Wednesday, October 31, 2018

EP96: Tell the truth, make it matter, never be boring: Learn the keys to successful communication.

Ken’s guest is media consultant, Valerie Geller. Her keys to success are invaluable for anyone wanting to start a podcast, host a radio show, YouTube channel, or just deliver a speech, sales pitch, or powerpoint presentation. Some terrific insights into the art of communication and storytelling.

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Franklin B. said...

A FRIDAY QUESTION: I'm watching CHEERS on Netflix right now and wondering what's going on during the contest scenes (around the 20 min. mark) in episode 10 of season 7 "Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back." They cut from high-def shots to what looks like low-grade film and back. Why is that?

PJ said...

Since there have been so many, I feel like I should thank you for the podcasts! I tend to download a bunch and listen to them when I'm walking. By the time I get home I usually forget to comment and let you know how much I enjoy them, but I do!

Mike Barer said...

Another great podcast.

Andy Rose said...

@Franklin B.: I've seen what you're talking about in that episode, and it happens in a few other streaming Cheers episodes, as well.

I don't have any inside information; however, I do know that Cheers was shot on film, but all of the footage was converted to videotape before air. The remastering was done from the original film elements (since they are HD quality). But some of the shots that were cut down to make the syndication versions may no longer exist on film. Reels get lost or misplaced over the years. When that happens, they have to use the standard definition videotape for those missing shots, throwing off the fidelity and color. Blowing those shots up to fit a 16:9 screen makes them look even worse.