Sam Rubin reviews :D

I hope one day I will get a Visa and be able to visit your country and also see your play. But that's too much of a wish to get a Visa.

I have been reading for the past 3 years or so.

Thanks once again :)

William said...

I have often wondered how you manage to write a blog every day while still managing to turn out plays, teach, and take improv classes. Don't blame you for wanting to cut back and have more time to focus on other things. Just want to say thanks for your commitment to this blog. It's one of the few sites I visit almost daily. Connecting from Toronto and I've been following you for six or seven years at least. Thanks, Ken.

Dave Zenner said...

Dave from Florida via Chicago. Stumbled on this about 10 years ago. Friday Q's are my favorite but I like it all. Will miss seeing the blog 7 days (how about a "best of" on Sat/Sun?)

AltSung said...

Congrats, Ken! Sung from NJ, who is now in his forties...who used to be in his thirties when he started reading your blog. Why he is referring to himself in the third person, he does not know, so he'll stop now.

I love the blog as is. Don't change a thing!

Pizzagod said...

HI Ken-
I've written to this before. I found you through Mark Evanier's blog, and have been grateful for years. I think it's been four or five years (maybe more?) that I've been reading you and it's always a treat. I also listen to the podcast, most regularly when I'm traveling. I'm the carnival guy who wrote to thank you for being such a good travel companion.

I'm a blogger myself, and most of my stuff is interesting to me-and mainly because I knew when I started it seventeen years or so ago that I'd forget a lot of stuff. I've written the first draft of a memoir (after 40 years in the carnival business, there are one or two good stories) and it was great having records of successes and failures. Of course, the failures made much better stories (as well as being more educational).

I think that you coming up with new material every day for as long as you've done this is amazing, and I'm in awe.

I've cross posted some of your blogs to my Facebook page, (most recently your post World Series piece) because you voiced what I felt, only a hell of a lot more eloquently.

Thanks again for your efforts and you are a part of my daily reading.
Paul Paron-Pizzagod

Earl Boebert said...

Who I am: A guy who posts under his own name.

Demographic: Geezer

Likes: Anything about the art and craft of writing.

Dislikes: Baseball stuff, because it reminds me how great the game used to be. (Oakland Oaks fan as a kid)

Marsha said...

Hi Ken - I'm one of those people who loves both television and baseball, so your blog has been a source of enjoyment for me for many years. I no longer remember when I started reading or how I found you (though it has been a loooong time and it was probably through one of the TV critics I follow). I'm 47, grew up on Cheers in real time and MASH mostly in reruns, and really appreciate all the insight I've gained reading your blog all these years. Thanks so much for sharing your worlds with us!

Xmastime said...

Congrats! I just realized November is my 13th anniversary too. :) The only difference between our blogs is Im approaching 24,000 posts and nobody ever reads it. (funny emoji here.)

Also, still miffed I used my first-ever post to talk about...Wally Joyner. Grr.

Here's to 13 more!

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Since your buddy Earl also takes weekends off, what about a Wednesday-Sunday schedule instead of Monday-Friday, so we have something to read over the weekend? More like theaters, which are open on weekends but often dark on Mondays.


Terry said...

Hi Ken! Middle aged dude (late 40s) from the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metro area checking in! I think I first stumbled upon your blog years ago because it had been linked elsewhere (forgive me I can't remember where) in relation to one of the shows you wrote for - MASH or Cheers, most likely. I'm a huge fan of both shows. I stuck around because I loved reading the behind the scenes stories on those and the many other shows and movies you have worked on. I just find that stuff fascinating.

One thing that I really enjoy about the blog that I was not expecting along the way are the stories about your time in radio. Those are always hilarious and fascinating to me as well in part because I work in radio myself. Thanks for the blog (and answering a couple of my Friday questions over the years) and keep up the good work!

Mark Murphy said...

Hi. I live in your old stomping ground of Syracuse, where the Mets recently bought the Chiefs, which next year will become the Syracuse Mets. (I'd be curious to know what you think about that.)

Demographically, I'm in my sixties. I spent 30 years as a newspaper copy editor/proofreader and now freelance.

I can't remember how I found out about your blog. As for how long I've been reading it, "it seems like forever" is about as exact as I can get, although it's been a very pleasant "forever."

What do I like most? Your posts on writing. I also admire your discipline.

Thanks for doing the blog.

Mike Barer said...

Congrats on your "blogmitvah" Your continuation of blogging has inspired me. Because you blog everyday, I blog nearly every day.
I can see how people burn out, but hopefully you will continue. I'm sure having weekends off will help.
Thanks for having this way to connect.

Anonymous said...

I'm a blogging lawyer from Chicago who wishes he could have written comedy, and been a rock 'n' roll DJ, and broadcast baseball games, and seen Jack Benny in Las Vegas (even at the cost of missing the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl). Yes, I've been with you for years, jealous as all get-out, and grateful for your every post. Even if I don't always agree with you. Even when you sneak in a rerun or two. (I enjoyed them the first time; I enjoyed them again.)

You write the best tributes, too.

I even bought a couple of your books. I liked the baseball book much more than Must Kill TV -- but, hey, there's no accounting for taste.

I congratulate you on your blogging anniversary and I look forward to your posts to come, whether it's every day, five days a week, or fewer.


P.S. - I know you don't like anonymous comments... but on this occasion, I hope you will forgive me.

Glenn said...

Glenn, 42 yrs, from Andover, MA (Congrats, Red Sox!). I found the blog in 2013, 2014, somewhere in that range. I attended your Sitcom Seminar in 2015. I love to write plays of all lengths and have been fortunate to have a few of my one-acts performed in festivals. My goal is yo have a full length one be performed.

Ben Scripps said...

Hey Ken--Mork here. You may remember me as Ben, who got a chance to meet you when you were in Lowell, MI a few months back for "Our Time". I'm in my 40's, a television director from Cadillac, MI who enjoys golf, television and (yes, believe it or not) your baseball posts. I'm too old to remember how long I've been coming here or what brought me in the first place, but it's been at least ten years now. And take the damned weekends off--you've earned 'em!

Anonymous said...

St. Charles, MO (suburb of St. Louis)

I honestly don't remember where I heard of your blog, but I do check in every day. I understand not wanting to do the weekend posts. Some weekends I don't check in. Congrats on the anniversary; the only thing I count as an anniversary these days is my 41 years of wedded bliss. (cough,cough)

I enjoy the tv posts and baseball posts. But on the unhappy occasion, your tributes to the people you know or admire who pass on are the best. Thanks for the past 13 and here's to many, many more.

Andrew B said...

I have been reading your blog for 8 years at least, I also went back and read the 3 years previous. I live on Saltspring Island,BC.(Canada) and reading your blog is the 2nd thing I do every morning when I get to work.I love movies, hockey, and reading. I enjoy learning about your craft of writing plays , tv, and movies. I really appreciate how much you put into your blog and podcast.
Andrew Bissonnette

Loosehead said...

Hi Ken
Dave Gordon from Basingstoke in the South of England (the Old one). 62, so technically an old geezer, retired from writing computer software and wondering how I found the time to go to work. My sig is my position in a rugby scrum, but I only watch these days. Your wedding anniversary is my birthday, so I guess that'll be easy for me to remember.

Came to your blog from a recommendation by Mark Evanier, prolly back near when you started, and been reading it ever since. I kinda glaze over the baseball and radio posts, and totally tune out any anti-Trump stuff, but then it IS your blog. He isn't my president, but I think he earned 4 years. Anyway, I voted for Brexit, so I guess that makes me a populist too.

Love your insider stories about Hollywood, and Friday Qs, and would love to show up at one of your get togethers, but I'll need to flap my arms a little harder to get there. I'll still be reading and enjoying your 5-day blog, and the comments - do what you need to do to stay refreshed and energised.

Roy Wentz said...

I could pretty much have written everything anonymous from Chicago has said. Also from Chicago, like your books, baseball, etc. Never posted, but enjoy what your write, Have some friends who are budding writers trying to break in and have passed your blog along.

Phil said...

Phil from NJ.

I love everything Ken but I love Hollywood stories a lot. Can't get enough of them.

Like others said, enjoy your weekends! I understand its tough to keep writing everyday something new. You have done great and I am grateful for the entertainment. Thank you sir.

Matt said...

Hi, Matt, 48, a lawyer in Washington state. I like your insider stories from your various industries, including baseball. I also like when my Friday questions are answered.

I will just reread the archive on the weekend.

Vrej said...

I'm Vrej, 38. I first found the blog a few years ago while looking for information on the famous video game developer with your same name. I'm sure glad I found your page though because I'm a fan of many of the shows you worked on. I've seen so much M*A*S*H and Cheers in my day via my parents but when I was 12 and Frasier started, that was my show. I saw every episode until the end during its run. (Also, The Simpsons.)
I do enjoy your baseball posts but I've fallen out of following the sport since my hometown Expos for taken from us. Looks like we're likely to get a new team sooner or later (hopefully) so I'll be back into the fold.

charlotte said...

• From Massachusetts originally, Sherman Oaks currently
• Middle-aged white female
• Professional animation writer
• M*A*S*H fan from way back (watching my dad's favorite show with him) when I was waaay too young to understand what was going on (it was green!) but "got it" more and more as I grew up & it greatly shaped my lifetime views on war/violence as well as--right along with SESAME STREET!--race-relations ("Maybe you could smile in Korean." :')
• For that reason, favorite posts are probably about M*A*S*H but also have a soft spot for CHEERS 'cause, y'know, Boston
• Even your baseball posts have been growing on me over the years :) Yay, Red Sox! ;-)
• Love when you write about first starting your career, first learning how to direct multi-camera, dealing with difficult (and pleasant!) actors, basically anything about once having been a nervous newbie yourself <3
• Especially love when you have your friends/celebrity/expert "guest bloggers" answer specific Friday questions
• I really appreciate when you write about Writers Guild issues
• Regardless of topic, you're funny!
• Originally found your blog while googling some picture of The Swamp that some uber fan out there in the world had recreated in his home in great detail
• Once had a Friday question I asked turned into an entire post :) but, as my physicist/pro writer late husband pointed out at the time, it didn't actually answer my question ;')
• It was because of your blog, you, & your play that I got to meet Garry Marshall one last time :') for which I will always be grateful

Elf said...

Dammit! First Conan cuts his show back from an hour to thirty minutes and now this? Next thing I know, Mark Evanier will decide he wants to start getting five hours of sleep each night instead of four so his blog output will diminish, and boom!, my free entertainment volume will have been utterly decimated!

Lisa said...

Congratulations Ken!!!

I love your blog. Been following since the time my friend told me about it, for the past 2 years.

I like all the posts. It's just unbelievable that you can write on so many topics everyday and make them all interesting.

Many times I don't get a few things and ask the question, sometimes other readers answer.

One blog I would love to see is the one where you tell the stories of encounters with people who you have written about in your blog. It would be interesting to know as to how they reacted?

Keep going Ken. Thank you.

Love from Chicago.

Bert Ehrmann said...

My name is Bert, I'm in my early 40s and am from Indiana. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been reading it for at least 10 years. I like just about everything from the blog, especially your recollections of working in TV and in the movies. I also listen to the Podcast and I really enjoyed your recent one on the process of making, and how long it took to make, VOLUNTEERS.

Janet Ybarra said...

Hi Ken,

Forty-something lady here from the DC area, reading your blog for the last couple of years.

A couple of suggestions from a journalist if you want to take weekends off but perhaps not just let the the blog lie totally catatonic each weekend.

You've been posting pictures and videos without any text. You could be doing that for the weekends as that might take less of your time but still fill your content holes over the weekend.

Another suggestion (and this is one used by some of the Washington Post blogs) is to each day open up a comment thread (either open or on a given topic) and that attracts reader involvement to fill that hole on the weekends.

Final suggestion would be to invite guest submissions (posts) on relevant topics to fill that content hole. You might find some folks who like the idea of occasionally contributing without having to carry their own blog or site every day.

Or you could mix and match among these.

Just a few thoughts....

Janet Ybarra said...

Oh, and, of course, congratulations on your anniversary!

Tim W. said...

While I’m disappointed that you won’t be posting every day (your blog is one of my daily go-to morning reads), I completely understand your need to scale back and was always amazed that you were able to post every day.

I’m from Vancouver, in my 40s and have been reading your blog for more than ten years.

While I’m not a fan of most of the baseball posts, I wouldn’t complain about them since I was just happy you were posting every day. I do enjoy the eclectic subjects, which means I never really know what you’re going to talk about, but it’s usually interesting.

I really appreciate you letting me use your blog as a daily ritual for all those years.

Anthony Hoffman said...

I only read your blog on weekdays at work anyways so...

Craig Gustafson said...

Craig Gustafson, Lombard, Illinois

Demographic: I recently turned 60. Next year, I'm planning on a U-turn. Half Swedish, half Irish, so when America goes socialist, I will celebrate with a drunken brawl.

How did you find out about the blog: I don't recall. See previous comment.

How long have you been reading it: About four or five years. See comment previous to the previous comment.

What do you like: I like that I have an appointment with Blair Richwood to talk about my screenplay. The call has been pushed back because I've been focusing on my one-acts (which have been fairly successful), but it's still happening. Things like that are extremely helpful.

What don’t you like (besides baseball posts): Not all baseball posts. Just those praising Joe Buck. He makes my teeth itch.

I read every day (pretty much). And for a theater group I'm with, I'm pushing to direct one of your plays; that'll be part of a meeting on Saturday, though it probably won't be decided at that time.

ELS said...

Eric L. Sofer here, from Greater Cleveland, Ohio. I don't remember why I started reading your blog, but likely it was a reference from another blog - maybe Mark Evanier.

I've been reading your blog so long that I don't when I started, or where I found it. :)

I love everything. Baseball stories are great; I'm a big ol' Cleveland Indians fan. (Also a Browns fan, but that's between me and my grief counselor.)

Hollywood stuff is terrific; I LOVE behind the scenes stories! I am a "behind the curtain" lad from WAAAY back.

Theatre stuff is swell; my avocation is community theatre, so I'm an actor, as well as a backstage guy (part of the "behind the curtain" tendency... I love good tricks to use on or back stage.

I like most everything you come up with, so I couldn't say "stop this" or "more of that." I enjoy it all; you just keep on doing what you're doing, and I'll keep reading! Thanks for your time every day.

Rudy said...

Congratulations on 13 years of - almost - daily laughs! I've been a loyal reader for 9ish years. Owing to my advanced age I can't remember how I discovered you, only that every visit has been a gas!

John P. said...

I'm 50+, live in the South Bay, and I work in Video distribution. I have been following your blog for at least two years, but less than 5. Who knows?
I really enjoy the stuff about the TV/Movie industry, the inner workings and "Inside Baseball" aspects. I also like the baseball stuff too. Go Dodger Blue!

Covarr said...

Happy 13! May your coming year be luckier than the cliches would say it should be!

My name is Andrew. I'm an actor/director/writer/boardmember at the Masquers Theater, a small community theatre in Soap Lake, WA (though I live in Moses Lake, one town over). 29 years old, which looking at other comments seems to be on the young side of your readership. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, but as it was in 2013 when I was rewatching Frasier on Netflix, it was quite likely something Frasier-related.

My favorite content of yours tends to be the funny stories, particularly on-set stories, and anything about what makes good writing good (or bad writing bad), and my least favorite content is your political posts. It's not that I disagree with your views; just the opposite, I tend to have similar leanings to you. It's just... there's so much political vitriol everywhere I look, so it's always nice being able to escape it for a few minutes a morning to read about TV and baseball.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this last year or not, but in September of 2017 my first play (co-written with my then-fiancee, now wife) was produced, and I can say with 100% confidence that this would not have happened without your blog, and tips you've written over the years on what works and doesn't work in a story or joke. As such, I will remain ever grateful for this blog, and all you write for us every (week)day for free.

RyderDA said...

For the 10th straight year... Decrepit old retired guy in Banff, Alberta (we have nice mountains and a killer TV festival in the spring you should come to). I have nothing to do with writing or TV or the entertainment industry, and aside from 2 years, 30 years ago, when I did stand up and improv comedy, have no connection to the entertainment industry whatsoever. I'm proud to have now had 5 Friday questions answered, one of which turned into a full post.

I read you because people at the top of their game always have interesting things to say. I don't like baseball (and just skim those posts) but you're still a guy at the top of that game, too.

I blog. No one reads it (my most popular post had 98 readers). It's hard work and making to the commitment to doing it every day is much, much harder (I'm commited to an Instagram post a day and even THAT'S hard). Plus, I notice that you don't seem to have monetized your blog yet (or if you have, it's well hidden). For a guy that writes for a living, writing daily for no reason other than you can seems... impressively generous. I understand why you're moving to 5 days. I will miss the two you don't.

Breadbaker said...

I'm Rick, a 62-year old lawyer and Mariners fan in Seattle. I've been reading this since the USS Mariner blog linked to Ken's obituary for Dave Niehaus. I've seen Ken in person three times since: once at an event he had outside Safeco, once when he was signing books inside Safeco and once at baggage claim at the Maui airport two years ago (an event--not including me--he blogged about).

I'm proud to say I am not a robot.

Unknown said...

Thirteen years of every day! THAT will make you a writer! It would be impressive if this were all you were doing!
Been here since the beginning. A writer friend (John Rogers) recommended this blog for anyone who wants to write television. Advice I still give.
Writing dreams have given way to owning a Boston standup comedy club.

Eric said...

Ken, this is one of the first things I read everyday so thank you for that. Please take the weekends off. Hell, do a Howard Stern and only work Monday through Wednesday if that's what you need to not quit. We owe you, not the other way around.

Dan Wolfe said...

Soon-to-be-twice-retired 62 year old former wanna-be actor, living in Virginia for a little more than two more weeks when I move to North Canton, Ohio to stay. Not sure how I found your blog, but it was either because Jim Overman dropped your name or I saw it on Mark Evaner's blog or both. Regardless, I love the entertainment industry posts the best. I spent several years in the tech side of television in LA while I was trying to build an acting career. (Those were some of the years I was in the Fighting 222nd.) And since I'm retired Army already and retiring from civil service next, you can see how that whole acting thing worked out for me.

Anyway, please keep up the great work! Your blog is destination reading every morning at nine! Thanks for all your dedication!

Andrew said...

I'm an attorney. I live in Columbus, Ohio. White, male, in my 40's.

I came across this blog several years ago (I think five years but may be wrong). I was curious to learn more about the famous Newhart finale, and Google brought me here. I saw that you also had posts on MASH, Cheers, and Frasier, which were three of my favorite shows, and so I started digging into your archives. Meanwhile your new posts were always interesting. So it became a habit for me to check your blog weekly, and sometimes daily.

"What do you like?" Almost everything. I especially like your Friday questions, and I appreciate that you interact with your audience. I enjoy your insights into what goes on behind the scenes in your industry. I like the "scuttlebutt" from the shows that you've worked on. Your negative movie reviews are hysterical.

One thing I wish you did more often: Posts of appreciation for specific TV shows. You've done individual posts on Seinfeld, Friends, and The Golden Girls. I'd love to see more posts like that, especially for shows from the 70's and 80's.

"What don't you like?" I think some of your political commentary goes over the top. I get that you hate Trump. But I wish that the humanity you show in so many of your posts could be extended to the people who voted for him. I also wish, in your political posts, you would approve more comments from people who disagree with you and are trying to explain why. I live in Ohio. I can assure you that you and many of your commenters are missing what is going on in large parts of the country. It's easy to express incredulity and contempt; it's not easy to listen to people who are the "Other" in your mind. But I don't want to end on a bad note. You have a great blog, and I'm grateful for what you do here.

Jim Hopkins said...

I’m here for the baseball.

I look for your Ernie Harwell and Al Kaline references every 5 years or so. Between references, I appreciate how you craft each sentence for a smooth, informative, and comfortable read. That’s a main reason why I look for your new comments every morning at 6. You make that look easy and simple, but it’s not. You’ve earned your weekends off.

Your day-job fans have no idea how hard it was for you land and keep a place in big league radio. The fact you pulled that off gives a weight to your overall perspectives that is not shared by many.

My wife is a newish line producer, so I’m now better able to visualize and thus enjoy a lot of the scenarios that you regularly post.

Eric J said...

I found your blog about 6 or 7 years ago while doing a MASH search. I've enjoyed it daily since. Mostly enjoy the writing advice and info about the industry, though I'm not in the industry and have no interest in writing for it (I wrote for decades about motorcycles and motorcycling).

Just a suggestion: Some of your most popular posts weren't even written by you (sorry, no slight intended). They were guest written by others you were closely associated with. Fellow writers, actors, etc. Probably as much work to line those up as to just write the blog yourself, but it might be a way to give yourself a break and still feed the beast. I think casual pieces as have appeared before would be more interesting to me than any kind of interview.

Frank Beans said...

I'll answer your call, Ken.

I'm a male, early 40s. I am a musician and audio engineer. I am not part of the film or television industry in any way, but am still an avid fan of the best of it, and have been since childhood.

I read this blog because I love learning about how television is made, from the ground up, and everything else in between. I have been reading this blog for about 3-4 years by now.

By all means, keep it going! I learn something new every time I read here.

P.S.--Frank Burns eats worms.

Dave Creek said...

I'm a retired TV news producer from Louisville, KY and current science fiction writer, 64 years old. I first found out about the blog through writer Jane Espenson's now-defunct blog, so that was awhile back.

I especially enjoy the posts about the writing process and what it's like to write, direct, or produce TV shows. I've produced thousands of hours of television, but they were all live newscasts, which is very different. And I wish I'd had the opportunity when I was younger to try to break into "the biz." Though I'd have wanted to write science fiction, and the seventies was pretty deadly when it came to SF on TV. Not much out there that was good.

I'm not a baseball fan, but hey, not every post has to be for ME! But you should come visit Louisville sometime, Ken, because I think you'd love Slugger Field. It's done in a purposely "old-fashioned" style.

Enjoy your weekends!

Pat Howard said...

Hi, Ken long time reader at least 7 or 8 years. I'm 68 from Bad Axe MI. I love your baseball posts. Enjoy your views on Hollywood.

Steve Bailey said...

Who are you: Steve Bailey

Where are you from: Jacksonville Beach, FL.

What demographic are you: 49-65 (I'm actually 57, which I still can't believe)

How did you find out about the blog: I think from Mark Evanier's blog

How long have you been reading it: Two years

What do you like: About the only thing I don't like is your what-if scripts (What if M*A*S*H was made today, etc.). Everything else is a lot of fun. I don't even follow baseball and I enjoy reading your takes on it.

mike said...

Mike in NYC. Avid fan of our National Pastime, especially its rich history, and added a copy of It's Gone!...No, Wait a Minute to my collection some years back. Looking online to see if I could find an office address to send the book to maybe have it signed and stumbled on the blog maybe 6-8 years ago and check in on the regular every Thursday. Particularly like the posts re announcing (don't listen to the naysayers), as well as the ones on playwrighting. I've written seven full length plays and so far have produced and co-starred in three of them, and done a lot of stage work as an actor as well as a bit of film and teevee. Pitching a novel and working on another, and another play. Performing as Polonius at the famous Stonewall Inn tonight for the last show of the run. Also like the insight into teevee production and stories about the 60s and 70s when I was a lad. And I find indispensable the unabashed progressive posts on political and social issues which we need in these reactionary times; goes without saying that I agree with most of your positions. Still checking in Thursdays!

DrBOP said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery of the 3' version of The Di-Vine Le-Vine bobblehead. The 3-D Laser Light Shoes really work well.
Me being 67, the delivery guy thought I was hard of hearing, so he announced my delivery to the neighborhood. Seeing as the fame and fortune of Hollywood scriptwriters is THE hot topic in my Northern Ontario Canada haunts (pop. 327 summer, 162 full-timers), they've been flocking over to my pad to give it a whack. BIG fun for this neck of the woods, I'll tell 'ya!
We took a poll: "More Baseball" and "More Natalie Wood" won the day.
And seeing as our discussions have been infused with a recently legalized substance, we also felt that posting "whenever the hell he feels like it" would work for us. Chill out, brother, chill out.

Peter said...

Ken, you've given us tons of entertainment for free, so you've more than earned the right to take time out for yourself.

Who are you: Male.

Where are you from: London, England.

What demographic are you: 41.

How did you find out about the blog: Googling for info on Al Rosen.

How long have you been reading it: Since 2012.

What do you like: Snark tank, movie reviews, your comments on topical events.

What don’t you like (besides baseball posts): No, it's pretty much just the baseball posts. ;-)

Myles said...

Congrats Ken on the anniversary. My name is Myles and I've been living in LA for about 5 years now. Came here from Marietta, Georgia to pursue a career in TV writing. A Google search (probably about a TV writing question) brought me here a couple of years ago and I've been a daily reader ever since. Love the knowledge you drop here regarding TV/Film stuff, behind the scenes, stories of your own experiences, etc and we are on the same wavelength regarding that orange guy so I like the politics too. Only thing I don't always love is the obvious thing you said don't mention, which I actually enjoy to an extent because it allows us to see more of who you are. Keep the posts, podcasts, plays, and scripts coming. I usually catch up on weekend posts on Monday anyway so you just saved me some homework, which I can now use that time for my own writing. Thanks for everything you do man!

Brian Phillips said...

Brian Phillips, Ken Levine Ranger, 3rd Class!

From Spring Valley, NY, two counties away from New York City.
55 years old. Found out about this blog from my friend Mark, another writer.
I've been reading your blog since at least 2009, or that is the first time that I have asked a question that was answered by you and thanks for answering my questions!

I like the behind the scenes stories. How scripts were fixed, shows were cast and, in particular, how one extra found out it was not a good idea to tick off your co-workers.
I certainly would not ask you to stop them, but posts about shows I don't watch or movies I probably won't see don't do much for me.

Thanks SO much for being so accessible over the years.

DBenson said...

Who: Mostly inoffensive jerk; very amateur writer (one self-published eBook novel)
Where: San Jose, CA
Demo: Semi-geezer (63)
How: Mention by Mark Evanier (another necessary bookmark) some years ago.
What: Enjoying anything you write about. Your sports posts are interesting and accessible to this non-fan.

Mike Bloodworth said...

Congrats on thirteen years! But, I don't blame you, Ken. When a guy gets to be your age...just kidding. We already know each other, but for your readers, I'm 59 years old and I live in the glorious, San Fernando Valley, porno capital of the nation. Our lives have many parallels. I've worked in radio. Both in college and professionally. I've performed improve for many years. I've never been a sportscaster, but one of my fantasy jobs was calling play-by-play for the Lakers. I haven't really been interested in writing until very recently. Although I have written sketches for groups I was in. I'm a relative newcomer to the blog.
I've only been reading for the past couple of years. How I found it is rather ironic. Even though we've known each other for several years I learned of your blog by Googling something else.
What I like most is the nuts and bolts aspects of writing. And the behind the scenes stories of show business. Many of my former teachers/mentors have past away. So, its very beneficial to have something like this blog. I also like when E. Yarber and others contribute their industry insights as well.
We don't always agree politically, but the FIRST AMENDMENT RULES!
The only thing I don't like is when you try to pass off an old or slightly rewritten, previous blog as new. I don't mind reruns as long as they're acknowledged as such. In fact, may I suggest that the weekends be "CLASSIC KEN." Pull stuff from your archives that is still insightful, funny or relevant today. I would enjoy reading those.

Anonymous said...


I am 50, from Seattle and was so thrilled to find your blog and podcasts after listening to you do the Mariners broadcasts back in the day. I have been reading/listening to you for years and hope you continue for many more (whether that's daily, weekly, monthly). I'll take what I can get.


dotraylor said...

I'm mostly retired from forty plus years below the line as an electrician/gaffer in the TV/Film business mostly in Atlanta but also with a two year run in LA. I am not sure how I found your blog but I have read it nearly every day since I stumbled onto it probably seven or eight years ago. It is the only blog that I have bookmarked.

My father was a huge baseball fan so under that influence, I too became a fan of the game and therefore love your posts about baseball. I also very much enjoy your perspective on the writing part of the business and your insights into all aspects of the industry.

If I have to pick what I have less enthusiasm for, it probably is the stuff about the radio. I still enjoy reading it, just not like the other things you post.

Enjoy your revamped schedule.

Bobaloo said...

I’m Bob, a 45-year-old Straight White Protestant He/Him/His from Phoenix, AZ and believe I’ve been reading for 10 years. Your snarky American Idol reviews are what brought me here, but I’ve stayed for the comedy and sports. I’m usually caught up within two weeks on your podcast, which is great.

I honestly thought most weekend posts were re-posts already, so I had been glossing over them. I usually only read on weekdays already. I usually come from Twitter or G+ posts so I’ve taken to liking or +1-ing the posts I actually click through on.

FFS said...

From Scarborough Ontario (Toronto). 72 years old. Retired from an ordinary job in an office. In other words an old white man. Reading for around 6 years. Found the blog when Googling about a TV show and your review of it was near the top of the Google page. Like everything you write about. In awe of your energy and output. Hate your president and the fact our right wingnuts have started to emulate him. Love your rants.

Brent Alles said...

I'm from Grand Rapids, MI, area... age 43 (44 next week... oy... no way to reverse that to make me artificially feel better :) ). I was first directed here by a Mark Evanier post (maybe 6 or 7 years ago... not sure... and at age almost 44 things are starting to fade :) )and haven't regretted it since. Not blowing smoke at you, but I pretty much like everything you post, though I like the "inside workings of Hollywood" the best, I suppose. It wasn't a blog posting, but your recent podcast regarding the arduous task of bringing "Volunteers" to the screen, for example, was fascinating and enjoyable... I've always enjoyed your blog posts that have been about that similar vein. As a theater enthusiast and amateur playwright, I love the theater postings as well. Totally understand on sticking to a weekday schedule, though... will enjoy the content that we get 5 days a week. :)

Roy DeRousse said...

Thanks for all of the blogging, Ken! I almost always find something to be amused or informed about (or both) in your blogs. I've been reading your blog for 8 years or so (maybe more?). I found out about it from Mark Evanier who writes another excellent blog. I've often been amazed that you take the time to write about something every day, so I totally understand your desire to cut back a bit.

I'm a college educated, 63 year old, former IT professional who loves many forms of art and entertainment. The only sport I currently follow is tennis although I did follow football and hockey as an adult plus baseball as a kid. Even though I don't care about baseball now, it is still interesting hearing about your experience as a fan and professional broadcaster. I like the diversity, insight, and humor in your posts. I've read all of your books and even saw "A or B?" (which I really liked) here in Philadelphia.

Keep on being creative!

Unknown said...

My name is Dustin Drye. I am an aspiring writer who currently teaches in special education and manages a McDonald's while pursuing this career of writing. I grew up in a town of 2500 in Illinois and loved loved loved Harry Carey growing up. He and Bob Ueker just North of me showed you can be a fan and professional. I heard about your blog in August 2017. It was then I had just completed my first pilot script in almost 7 years (I had given up at age 22 on writing due to a bad experience with a contest). I had kicked around the idea of a book and some friends of mine suggested writing a comedy based on our lives since I had always joked I would make it as a writer when I was in college. I wrote the pilot and immediately realized I needed to give writing a chance. I researched blogs, contests, and sites to receive feedback from. While researching blogs, your blog and several others came up. I read all the blogs on the top ten lists for screenwriters and pared it down to the handful I found truly helpful. Yours was one of the top. I love hearing how shows were made and how close you guys have been to having movies and other opportunities. I don't mind the political posts, but political posts tend to range in the extremes on most sites so I tend to skim those posts. I appreciate all of the work you have put in and when I make it, and I truly believe I will soon, I hope to have a platform to thank writers like you, Scott Myers, and Erik Bork who provide a platform for others to learn. Thanks!

Joseph said...

I'm 40, live in LA and have been reading your blog so long that I can't remember how I heard about it. I enjoy writing so really like the writing advice, Friday questions, and other posts about the tv and film business. Thanks for continuing the blog for so many years.

thomas tucker said...

Hi, Ken, I'm a practicing physician who's been reading for at least 10 years. I probably found your blog when I was Googling classic TV blogs at some point. That's is what I've always loved- especially comedies like Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, MASH, Cheers and many more. I love your behind the scene descriptions of how things work, and your memories of the many writers and producers that you've worked with. The only thing I don't like is political posts. But, hey, you've been giving us this marvelous blog for years and I appreciate it very much- its one of the constants in my life.

Golden said...

Congrats on 13 years! I found your blog when you made the Time magazine list back in 2012 or so. I'm a mom in my mid-40s working in marketing in Denver and appreciate your insider view into numerous industries and script writing. Writing is such a wide genre, and as a non-script writer, I enjoy getting a peek into another world of writing.

Please, take the weekends off, you've earned it.

Jon said...

I'm 53 years old (an old Gen-Xer by modern definitions), WASP background (though I took a DNA test that said I'm mostly of W. European descent, so go figure), born in Upstate NY and raised there & in Middle TN. I graduated (BA/MBA) from a major Baptist university in Central TX and since graduation have lived in the DFW area, where I've established my career in IT. (My own 30th anniversary of start of my first job in IT was yesterday.)

I remember seeing your name in MASH credits with your writing partner and also remember seeing you quoted in TV Guide (maybe an article about spec scripts) where you told the story about the bad MASH script you received from a guy who told you it was written by his deceased brother. I found your blog through Stu Shostak's Internet radio show, where you've guested a few times, and I think your first blog I read was your funny take on NBC's live Peter Pan production from about 4 years ago.

I greatly enjoy your behind-the-scenes looks at tv shows where you've worked. I've visited S Cal a few times and seen a few live audience filmings/tapings, including Becker once (the episode where Survivor's Richard Hatch made a cameo appearance) so maybe we were both there that night. I love finding out what happens behind the scenes and like most of your FQ answers. I don't mind the baseball posts, as they can be fun too. I do dislike your political posts and appreciate your warnings when you start them, as I can just go back and (usually) enjoy your post the next day. To paraphrase Michael Jordan, Republicans read blogs too, and also it's nice to have a place to get away from the disagreements of the world.

Like others here I appreciate that you've answered a couple of my FQs, and I'll look forward to reading your post tomorrow to see which FQs you've chosen to answer.

Chris in Cowtown said...

Thank you Ken for giving me a daily chuckle for the past decade.
Who are you? Chris (mid-forties) IT Guy. I worked very briefly as a radio engineer on Canada's east coast (Halifax) before my wife's work needed her back at HQ and the dream of receiving frequent Radio station trinkets and trash was over.
Where are you from? Calgary Canada
What demographic are you? White Male
How did you find out about the blog? Bill Broiux's blog (Bill used to write for TV Guide in Canada) and provides TV column stories to varies news outlets across Canada.
How long have you been reading it? About 10 years.
What do you like, and don’t you like (besides baseball posts)? I keep coming back for the look behind the curtain of Hollywood and Baseball. I appreciated your expertise, wit and humour (Canadian spelling). Thank you for feeding us mere plebs with a daily (now weekday) dose of joy and fun. Felicitations on 13 years of successful blogging and a wonderful career that inhabits many of the TV stations on my dial.

DwWashburn said...

I'm DwWashburn aka Randall Buie. I'm 65, have written one book (see Amazon), and live in Las Vegas. I've read the blog for as long as I can remember and I believe I found it when I did a MASH search. I like the behind the scenes stories about television and radio, the Friday questions, MASH stories and baseball stories. However I usually skip the posts that are about writing, showrunners, etc -- in short the posts that deal with the job descriptions and teachings of staff jobs.

Phil Lenton said...

I'm 42 year old accountant who lives in Maidenhead (30 miles outside London and is close to Windsor), in the UK.

I'm a massive fan of Cheers and Frasier, which was how I first found the blog probably over 10 years ago, but because I enjoyed all of your posts so much I read all of them (even the Baseball ones!). I also listen to all your podcasts (and gave you a 5 star review).

I liked Dave Zenner's idea of rerunning old columns on the weekend, but understand if you'd rather not. In any case, I hope moving to 5 days a week makes you feel reinvigorated so you continue to do the blog for many years to come.

Congratulations on blogging for 13 years and thanks for all the entertainment along the way!

suesea7 said...

Hi, Ken. You're probably the last blog I follow to still post daily. I think I discovered the blog when you wrote about Harry Morgan when he died. Then when Time included you in the best blogs, I became a regular. I remembered you from the Mariners broadcast team (I loved Dave Niehaus) and from Mash. I enjoy the variety of your posts.

Sue in Seattle

Harley Davidson said...

My name is Greg and I'm an guy. I'm also known as Harley. I live in Quincy, Illinois and am 59 years old. I don't remember how I found the blog. I met Ken Levine at a KMEN reunion back in 1997 and, like Ken, I was fired from KMEN too. I've been reading the blog for years and enjoy the radio stories the most. I'm a big fan of shows Ken has written and enjoy reading about those too. I even like the baseball posts.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog.
entertaining and informative.
Sounds like a kids book reveiw.
Old enough to vaguely remember Harry Morgan on December Bride ( w. spring byington) and still think of Jack Brickhouse as the voice of the Cubs. still rankle on mets stealing cubs pennant in '69. Learned to drink beer in the right field bleacher.
Smattering of theatre background in my youth.
marionettes, improve, dance. chicago, Minn., D.C.
Admiring, and envious, of your talent.
Even more so your diligence every day for 13 YEARS.
Do enjoy your "insider" stories.
Espiacially since they mostly deal with the unsung heros of entertainment business.
Please Continue.


Brian said...

Hi, my name is Brian and I have been reading the blog for at least ten years. An online blog from a tech guy at Microsoft referred me. I'm in my 50's so I grew up watching a lot of the shows you refer to. Plus of course Mash, Cheers, and Frazier when they were airing the first time. I like behind the scenes stories and baseball posts too. I have been enjoying the podcasts and plan to watch Volunteers again soon.

Diane D. said...

Diane D.
Baby Boomer
Retired RN
Reading blog for about 7 or 8 years
Found blog on a google search about CHEERS (the best sit/com ever)
I enjoy most everything you write about including baseball and radio.
In the past, I enjoyed reading the comments, but that is no longer true most of the time, so I frequently do not read comments anymore.

Congratulations on 13 years!

MikeKPa. said...

First, I think you're being modest. I counted 53. lol
After 13 years, I think you're entitled to weekends off.
I found you after reading Garry Marshall's autobiography and scanning the net for info on Jerry Belson, his former co-writer. It was then I found a tribute you wrote about Jerry, which was very well done as all your tributes are.
I'm a corporate writer (sound people would consider that an oxymoron like military intelligence), who does a lot of executive communications. I'm in my early 60s, live outside Philly and came to see you when "A or B?" was playing in Hatboro.
Some of the play tryouts can zone me out, but for the price you charge, I can't complain.
I always enjoy seeing photos of Natalie Wood (it'll be 37 years later this month since she died).
Especially enjoy anything about the sitcom or movie writing process. I'm currently re-reading Sheldon Bull's "Elephant Bucks," so was a little depressed after seeing your column on the death of the Hollywood middle class column.
Keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us.

sanford said...

My name is Sanford Sklansky. I am 71. I don't remember how I found your blog. And I don't know how long I have been reading it. I like all of it except blogs about script writing. Big baseball fan, so love the baseball stories. Obviously your pod is about show business but as a baseball fan you might want to try and interview Jane Leavey who has a book coming out called the Big Fella. It is about Babe Ruth. Buster Only interviewed her on on Tuesday. You should take a listen. I also heard her on this podcast. Most of it was the same as Buster's interview but the interviewer did ask a few different questions. She said she spent 8 year working on the book. Can't wait to read it.

Jai Wood said...

Who are you- Jai
Where are you from- upstate NY
What demographic are you- female mid 50's white Catholic, work as RN
How did you find out about the blog- Google search about Wings brought me here (something about a jacket, I think)
How long have you been reading it- 2009 or 2010
What do you like- your obsession with Natalie Wood. I also enjoy your posts about your family life as a kid, and anything about Wings
what don’t you like- too much MASH talk, never liked the show because of all the infidelity (sorry)

E. Yarber said...

Learned of this blog several years ago when it was regularly included on a page that linked to several news sites. Didn't comment much until an incident where I felt Ken was unfairly accused of racism for making jokes about presenters at an awards show.

Rod said...

Hey Ken-- 57 year old male from Seattle. I have been reading your blog since one of the sports talk guys in Seattle referenced your tribute to Dave Niehaus when he passed away. I remembered you from your days on the M's broadcasts calling Mackey Sasser bouncers back to the pitchers.
I enjoy almost everything you write about, even the political stuff. I especially enjoy the airchecks of boss jock Beaver Cleaver as he hits the post on "Billy Don't Be a Hero" by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods one more time!
Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekends off!

Charles H. Bryan said...

Hi Ken,

I'm from Central Lower Michigan, a late 50s white male heathen. I found it through Mark Evanier's blog, and I cannot remember when I started - ten years ago, maybe? I honestly cannot think of any particular topic that makes me want to pass by. Regarding baseball, I used to download Dodger Talk from iTunes when you were doing it, so I'm guessing that I'm all in. I enjoy the podcast, and I'm sure that it's a pleasure for you, as well. 30 million page views! As always, thank you for doing the blog, the podcast, your books, and for taking the time to share your knowledge, advice, and humor. Your good people, Mr. Levine.

Peter said...

Ken, unless you've had enough of comic book movies, may I recommend Venom. It's got a lot of funny dialogue in the Venom character, and a mid credits scene at the end features a cameo by a former Cheers star who's set to be the main antagonist in the sequel.

Jeff Boice said...

I grew up in Washington State, and now live in the D.C. Area. 60 year old WASP, retired.

I can't remember how long I have been reading your blog-6 or 7 years I suppose.

Nor can I remember how I found out about your blog. Mark Evanier maybe, maybe one of those compilations of the best blogs on the internet.

The only posts I skip are the ones that appear to be giving advice for writers. I'm not a writer.

I like the positive tone to your reminiscences.

Janet Ybarra said...

One more suggestion to juggle your content such that you would not have such a dearth over the weekend....

Post your podcast as a standalone post on Wednesday (instead of making it a second post). Use the text post you would have posted on Wednesday on Friday instead and transition your popular Friday Question feature as Weekend Questions.

Not only would that help balance content, it would do more to showcase your podcast by having it as its one and only post status for a day.

I hope you don't mind all my suggestions, as it's just the way my mind works as an editor and website content person for so many years.

I offer the suggestions because what you have created here really is quite remarkable in your ability to aggregate such an audience over the years.

You really are to be commended.

Anyway, I hope some of these suggestions might be of help....

Nicolas said...

I'm Nicolas, 38, from Argentina. I've been reading this blog for like 12 years. Coming here is one of the first things I do when I open my browser every day. Lately I've taken up listening to the podcast on my way to work.

I originally came for stories about show business and behind the scenes stuff, but if I stuck this long clearly I also generally enjoy different stuff. One of the good things about a blog that updated daily is not knowing what you're going to get each day. Even baseball posts can be enjoyable if they don't get into a lot of detail of a sport I don't know. Whenever there is stuff I'm not into it's easy enough to skip it.

Those daily updates have inspired me to try writing every day too. I find it good exercise, it means I write a lot, and there's good stuff I would never have written if it hadn't been for this custom. And these daily writings have already yielded three books. So I'm grateful to you for that.

Kevin In Choconut Center said...

Kevin Johnston here. I'm a former DJ, and now love having a second career as a professional chef. Born and raised in Upstate New York, but I've lived in a few other places as well, San Francisco being the one I liked the most. I'm 52 years old and widowed with no children.

I can't remember how I found the blog here but it's been bookmarked on my current computer for six years so I've been following it at least that long. I like most of your posts but some of the baseball related ones don't do much for me. Still, a lot of readers love them, so, no worries.

Don't worry about taking weekends off. Better that you do that than keep up the current pace and get burned out altogether.

B. Alton said...

Hi, Ken. I’m Bill, formerly of Studio City, CA now living in Jacksonville, FL (hometown). Have had an interest in writing and writers since my early teen years, a period during which I composed (seemingly) countless fan letters, mostly to musicians as my main interest at the time was film and television music (a six week mid 90’s fellowship/internship opportunity in Burbank eventually opened the door to a seventeen year career as a film music orchestrator). As you have no doubt noticed from reading my sundry comments here, I am a big fan of classic sitcoms, particularly those of which many became familiar when these series episodes were repeated throughout the seventies, as well as rarely-seen classics discovered fairly recently (on Me TV, Decades and Antenna TV): The Odd Couple, Get Smart, Bewitched, Car 54, etc. Another one of my great favorite sitcoms is the long-running “Brit-com” “Only Fools and Horses,” a series I only discovered because of a book titled “Now That’s Funny” (interviews with English radio and TV sitcom writers) which I purchased at the old Ventura Blvd. Samuel French location. BTW: I have your two reality books on Kindle and enjoyed both greatly and thought your two-part H & L interview with Kevin Smith to be a superlative podcast segment. Oh, and there’s of my first music teachers was a guy named Ken Levine (east of the Mississippi pronunciation). Thanks, Ken, for a great blog, and for sharing so much about yourself and your work with us fans.

Cowboy Surfer said...

Quality work here Ken. Appreciate all the effort.

51, Agoura Hills, CA., working sports television, love scripted.




34 Days said...

Who am I? Darcy
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Demographic: Baby Boomer (Age 62)
How I found blog: Can’t recall.
How long reading: approx 7 years.
Likes: your life experiences in television, baseball and growing up as a child/youth.
Dislikes: None so far.

Jeff said...

Hi, Ken! I'm Jeff from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Been reading the blog every day for a long time. I'm a comedy nerd and a baseball fan and a Top 40 and free-form FM radio buff, so all that stuff is in my wheelhouse. As you might suspect, I'm in the older-than-dirt demographic, 61 going on 22.

Keep on keepin' on, sir!

Bob K said...

Hi Ken. Bob here. Mid 50’s. I live about an hour west of Philadelphia. Found you some years back from Evanier’s blog. Former producer-director in the corporate world, now a full-time freelance sports camera operator. I’m a fan of MASH, Cheers, Frasier, the NY Mets and the NY Giants. I wish I had the benefit of your writing advice when I was in corporate-land. Writing for me was the hardest but most fulfilling part of my job. Obviously we weren’t writing comedy every day, but the lessons on process, research and revisions really hit home. Your blog is a daily must-visit, and I enjoy just about everything. More than once I’ve thought to myself, “how can he do this every day?” So I can definitely understand your cutting back. Dislikes are few. I appreciate you steering clear of politics. I come here to get away from that. But I recognize and respect that it’s your blog. So you’ll never get bitchy comments from me. And I’ve become a big fan of the podcasts. Even when I think the subject won’t interest me, it turns out it does. (Yes, I’ve given it 5 stars). So thanks for allowing me to escape my reality for a few minutes each day. And thanks again for steering me to Roy’s on Oahu. Hope to meet you one day, shake your hand and say thank you.

Mark--> said...

I'm a mathematician from southern Michigan who did about 4 years on the radio in college and so really likes the radio stories. Your story about your night on WLS is probably my favorite blog entry, but hearing it on the podcast was far far better. It was Mark Evanier's blog that got me here originally.

Edward said...

50+ white male - South Florida. "Edward" = Fake Stage Name. My LinkedIn profile is the only place I use my real name online. I am in Finance/Consulting and since I have to perform research during business hours, I am proudly one of your readers that search the blog's archives on occasion.

I have been reading the blog for 2+ years. I never heard of you until I discovered your blog.

I found the blog when I was searching the web for the topic of "television shows that are sucessful or unsuccessful in syndication and why?"

Baseball posts are fine. I subscribe to MLB's streaming service. Travel/political posts I generally avoid, but not always.

***Suggestion from the Peanut Gallery***

How about doing a Johnny Carson and posting a "BEST OF" on Saturday since there are 13 years of archives to choose from. Take Sunday off.

Hogne B. Pettersen said...

My name is Hogne, 46, and I live in Norway. I work as a writer, journalist, photographer and also as an IT guy (doing development, user training, documentation and system analysis).

I was active on the usenet group, where Larry Gelbart used to post, for many, many, years. Your name popped up quite a lot in the conversations there. As a fan of both Cheers and Frasier, I also remembered your name from there.

It's not that long since I came across this blog, but I can't remember why I happened to come across it. Maybe it was when I googled David Ogden Stiers when he died. Not sure.

I've also done quite a bit of comedy writing. Both for local revues, shows and performances, but also for some national radio and TV shows.

Currently working on two book projects, biographies, and I'm traveling a bit, meeting musical heroes for interviews.

Tammy said...

First, it's completely understandable you'd like to take the weekends off. It's amazing you've managed to keep it up so far, and it would be a real shame if the blog became a chore for you.

As to who I am: female, 39, from Israel. Have been reading daily for about 5 years. I found the blog through the "recommended links" section on another writer's blog, can't remember who (not Mark Evanier).
My favorite posts are those dealing with the writing process (not an aspiring writer, just find it fascinating). I also like your posts on: how TV gets made, exposing Hollywood bullshit, your take on current industry affairs, award show reviews, movie reviews, funny anecdotes from radio days etc., and of course Friday Questions. Hope this helps :)

Ralph C. said...

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Tom Galloway said...

You really need to work on getting the 18-34 demographic. : -)

Who it says in the name field, recently moved to Seattle with regular business trips to Asia, middle-aged geek in the classic pop culture and tech senses, probably from Evanier who you look to owe a royalty split with : -), over a decade I think, and generally like everything; I try to be a polymath so even if it's not something I'm greatly interested in personally, I'll probably learn something from it.

John in NE Ohio said...

I came when I googled Harry Morgan obit a couple days after he died. Read that post. Read a few back posts. Read every day since - or caught up when I got back from zero bars.
I like the variety. I like the behind the scenes. I love the obits and stories of the people that are actors.
I don't like the politics, I come here like sports talk to get away from it. I have political sites I go argue on when I am so inclined.
I wish there was an index of old posts.
Good luck on part time. This is obviously an unpaid hobby, so you should only do it if it is fun.

Barry Traylor said...

I'm a retired Old Guy (but I ain't gonna say just how old--it's a touchy subject with me. Just ask my wife) I worked in the printing industry for more than 45 years and live in Pennsylvania and I have always voted Democrat. Some might think due to where I live I would be a supporter of the orange guy (NO WAY). I drop by your blog every day to see what you have to say.

Jim Grey said...

Jim Grey, 51, from Zionsville, Indiana (suburb of Indianapolis). I'm a software engineer by trade.

I came over here from Mark Evanier's blog, certainly more than 5 and maybe as many as 10 years ago.

I like the stories you tell from your life and from "the biz", and I like Friday Questions.

Thanks for keeping this up - I know it can be a grind as my own six-day-a-week blog is coming up on 12 years. Just back from a month hiatus where I reassessed my schedule. if you're curious.

Bob said...

Bob here, I am 53 from suburban Chicago. I have been a follower since the beginning. I love all of the blogs - even the baseball and political ones I don't always agree with - as well as the podcast. I feel blessed for all of the years that you have entertained and challenged us. Thank-you!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

Doing a daily blog IS a grind. I've been doing one since May 2, 2005 - Ramblin' with Roger, which I would rename if I had a better idea - and it's on;y been this year, with The Daughter in HS, and church and other obligations making it a lot more difficult.

For instance, I was on JEOPARDY! 20 years ago next Friday. I knew I wanted to write about it for MONTHS. Have I written about it? I have not, and now I have a (self-imposed) deadline.

As I've mentioned in the past, I came here via a reference in Evanier's blog, maybe 5 years ago?

David said...

Hi Ken,
I originally landed here because you were talking about making MASH. You're in my RSS reader, so I check out what you're writing about every day. I'm one of the ones who skips the baseball (and some) radio posts. But I can absolutely imagine another reader doing exactly the opposite. And in any case, it's not our blog, it's yours, so you get to decide what the hell you want to do with it.
Thanks for everything!

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

Didn't you ask the same questions last year at this time, Ken? It's good though, because it's my opportunity to read through the comments and see who else likes this blog.
I feel like I'm repeating myself when I give you the answers, but I too keep a daily blog and have for 100 years so repeating myself is normal, normal, normal. I try to blog every day because daily blogs are my own favourites, even though I'm a firm believer in the "less is more" sentiment; you can be sure that taking weekends off will only make your readers more eager.
I don't remember how I found your blog or how long I've been reading -- a couple years maybe -- but I was a teenager in the 1970s in rural Saskatchewan and we only had two or three TV channels. Sitcoms were a weeknight staple in our house and it's interesting to read what you have to say about them and their stars.
Sports? Nah, I skip those posts. I'm a Canadian who has no interest in hockey, either. What can I say. We do exist.
I'm 59 and live on a farm with an organic farmer but don't do any farm chores except feeding the (currently) nine cats that live in the barn. I'm a lover of books and reading who fell into the publishing field almost by accident (d'uh; how did I not realize before age 40 that this work would come naturally? I do everything the hard way; slow learner?) and have been writing, proofreading and editing ever since. All my own ancestors on both sides of my family have been farm families, all the way back to their emigrations from England/Scotland/Sweden/Norway, which is probably why I need the solitude of living in the country but doesn't explain why I don't work like a dog.
Sorry you asked?

Doug said...

HI Ken.

Learned about your blog from reading Mark Evanier's blog and been enjoying it for close to five years or so.

Canadian, mid 50's (enjoying the benefits of socialized medicine!)

Book, movie, tv lover.


Jasechase said...

Hey Ken,

I'm in Los Angeles. I'm 49. I work in the entertainment industry. I've been reading your blog for several (over 8) years. Can't remember how I found it. I enjoy reading whatever you write about.



Janet Ybarra said...

So, anyway, now, I've kept hearing about this Mark Evanier fellow. I finally decided to check out his blog.

I find it perhaps an example of cognitive dissonance or something that I see so many lauditory comments about Evanier's blog while he seems to regularly write about politics.

But if Ken posts about it some people here seem to go apoplectic. I just find it an interesting socialogical phenomenon...

Laurie said...

Thanks for keeping us entertained for 13 years! I live in North Carolina. I'm in my 50s. I can't remember how I found your blog. I have a boring job that needs distraction every so often, so I use your blog as a treat to look forward to every day. I've probably been reading it for 5 years or so. I like most of your posts. Your world is so different from mine that it's all pretty interesting!

Katie said...

Hey Ken! I'm Katie. I'm a lawyer in Oklahoma City. I'm not positive how long I've been reading your blog, but I would say probably close to about 13 years. I first started reading when I was in middle school (29 now) and Cheers was on Nick at Nite. I fell in love with the show and wanted to learn everything I could about it. Your blog has taught me a lot about baseball, pop culture history, and so much more. I think I'm a TV snob because of your blog. Also, I don't mind the weekend breaks because I usually only read weekdays anyway! Keep up the good work!

VP81955 said...

Sheldon Bull currently writes for "Mom." Two decades ago, he and Nick Bakay wrote for an entirely different sitcom..."Sabrina, The Teenage Witch," where Nick voiced animatronic cat Salem.

Unknown said...

I am tech guy, 14 or so years ago, found on a tech journal an article about webpage construction, and mentioned Mark Evanier's webpage as an example. Been reading it ever since, and found a link to you in it, and enjoy it. But am always curious what was written when it says "removed by moderator".
I'm in Chicago, in my lower 50s, seen every episode of MASH at least 5 times, when it was in 1st run.
Not sure if you ever saw it, but your father was mentioned in a Chicago blog on Chicago radio/TV (at the bottom).
Take some time so you don't burn out, and then stop the blog.

VP81955 said...

Sorry to be late to the party...

Name: Vincent
Location: Los Angeles (since 2014), born and raised in Syracuse and spent most of 1970 to 2014 in the D.C. area, with decade-long stretched in Philadelphia and central New Jersey. Moved here to semi-retire, as well as to pursue a career as a screenwriter and film historian.
Followed the blog since: 2007 or so, about the time I began my classic Hollywood site, "Carole & Co." (named for the lady in my avatar). Have resumed writing it every day, so you are welcome to check it out on weekends -- we are now in the midst of a weekly feature called "Cinematic Sundays," examining Lombard films in chronological order through newspaper accounts and contemporary reviews. (Hope you don't mind the plug, Ken.) It's at
I follow the blog because... I've been a sitcom fan since watching "Dobie Gillis" in the early 1960s, and am fascinating with the creative process. Years ago, I wanted to write for sitcoms, but at 63 I'm a bit too old for a writers' room now. Instead, I write romantic comedy features; I've completed two, "Stand Tall!" and "Fugitive Sweetheart" (neither has sold yet), and am working on a third. Also, Ken has done many things I wished I could do or have done -- write comedy, broadcast baseball play-by-play, be a Top 40 announcer.

Anthony Adams said...

I am from Weeki Wachee Florida, am 63 years old, been following the blog seriously about a year now, on and off for 10. I read for your writing style more than anything, but I do like the sitcom BTS stuff best. I'd write more, but who cares about me.

Lars said...

45 year old white male, live in Conway, Arkansas. I first came to the blog after the crossover podcast with you and Kevin Smith/Matt Mira -- I try to convince everyone I meet that Fraiser is the best written show ever.

I keep coming back for the stories -- whether they are your own or someone else's you tell them so well. Also, though I was only a kid, I have so many fond memories of watching M*A*S*H with my family. As someone who is completely out of the entertainment world (I teach mathematics at a small college), I enjoy the "inside baseball" aspect, and have always been fascinated by people just explaining what it is they do.

Thank you! I will miss reading on the weekends, but hope you enjoy some well deserved rest.

slgc said...

This is actually a change in my routine that's going to take some adjustment. I'm feeling it this morning!

Ron Rettig said...

Ken, Thanks for for your always interesting and often informative blog.

Janet Ybarra said...

The other thing I would mention relative to Mark Evanier's blog is how different the two are in terms of format (and function, to a degree).

Evanier's blog looks much more stream of consciousness and there doesn't appear to be any room for comment.

Whereas Ken focuses more on a daily essay with an extremely robust comment section which has developed it's own community.

I'm not saying one is necessarily better.... just two different approaches, which I thought I would point out in honor of Ken's anniversary.

LouOCNY said...

Ken - I'm so late to this party, i'll be picking up the discarded paper cups and plate...but, as before I posted on one other anniversary:

AGE: Going to 60 (:O) in a few months

WHERE: The weird in-between spot north of NYC that's not quite the Hudson Valley, not quite the Catskills, not the Poconos

HOW I FOUND THIS: Had picked up IT'S GONE... on a B. Dalton sale table, after reading it, Googles your name, coming up with this addiction...probably 11/12 years ago!

WHAT I LIKE BEST: Pretty much everything, except some of the writing advice and such, but that's understandable. Almost always learn something new - which for someone who has passed the JEOPARDY! test, and gone through the tryout TWICE, is saying something. (never got on, and for almost THREE years,would watch it at home, and curse at some of the dumb Millennials who made it on)

PROUDEST MOMENT HERE: Mentioning in a comment once about how you called Annie 'Diana' all through IT'S GONE...and you having Annie do a guest column where she gave a very funny explanation on the name 'change' and knowing she would make it as a writer.

By God, take those weekends off! And thanks for all the words!

Mark Harvey Levine (no relation) said...

Checking in one day late! I don't always read your columns the day you write 'em, but I try to always read 'em. But yeah do what you have to, to not get burnt out.

Waving from the wilds of Indianapolis, where the gorgeous carpet of multicolored leaves create an autumnal display to hide the damn potholes...

Louis Burklow said...

Hope you're still reading these, Ken. Here's my vital stats:

I'm 56, born at the tail end of the Baby Boom.

I'm a native of Nashville and have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years (but still sound like I'm a refugee from Mayberry or Hooterville). If you ever saw Huell Howser on PBS, he was from Nashville as well (several people in SoCal say I sound like him only calmer).

I started reading your blog several years ago but I was very sporadic about it for years. It was about five years ago when I finally started thinking "let's see what Ken Levine has up today" every morning.

I've met you once, at your blog's 10th anniversary affair at the WGA library in 2015. My claim to fame with you is that I made you laugh that night. When I came over to say hello and shake your hand, I told you that I already knew your name from sitcom credits from my childhood. When I heard you introduce yourself the first time I heard you on Dodger Talk, I thought, "Is that the sitcom writer? No, no one could do both those jobs at the same time."

As to favorite blog topics, like everyone I look forward to Friday Questions. I love '70s sitcoms, especially M*A*S*H, so anything you have to say about those shows or their stars is always welcome. I do not hate your baseball posts, as my response to your Dodger gripe earlier this week shows. In fact, I'd like a few more of them.

The only topic I'm not crazy about is anything dealing with radio. I understand, it's a favorite memory from your past. Sorry but I find it not that thrilling. Now if you could start playing some of the great music from those days, I might change my mind. How about a DJ podcast?

Hope this five-day-a-week switch works for you. If you still find yourself scrambling for topics, now about more Dodger rants? God knows I yelled a lot of them at my TV all through the 2018 season.

Thanks for the free play. It was a treat to read it.

Ed said...

I'm a 54 y.o. female and a regular reader. I discovered your blog maybe 5 years ago, from someone else's blog who recommended you. (I can't remember who.) I am a writer, but not a TV writer, and I enjoy reading about the behind-the-scenes process. I'm a visual learner so podcasts aren't my favorite thing, but I enjoyed the interviews with Peri Gilpin, and also really liked the times you talked us through an episode of Cheers. Someone else commented that she feels like a TV snob since reading your blog, and I do too! Also, I love baseball, I live in southeastern PA (go Phillies!), and I look forward to reading your blog every day.

Janet Ybarra said...

Actually, Ken, Louis brings up a great idea. I know, you are trying to reduce work but maybe you might think this could be a hoot. A separate podcast where you DJ tunes, each episode with a theme you enjoy. Just a thought as you enjoy the radio side of things. Of course, maybe you are cursing even the thought of anything else smacking of work :)

Michael said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Michael, age 53, a college professor who grew up loving Vin Scully and MASH (still do), and found you when I did a search to see what you were up to. I'm glad I did.

I enjoy some topics more than others because they interest me more, but here's the thing: it's YOUR blog. You should do what you want.

And if you're going to five days a week, don't let anybody call you a slacker!

Unknown said...

Pat, 50 something, in radio at a rare live, community-connected station that has impact. First heard of you as Beaver Cleaver on 10Q airchecks, loved your era of M*A*S*H episodes, never miss your blog. Thanks!

Joe said...

I'm a 51 year old controls engineer (all that automatic stuff you see in a factory - I make it work). Your typical OFWG. I discovered MASH with my parents during the initial run, and I still love catching an episode when I flip channels. I found your blog via a link from a few years back, I don't remember the article, just that you had been a writer for MASH.

I came to your blog because of your past with MASH, but what strikes me every time I read it is how well it is written! You make me laugh out loud more than any other blog, and you entertain me with your stories about your days as a DJ and sportscaster - subjects that I know nothing about. Only you could make a post about writing a story about waiting around at the DMV more entertaining than the new "Number 1 Comedy!".

Write as often as you like - It's a treat to find a new post here at the end of my day.

jcs said...

Fortysomething German cancer researcher who grew up on 80s TV. Besides being mildly obsessed with US dramas, comedies and late night shows, I am closely following US politics. Due to spending several years in Beantown I'm a member of the Fenway congregation. I also enjoy listening to NPR and I read the NYT on a daily basis.

Dr Loser said...

Re. @Jim Hopkins: "I [just] came here for the baseball..."

An eloquest testimony to this bog, I think. It has so much of everything. A week-end off won't make any difference.

As of now, I'm Commenter #128, which I suppose isn't quite as important as being Tweet-Follower #77,081,556 -- which would be my number if I "followed" the fifth most popular Tweetie-Pie, who is in the entertainment business and is female but is not Roseanne Barr, remarkably enough. I am extremely proud of being #128. Blogs mean something, and Tweets are just a passing marketing fad. You've got a Silent Majority behind you on this blog of maybe one or two magnitudes more, which I hope is more satisfying than the noisy gits on mass-market insta-media.

Who am I? Oxbridge graduate who programs for a living and writes for fun. I don't know why I do either, because both hurt like hell.

Where are you from? From back where I live, ie Birmingham. I meant to escape to California, and indeed I did so for six years. Then I screwed up on visas, and here I am back again. Other nice places to be would be France, Belgium, Sweden, and possibly New Caledonia ... Birmingham is sort of OK, I guess.

What demographic are you? The sort that hates terms like "demographics." And demographics would hate me, too, because you can pick white, male, upper-middle-class provincial, intellectual, whatever, and you'll find me outside the error bars on most of them.

How did you find out about the blog? You may find this interesting: a link from Raymond Chen's blog on Windows software. Just to show how useful links can be ...

How long have you been reading it? Two or three years, but I've faithfully back-trawled.

What do you like, and don’t you like (besides baseball posts)? What? I only come here for the baseball posts ... which is where I came in. I'll get me coat ...

VP81955 said...

Nonsense. If you were a TV snob, you'd deride every multi-camera sitcom, a la David Bianculli and his "Twin Peaks"-loving minions.

Cliff said...

I'm a little late, but here goes.

I'm in the Seattle area and discovered Ken by way of Mariner Baseball Radio and TV. I wasn't aware of his fame and fortune being a TV/Movie/Play writer, I just thought he was entertaining when he called the games. I was puzzled when he seemed to be able to have guest celebrities visit him in the box. Finally the light dawned and I became aware of his other day job.

I enjoy the blog and now the podcasts. The blog is a morning treat for me, and I LOVE the baseball stories. Please keep those coming when you can. Friday questions are also one of my favorite days.

I do skip the political days, nothing against the point of view, and Ken certainly can do what he likes, but damn, there are so much political based noise in the air, that I treasure those (very) few chances to read and enjoy something away from the often depressing news of the day. I do the same on social media where some folks can't help but rant in one direction or the other. Again their right, I just skip those posts. I can and do get news and commentary from multiple sources where I choose to dive into the news.

Take Care, write some more plays, I've enjoyed the ones I have been able to see.


Manodogs said...

Hi Ken!

I have loved your work since I was literally a child; I watched Cheers throughout the first run, then Frasier, and MASH reruns were run regularly. MASH was on as a child, but we didn't watch it. I was on your first teleconference call, too. It cost me about $100, but it was worth it. I hope you have another one, because now I have Skype.

I have followed your blog for years now, and love it. I also skip the political rants and baseball posts, but I dig everything else.

I want to ask if Dan O'Shannon did a walk-on in one of the early seasons of Cheers. I just know that was him -- except for the hair, which is a bit grayer now, he looks exactly the same! Is he an alien, or does he gain his youthful look through the blood of children? Did you enjoy working with him? He's very funny and friendly but, should a cage match break-out, do you think you could hold your own? He seems feisty. (I don't recall the episode, but I know that was him...)

Thanks again for spending time with us, and for all your work. In fact, I am trying to get more involved with some community Arts associations, and hope to get them interested in performing my free Levine play (which I haven't downloaded yet, but will).

Artie in Sin City said...

I tend to BINGE read the blog monthly...Tad busy these days (even at 70) as I am now a tour guide on The BIG Bus in Sin City three days a week...Long days, usually about ten to 12 hours each...Meeting folks from around the globe and it still is fun so I will keep it up through the chilly winter months...Anyone up top, I'm up there, too...Ken, you are a treasure...I am so glad you LOVE to write this stuff each week and I so LOVE to read it all...eventually...Thanks for the smiles as I travel down the internet blog highway...

Bryan Thomas said...

How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas for your blog? I tried twice a week and burned out but here you are 13 years, 5600 posts. Curious how far ahead you plan posts, if you do, and how you generate ideas.

Emau said...

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scottmc said...

My name is Scott and work at the local PBS station in NYC. If memory serves I came across your blog when a particular theatre related piece of your was mentioned on a theatre site. I am about a decade younger than you. I became an all-in follower after reading IT'S GONE,which you graciously signed for during the intermission of UPFRONTS & PERSONAL when it played in Brooklyn. Another thing that we shared was a love for the film ARTHUR. I think my first Friday Question was in connection with the then about to be released remake. Your response was pitch perfect. You met my brother and my nephew when you had a book signing at a Mariners home game. I have come to appreciate the style and the detail of your writing. I am currently reading a collection of the sports related writings of journalist David Halberstam. He mentions that good writing always has an edge. That the best sports writers went beyond the bland stuff that any viewer or listener already knew. Your writing combines knowledge,detail and an edge. Case in point, your answer today regarding my question about 'extras'. The detail that you included went beyond what I could reasonably have expected.I learned the 'trick' employed to make it seem that there are most extras in a scene than it appears. And you further took the time to post the scene from Almost Perfect to illustrate your point. The scene's posting was made even better because it featured Lisa Edelstein. Thank you.