Wednesday, July 24, 2019

EP133: Pilots I Have Worked On

Ken shares stories of various sitcom pilots he’s worked on and a couple of these tales you won’t believe.   Go behind-the-scenes of how TV pilots are made.

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Joseph Scarbrough said...

Friday question:

You've written before about "Good-bye, Radar" originally being written as a single episode to close Season 7, but it was the network that insisted it a two-parter for sweeps, and that when you and David Isaacs re-wrote it as such, you added the subplot about the generator to pad it out with filler for the extra time. So, does that mean everything else about your original script for the episode was still the same? Radar meeting Patty Haven? The circumstance of Uncle Ed passing away? The sudden arrival of wounded canceling Radar's farewell party?

i could be a bob said...

"It's not like I'm a black widow" But the stories about the dead shows really seem to stick in your craw. Gets under the skin, the "what ifs."

Shame about the Carol Burnett- Amy Poehler show. After P&R ended I heard about this pairing and was so hoping it would happen. And I can imagine after SNL that she'd be great in a room pitching jokes.

Jeff Boice said...

I liked the Brandon Stoddard story. Maybe he spied a Cap Cities exec walking towards him at the end there.