Wednesday, May 29, 2019

EP125: Filling in for Wolfman Jack and other radio adventures

Ken tells crazy stories of his disc jockey days -- filling in for the Wolfman, befriending the Hells Angels, and almost getting deported from Canada.   Oh, those fun days of radio.

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Anonymous said...
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Jeff Boice said...

That was nice. I hadn't heard that Box Tops song in 50 years. Sounded better in my memory. One of those records the radio station would only play late at night.

I recall other attractions in Windsor besides bars, cruising, and CKLW. Just saying.

Mike Barer said...

Great stories, a lot of funny things happen when you work small town radio.

Chip O said...

I realize now that i'm supposed to comment more often.
But I was going to ask even before reading that Fri Q response:

I don't think you addressed the following in the podcast:
When you filled in for Wolfman, did you use your real name? Did you do anything to explain why you were filling in?


By Ken Levine said...

No. I was beaver Cleaver with no explanation, which was typical for XERB.

Chip O said...

So … was that the HISTORIC! first appearance of Beaver Cleaver?
Was that where you developed and refined that persona?
You've got so many good stories, keeping a time line is difficult.

And, not at all related, but curious. Did you see that the Garry Marshall is doing a writer's contest similar to those you've described in Santa Monica?

Charles Bryan said...

I don't compliment you enough on the podcast. Great storytelling, great production. (Not kidding on that part. I'm surprised at how many podcasts have poor sound quality, sometimes from sources that really could do better.) Thanks!