Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Who's out there?

I haven't done this in about a year and I'm overdue.

Every so often I take a day and ask YOU to write in.  This blog goes out into the internet and I have no idea who is reading, where you're from, etc.

So today I'm asking YOU to check in.  Where are you from?  What demographic?  How long have you been reading?   How did you find the blog in the first place?   What topics do you like and dislike?  Are you also  listening to my podcast?  What do you like or dislike about that?

I especially want to hear from new people and lurkers.  And don't worry, no salesmen will call.

Just click on the Comments section and introduce yourself.   Hey, this is a lot easier request than "buy my books" (although they are all still available).

Thanks much,



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Lyle said...

Hi! My name is lyle davis; I'm 80 years old, have been reading the blog for about five years, maybe more. Found you via a referral from Mark Evanier whom I read daily.

At my age I should be retired but I love what I do so much it ain't happenin' . . at least not quite yet.

I am editor and publisher of a weekly newspaper distributed in North San Diego County known as "The Paper." You can see what it looks like here: www.thecommunitypaper.com. There are archived files so you can scan and if you find a title that looks interesting you can click on it and enjoy a fine read.

I live in Escondido, a town of about 150,000 in North San Diego County. Had 25 years in broadcasting and worked in sales at about the same time as you (Ken) were at KSON. I went on to manage KOWN, the Escodnido radio station, from 1970 to 1977.

Bought a small newspaper 21 years ago and have been having a ball ever since.

I'm divorced but moved back in to my home to take care of my ex-wife, who came down with dementia. That interrupted an 18 year old relationship with Evelyn, my sweetie. We still see each other but it's not the same as living together. Though divorced, Mary and I remained close friends for the 25 year period before I moved back home - so that transition was fairly easy (but challenging; being a primary caregiver is very demanding, physically, emotionally and financially).

I have two grown sons, one 8 year old grand daughter and am generally happy with my life.

I read your blog every day and miss it on the weekends when you take a well deserved break.

Keep up the great work. Love your "stuff!"


Kirk said...

Where are you from? Suburban Cleveland. What demographic? LGBTQ. How long have you been reading? 10 years How did you find the blog in the first place? A relative told me about it. What topics do you like and dislike? I like the show biz stuff. Don't really like the sport stuff, but that's just a generalization, because on occasion I have liked it. Are you also listening to my podcast? When it falls on the weekend What do you like or dislike about that? I don't really dislike anything about it. When you and I believe your writing partner do a sketch, it reminds me a bit of Bob and Ray.

slgc said...

Hi Ken,

I've answered before - I'm a New Yorker living in exile in New Jersey (but in a convenient enough area that my husband and I have been able to see shows of yours in NYC and Hatboro, PA). A (now former) friend of mine introduced me to your blog a while back - I'm guessing a solid eight or nine years ago - because I love Cheers and am a big baseball fan (Mets).

I do listen to the podcast (I even listened to one in March while waiting on lines at Walt Disney World. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?).

What I like and dislike varies from week to week. But since I read the blog daily and listen to it weekly, it's safe to say that I'm enjoying it overall (I may be a Metsochist, but I'm not a masochist!).

Patrick Wahl said...

Ok - been reading you for several years, I don't remember what led me here, I'm of the baby boomer generation, so getting up there unfortunately. I like about 99 percent of what I read here, you seem like a good egg almost all the time, but your political rants bother me, because I'm one of those hateful conservatives you occasionally decide to bash, I wish you'd leave that to CNN. (We're really not bad people)

Rarely listen to the podcasts, nothing against them, I just find I process information so much more quickly when I can read it, so podcasts in general are not something I listen to very often. Did listen to one of the James Burrows podcasts.

I like your reviews - of tv shows and movies, so keep that up.

Dave said...

I'm a long-time lurker, and pull your blog through RSS (never traveling to your blog site, except to do a rare comment, like you prompted me to today!).

I seem to remember using Google Reader to access your blog, so I've been reading at least since 2013, and probably longer than that. Today, I use Newsblur to fetch your updates.

I did buy and read one of your books using the Kindle format, when it was on a deep discount.

I did get a Friday question one time answered, and I still love reading about your history. I have a very soft spot for Frasier, and am climbing back through the Cheers archives on Netflix (especially the ones you've mentioned, such as the Bar Wars).

I'd love to be able to see Big Wave Dave's, especially streaming - if you could wrestle that out...

Funny little side note - I work for the facility that manufactures and services the Electrovoice RE20, which is the microphone used in Frasier. I bet you have other stories about this mike as well, owing to your radio history.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

I'm from Knoxville, TN, and since I just turned 30 last month, I guess that puts me in that coveted 18-35 demographic. I first found out about this blog maybe back in 2010 or 2011, something like that . . . as I recall, certain entries you wrote about M*A*S*H were linked on a M*A*S*H forum I belonged to, and it just kind of gradually snowballed from there. I always like it when you share anecdotes and behind-the-scenes insights of not only shows that you've worked on in your career, but from the television industry in general; I guess the only thing I really dislike are the baseball posts, but that's only because I'm not really a sports guy. I have yet to listen to your podcast, but then again, I'm really bad about not listening to podcasts when I know I should.

Baylink said...

Jay Ashworth. 54, Florida, but originally from Bawstin. IT and theatre tech for money; dabbling in lots of other things. Moving after 28 years cause my landlord sold my house out from under me without much warning. Love MASH, watched Cheers occasionally, never had much time for Frasier, though I should have, since it was set in a radio station where I couldn've picked nits about the set design. :-)

Read your blog every day, since my sis pointed it out to me some years ago; should listen to your podcast, but I often have to binge.

Most enjoy the behind-the-scenes topic postings, whether I learn something from them or they just confirm what I thought I already knew.

Hope everything works out with Lyle and his sweetie; I would say he's doin' God's work if I weren't an atheist. :-)

PTfromMN said...

Hi Ken,

I'm Paul Thompson from Rochester MN. I'm l; married with 2 grown daughters, both of whom live in the Twin Cities. I've been following your blog for about 3 years now, and love the insights into what goes on behind the scenes in TV land. I'm always impressed with the amount you get done, between writing plays, teaching, this blog, and everything else you've got going on. It keeps me from slacking off, to be sure.

kent said...

65, retired L.A.County DDA, with you since about 2005 or so. Good Natalie pic today.

Jeff Weigel said...

Jeff Weigel, here. I’m an illustrator and author of graphic novels, and I draw “The Phantom” Sunday newspaper strip for King Features Syndicate. I live in Belleville, Illinois (near St. Louis, Missouri). I’ve been following your blog almost since the beginning. I first heard about it from Mark Evanier’s blog. Post I like the best are you writing tips; least would be travel commentary. But regardless of your topic, I read and enjoy your blog virtually every day

404 said...

Hey, Ken! I've been reading this blog for God knows how long at this point, because I certainly don't. But it's been at least 8 or 9 years if not more. Mid 40s from Charleston, SC). I read every day, but don't comment too often. I can't remember how I found the blog at first, but I pretty much enjoy everything you post -- even the baseball! My favorite, though, is the behind-the-scenes stuff from Cheers, your guest blog posts, and all the little tidbits you have about so many of my favorite stars.

As for the podcast, I do listen from time to time but it's not that often. I like it -- but i just am not able to set aside much time for a dedicated listen.

Thanks for always giving me something to look forward to each day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken! My name is Pam Purtle, born and raised in St. Charles MO, a suburb of St. Louis. I've been reading/following/listening for about 15 years, I think. I'm not sure how I found you, maybe a friend recommended. Love just about everything you write; I do love your baseball posts. AVID//DIE HARD/OBSESSED St. Louis Cardinals fan, Love my St. Louis Blues, but don't know as much about hockey as I do baseball. Just know I love that Stanley Cup....FINALLY!!!!!! Don't post often, but read every day.

Pam, St. Louis

therealshell said...

I am Sheldon Sturges, a Canadian who has been living in the US of eh since 2000. I've been reading your Blog for yonks. I can't recall if I followed up on a recommendation from Gary Sassaman's blog, or Mark Evanier's. In any case, I usually turn to your blog first everyday.

I love the "inside" stuff about the mass media in your blog, and I also really love the Friday questions, and your reviews.

I'm not crazy about some of the long-winded responses from other punters, and the tendency that many on here have to try to be funnier, or more incisive than you.

I usually skip certain posters comments, just for the sake of my sanity.

Finally, I love that you love Natalie Wood.

Barry said...

Barry Gellers, New York City.60 year old male, married. Been reading for about a year. Found it via twitter. I don't listen to podcasts. I basically enjoy all your topics. Always enjoyed your work on TV comedies (the Becker episode where they get stuck on the plane was on this morning) and I really enjoyed your book on the year you were an Orioles broadcaster. I got to see a few games at Memorial Stadium in the 80s.

Jeffrey Grant said...

Writing to you from Atlanta. Male, 52 this month. Found the blog and podcast through an appearance you made on Gilbert's podcast. I like your stories from your history as a writer and announcer. As far as the podcast goes, the only thing that I can say is that each episode should run a bit longer. I gave the same advice to someone at work who is doing a podcast for us. It should be at least 45 minutes to accommodate a run/jog or exercise. It sounds weird, but it is helpful to have something you are listening to not stop short of your routine. The recommendation was supported by another one of my colleagues.

Darren said...

hi ken-

I'm from Chicago. 36 years old. Read the blog and listen to the podcast. Love the stories and friday questions especially. On the podcast I really like the interviews and personal stories.

The main thing I don't like is every once and awhile you have a post about something you don't like or don't get and it comes across as "old man yells at cloud." For example your post about Comedians in Cars. We all have things we don't like, but I also feel like there's enough negativity and people hating on things in the world and especially the internet that it isn't needed. I don't get any enjoyment from reading about people that just don't like things. There's not much value gained. Also, for every post you do about something you just don't like, that's one less post you could be making drawing our attention to something that deserves to be seen or we might not know about. Every so often you'll reference or recommend something I've never heard of to check out and I really appreciate that.

Thanks for taking the time to do this every day. It's a nice read with my morning coffee (or podcast to listen to on my morning drive!)

Alan said...

Phoning it again again, eh Kenny?? Seems to be the norm now.

Mike Barer said...

Mike Barer, I love this blog and am a serial commenter. I'm even mentioned a time or two in the blog. I have listened to the podcasts since they started.

Bert Ehrmann said...

My name is Bert Ehrmann, I am a guy from Indiana. I work in advertising.

I have been reading this blog for long enough that I can't remember how I found it. I especially like your posts/episodes about growing up in the 1960s, working in radio and writing for TV. I listen to your podcast every week. I know you're concerned with keeping the podcast episodes short but your episodes are very interesting and you could easily go much longer if you wanted.

Keep up the good work!

Lyle said...

Sorry, I neglected to post about your blog.

I've listened to several of them but generally do not for two reasons:
a. I'm always pressed for time. It's the one asset I have that is most valuable to me and the one that is slipping away as I grow older. Listening to podcasts is, generally, not a productive use of my time. Also, I don't get the same sense of pleasure as I do reading your commentaries.
b. I'm an early riser so if I listen to your podcast it will likely wake up the rest of the house. I try to avoid that.

PS: the reCAPTCHA test to verity I'm not a robot is flawed. The photos are so dark that I cannot make out the images. I had a test that called for identifying 'crosswalks.' Half of the images were so dark I couldn't see anything.

Andrew B said...

My name is Andrew Bissonnette and I live on Saltspring Island BC.I'm not sure where I saw your blog but I immediately fell in love with it and went back and read every post from the beginning about 10 years ago. Reading your blog is almost the first thing I do every day because my day isn't right without visiting here.I like reading and have yet to get into listening to Podcasts-I will binge on your blog one day soon. Thanks for all the fun you have given me these past 10 years.

VincentS said...

I've answered this before, but since you asked: I'm a New York-based actor and writer. I'll cop to being a GenXer - I saw MASH episodes when they were first aired! I first discovered you during a rain delay of a Yankees/Mariners game while you were being interviewed on the radio, we later met at your appearance at the New School, and I discovered this blog surfing the net trying to find out why Terry Ferrell was dropped from BECKER.

Sam said...

Hi Ken,
I'm Sam, mid-40s, Washington State. I found your blog earlier this year via the official playwrights of facebook, where we both comment from time to time. I've always been fascinated by tv writing, and really any kind of writing that requires both creativity and near-scientific rigor. One of these days I might have to try my hand at crafting a teleplay (for my own amusement, mind), but in the meantime I'll just do research. By which I mean waste time on the internet. My family watched MASH pretty religiously when I was a kid, some Cheers and Frasier, too - so it's interesting to hear stories behind the episodes.

VP81955 said...

* Vincent
*Los Angeles
*63 years old (turn 64 on Aug. 19)
*Reading since 2006 or '07, probably via Mark Evanier
*Former journalist, now aspiring screenwriter (two completed romantic comedy features, working on a third) and film historian (have run the Carole & Co. classic Hollywood blog, https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/, since June 2007)
*Enjoy nearly all areas of the blog, from sitcoms to radio to baseball (go Nats!)
Have occasionally listened to the podcast, should do it more often

cjdahl60 said...

Chris from Bainbridge Island WA. I am a married white male empty nester and I work as an IT project manager for a local government agency. I've been following your blog for many years - can't remember how I got started. I also use a RSS aggregator (Feedly) so I don't visit your actual site very often but do read all of your posts.

I also read Earl Pomerantz and Mark Evanier and really enjoy all of the information about the entertainment industry. I'm fascinated by the behind the scenes stories you tell from your personal experience as it is so different from my day to day life. I loved Cheers and Frasier and I think that you should be very proud of your accomplishments.

I'm also a huge baseball fan and bought a used copy of your book about your times as a baseball broadcaster with the Orioles back in the day. I follow the Seattle Mariners and remember some of your appearances on the Mariners broadcast team but that was right when I moved to the Seattle area so I don't remember a whole of that time. It's been Dave Neihaus (taken too soon), Rick Rizz, Ron Fairly, Dave Sims and now Aaron Goldsmith on the radio for most of my time here.

Keep up doing what you're doing. I love the content and the variety (even the baseball stuff).

Unknown said...

My name is Rick. I am 40 from St.Cloud, MN. I started listening to your podcast and reading the blog since your appearance on the Gilbert Gottfried podcast, and have enjoyed it ever since. I am a big baseball fan, a fan of Cheers and Volunteers and a MASH scholar, I am also a retired musician and full time husband and dad to 2 daughters, 8 and 5. I enjoy the stories and name dropping regardless of subject. The interviews are also cant miss, esp. Al Michaels and James Brooks, both two parters. I would also love more commentary episodes from Cheers and Fraiser where the listener can watch and follow along. Could we get a MASH episode like that? Perhaps Point of View?

gottacook said...

I've been visiting this site forever and commenting almost as long; online search turns up a comment I made about your November 27, 2007 review of the Disney movie Enchanted. I'm still working, at least until the younger of our two daughters turns 26 in about five years. Since 2014 I've been able to work strictly from home and it's great; I edit on a 27" iMac and look at the woods outside my window, more or less simultaneously, and practice piano whenever I want. Lots of deer here in the Maryland suburbs of DC. I'm a southeastern Pennsylvania Jew who lived in Minnesota for 11 years, through the early 1990s, and periodically visited family back east; during one of those visits I was introduced to my wife-to-be by a mutual friend.

I visit blogs via website, in the traditional fashion. The others I look at regularly are those of John Scalzi, James Lileks (both have been around since the late 1990s), and Mark Evanier. I probably first came across yours through a mention by Alan Sepinwall.

Stan said...

Hi, Ken! I'm Stan Baranowski, a 68-year-old retiree originally from Brooklyn NY but currently living in beautiful Arden NC. I've been reading your blog every day (or every day you write it)for so long that I don't even remember when I started doing that, but I do remember that I found your blog through a mention on another blog, the one that's written by your good friend, Mark Evanier. There's a lot that I like about your blog (and your podcast too for that matter) but generally just reading and hearing your take on all things entertainment, or the take of the many people in the business you know, is what I enjoy most. I've been an actor in local theaters since I was in college so I also love reading about your forays into the theatre world. And like so many others I'm a huge fan of Friday Questions too. Keep doing what you do!

Cowboy Surfer said...

52, grew up in Agoura Hills, living in Playa Vista, working in sports television.

Big fan of MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER and yes WINGS.

Podcast is great, love it when you say the F word. Must be your delivery.

Unknown said...

Hi Ken,

"Anthony, 40yo, Silicon Valley" here. Have no idea where or when I first stumbled upon your content. Years ago, regardless.

I'm basically an intermittent lurker. Sometimes I'll be busy elsewhere, and not read a thing for several months. Other times, I'll dip back in and catch up on a handful of pieces.

I follow you on Twitter, so it's not like I'm unaware of new content. There just aren't enough hours in the day to consume all the media I'd care to, sadly. Along those lines: I basically never get to listen to podcasts of any stripe, yours or otherwise.

Bobaloo said...

I’m Bob, a 46-year-old from Phoenix, AZ and believe I’ve been reading for 11 years. Your snarky American Idol reviews are what brought me here originally, but I’ve stayed ever since.

I enjoy the heck out of your podcast, and am usually caught up within a week or two.

Dave said...

I'm Dave. Born in Chicago-area, spent last four years in Florida before losing job. Since have worked short-term gigs in AZ and VA. Been reading block for almost 10 years. Have fallen behind - need to catch up

therealshell said...

@Alan - what is your problem ? If you think Ken is "phoning it in," naff off.

Ben Scripps said...

Hey Ken--Ben from Cattle Tracks...er, Cadillac, Michigan here. We met last year when you were in Lowell (the Grand Rapids area) for "Our Time". Still don't have a very good reason for my name aside from it being a silly name. I've been reading your blog long enough to have forgotten how I came across it. My demo is "that middle age area where old people think I'm young and young people think I'm old". I know you get some pushback when you do a baseball post, but I like 'em. I try to listen to the podcast, but it's harder to find 30 minutes to listen than it is to find one minute to read, so I'm a little more sporadic there (though I make it a point when you're talking to someone in the industry like Jim Burrows; as a television director myself, it was fun to hear him talk about his process, particularly in an area of production I'm not used to).

Oh, and I'm reading "It's Gone...No, Wait a Minute", so please don't spoil anything by telling me if the O's win the World Series at the end.

Roderick Allmanson said...

Hey Ken,

Rod from Western Maryland here - 33 years old, dig all the insider info and learning more about my favorite shows. And baseball!

I roll my eyes a little bit when you lean into Old Man Yelling at Clouds but it's all good.

Charlie said...

Charlie from L.A. I'm your age and also from the Valley. Looking forward to seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Proud to say I have an autographed photo of Seymour.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken. My name is Michelle. I'm a boomer, living in Montana. I'm an actor, writer, sculptor. Yeah, how do I get any acting work, living in MT? I don't. Basically, I'm massively depressed. Don't know how I found your blog: I subscribe to about 200 feeds of various types on filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, creativity...so, I found you through one of those mentions. Been reading about 10 years. Always read the blog. Love the snark; lately the snarky Oscars have been a little rote; but the Oscars themselves are a little rote. Tedious. I mostly don't watch them any more. Watched all of MASH, but I think it was already in syndication by the time I watched it. Occasionally I binge it again. I don't watch much broadcast TV (I should, yes, if I want to be a screenwriter, but a lot of it if I find childish.) I watch NFLX shows and HBO/SHO and studio films and indie films. I catch reality TV out of the corner of my eye when my housemate has it on in the background. I have never watched Friends, Cheers, Frasier, Becker, Almost Perfect (did try one ep on Youtube after I started reading your blog.) I watched The Jeffersons when they were on; Dick Van Dyke in re-runs, MTM, Rhoda. I do listen to the podcast in the car, but you talk too slowly for my patience, so I speed it up to 1.6 x. I know nothing about sports, never watch, find them boring; but I do like "Who's On First" and I did love your re-broadcast of the Vin Scully? or someone? call. I prefer reading, as it is more time-efficient than listening.

Lorin from Minnesota said...

Hi Ken! Lorin from Golden Valley, Minnesota here. Nearly 63 year old male who cannot remember a time I wasn't reading your blog, it has been so long. Mark Evanier pointed me here, and it has been a hoot ever since. I am an art director/illustrator for an educational publishing company. Your great humor is what keeps me coming back. Huge Cheers, Fraisier, and Mash fan. Not a big baseball fan, but for some reason I read every word. I've only listened to your podcast a few times, and I like it a lot. Your interviews are what I like best.

Thanks for all the years of entertainment.

J Lee said...

John here -- 61, living in Texas, originally from NYC, and went to college in Syracuse, which, thanks to Ken's connection with the Chiefs as a broadcaster and a reference from Mike Evanier's site, is how I got here (also I was at school back in the late 70s, M*A*S*H came on a half-hour earlier on the Canadian channel you could pick up on-campus, during the two years Ken and David were serving as show-runners and the balance between humor and drama was in its perfect place).

Steve Boyko said...

Hi Ken, Steve here from Manitoba, Canada in the Great White North. I just passed half a century (and wrote a book about it) and I like trains, grain elevators and snark, which is why I'm here...

Your site is highly deficient in Natalie Wood photos.

Vrej said...

Hi! I'm a 38 year old man (born in 1980) from the Montreal area. I've been reading the blog regularly for a couple years now. I'm not quite sure how I came across it, probably linked from something to do with Frasier. My parents watched Cheers and M*A*S*H when I was growing up, and I myself never missed an episode of Frasier, even though I was 12 when it premiered. It's probably my favourite sitcom.

Topics I enjoy? I especially like insights from the writer's room. I'm a...let's say part-time writer (I've put out one novel) and I find anecdotes about writing and its process fascinating. I'm a big baseball fan (fingers crossed for my Expos to come back...it's actually looking good lately!), so I also just eat up the baseball stories you put out there.

I've heard a few of your podcasts. They're fascinating, and I love that they're not overly-indulgent 2 hour episodes like some podcasts I listen to.

Keep up the great work!

Frank Beans said...

Interesting that you should ask. I walked on the moon AND played at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, pitched a no-hitter that year for the Mets, then I was integral in breaking up The Beatles later. I was nearly indicted in Watergate in 1974, but managed to be pardoned. Then as a side project, just for fun, I created the disco craze in the late 70s.

Or, I'm a 40-ish married white guy living in the midwest, been reading this blog for about 4 years. Take your pick.

DaveMB said...

David MB from Amherst MA, interested in baseball, live theatre, and the business of TV.
I'm a professor of computer science at UMass. I'm not (yet?) in the podcast habit but
have enjoyed the ones of yours that I've caught.

Tom Asher said...

I'm Tom Asher, a 41 year old living in the Philadelphia suburbs, lover of Philly sports, NASCAR, WWE, Top 40 radio history, cigars, IPAs, M*A*S*H, WKRP, and more.

Always love the M*A*S*H, radio, and baseball stories.

I check out the podcast whenever I can, especially when the topic relates to one of those three subjects.

Appreciate the fact that a celebrity cares what his fans have to say, in a world where people like to be heard but don't want to listen.

Dan said...

My name is Dan. I found your blog through Mark Evanier's and enjoy reading it on a daily basis. It's one of the first TSS feeds I read each day.

Kathy Casha said...

I am a newly 50 year old (geez) woman. Grew up in San Diego, now live in South Carolina. Have been reading the website for probably at least 10-12 years? I have read all of your books and wish I could see one of your plays! Being a "blue" in a "red" state, there are obvious posts that I LOVE. Other ones I love are getting the behind the scenes scoop to your life both in radio and TV. Sorry, not a baseball fan, so those posts aren't my favorite. But I still read them! I believe I found your blog through the "25 best" blog article? I am not sure. I make sure everyday to click on and read right at 9am, it is a good break to the workday. I have listened to some of your podcasts, but need to listen to more. I still check on the weekends to see if you couldn't help yourself but post (like you did this weekend), and it is a treat. Love this blog!

Earl Boebert said...

Pushing 80, living in Albuquerque. Techie with a taste for literature and movies, love reading about the writing game. Published author (nonfiction). Prefer reading to listening, wish transcripts of your podcasts were available. Love your stuff, please keep it up.

E. Yarber said...

E. Yarber. Will write for food.

Anonymous said...

I'm in FL but from the Midwest. I'm old, pale and male. I've been reading so long I don't remember how I found it. I really appreciate the effort you put in to provide content, I'm going to read anything you write. (But baseball is a little dry for me.) I'm more conservative than you, but I don't mind that you have a different opinion than I on some things.

This is the only podcast I listen to.

ally said...

hello! It's me, ally! I've been a reader for many years, and have had a couple of Friday questions answered. One Friday Question, I asked you if you were to do a radio show, what would it be like. Your answer was essentially what your podcast turned into. I like to think that I put the bug in your ear to start your podcast.

Peter said...

Hi Ken. Peter Avanzino here, from Los Angeles. I'm 57 and work in animation. I was the storyboard artist on Dancing Homer, which I believe you wrote. Full disclosure, I always assumed that Harry Shearer played the baseball announcer, but have since been corrected on that... by you. You sound like a Harry Shearer character.
I first heard you on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast and have been a subscriber of yours ever since. I really like when you have other writers and producers on, particularly from the older days. Good stories.
Thanks for the show,

Keith R.A. DeCandido said...

My name is Keith R.A. DeCandido, I'm an author, editor, martial artist, critic, and possibly some other stuff, too. My fiction includes three new novels out this year (one, Alien: Isolation just went on sale today, in fact), while most of my nonfiction appears on Tor.com.

I've been a fan of M*A*S*H since I was a wee tot -- I grew up watching the show, and it remains one of my two or three favorites. I found a link to this blog from one of the M*A*S*H fan sites, and I stayed because the commentary is excellent and witty and entertaining, which are the three things I look for in a blog.

Where are you from? The Bronx, New York, which is also the setting of one of the three novels I have out this year. (See what I did there?) *

* The book is called A Furnace Sealed, and it kicks off my new urban fantasy series....

What demographic? Just turned 50 this year. Guess that makes me old. Or, at least, no longer in that 18-49 demographic....

How long have you been reading? Since I was about four. Oh, you mean the blog? About a year? Maybe?

How did you find the blog in the first place? A referral from a M*A*S*H fan site, as I said above.

What topics do you like and dislike? Haven't found one I dislike yet, so obviously you need to work harder....

Are you also listening to my podcast? No, as I don't have time to listen to podcasts. I prefer to have music on when I'm working, which is pretty much constantly...

What do you like or dislike about that? N/A


---Keith R.A. DeCandido, www.DeCandido.net

Terry said...

Hi Ken! Dude in his mid-40s from the Kansas City area checking in (on the Kansas side). Been reading your blog for a number of years. I'm not sure how I first found it but I think it was linked or mentioned in an article about either Cheers or MASH. I'm a huge fan of both.

I love hearing/reading the behind the scenes stuff from the aforementioned shows plus Frasier, Wings and the occasional Simpsons shout out. Not to mention all of the movies you've worked on. I also really enjoy the stories from your youth in the 60s and being a radio DJ. Endlessly entertaining. My favorite feature is probably Friday questions and I appreciate that you actually take time to answer those (and even answered one of mine once upon a time). I also like your movie/TV show reviews, even if I disagree with you about half the time. :)

Keep up the great work!

AlaskaRay said...

Ray Weinstein, near Washington, DC. I’ve been following your blog since 1968, although early on it was really me just sitting there and listening to all your rants and opinions. Always entertaining.

Rick said...

Born in L.A. in 1948. Moved to Palm Springs until 1960. Bel Air 1960-1976. Westwood 1976-1989. Encino 1989 to present.
B.A. and M.A. from UCLA in Film Studies. Graduated with a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University College of Law and passed CA bar in 1977. Now retired.

(Rick Libott)

Rick said...

I was directed to your blog from the old L.A. Radio People site years ago.

Rick Libott

Gary said...

I'm a lifelong resident of Buffalo, NY, and still waiting to see my first football or hockey championship. (I have relatives in Pittsburgh who've seen so many they've lost track. So naturally they mock me relentlessly.)

63 years old and still watching too much TV. Mom was right; it did ruin my eyes. I read your blog every day, so obviously I enjoy it. You've answered a few of my Friday questions too, and it's always a thrill. My favorite posts are the ones about the inner workings of sitcoms like Cheers and Frasier. And I like your snarky posts too!

Ron said...

Hi Ken, I'm in my thirties and Irish. I've been reading your blog for about 6 years and I also listen to the podcast. I can't remember how I found this blog but I think it was through searching for info on my favourite sitcoms. It turned out that you and David wrote for most of them.
I love when you talk about your writing methods and the mechanics of jokes. I also really enjoy when you break down one of your sitcom episodes and give us an insight into your thought process. Another thing that is really fun is when you provide a set up for a joke and then ask readers to provide a punchline.
I just want to say thanks for doing this. Like so many readers here, I look forward to reading and listening to your work and it is consistency in a world gone crazy so thank you!


Robert Brauer said...

Hey Ken! Robert Brauer reporting from Irving, Texas. About to turn 31 next month. Been reading for a few years now, not exactly sure. Also not sure how I learned about the blog, but I imagine it was probably through Mark Evanier's News from me, which I know I have been reading longer. I enjoy your opinions on the current business trends of the entertainment industry the most, probably. But, in any case, you tend to have stuff each and every week that I like (Friday questions, if nothing else anyway).

I do listen to the pod from time to time, when you have a topic that interests me. My favorite episode so far was probably the one where you discussed your misadventures in radio DJing (hanging out with the Hells Angels, meeting Wolfman Jack, getting communiques from the SLA, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Dan VanOrden in Fulton, Missouri.

Anonymous said...

I’m a 64 year old guy originally from Detroit, now living in Orange County. Married, retired, I like long walks on the beach and a ride back to the car. Been reading your blog for a few years. Like the sports stories best. In high school (though not on this day) I once skipped school, took a train to Chicago, saw the Cubs play the Braves, and came within twenty feet or so of Hank Aaron. Also, one time at a Tigers game I think Al Kaline looked up at the stands in my general direction. Highlight of my sports career…. - Gary

Ally said...

Ally, female, 50, living in Saskatchewan, Canada. Been reading for 10 years-ish. I enjoy reading about your writing process and some of your past experiences. I don't listen to the podcasts - I generally prefer reading to listening, though I have been tempted by some of the topics.

Dhruv said...

I was waiting for this blog. I was expecting this in November since that is the anniversary time....

Anyway here it is.

I came across this blog when searching for Oscar reviews. I love everything about the blog.

I don't understand sports blogs or political ones but I read the rest about the entertainment field.

I listen to podcasts at a stretch.

I love reading the comments section.

I was the one who had requested and suggested that you too should start a YT channel.

I am an engineer in mid 30s from India. I quit my job. And now I have a YouTube channel and am a full time YouTuber.

Now here is the reason I was waiting for this blog......

I wanted to thank you sir for all the things I learnt from your blog, which I follow for my channel.

1. I learnt from you that you need to create a schedule and stick to it for your blogs.

The same I implemented by uploading a video every day or every few days, no matter what problems I may have personally.

2. Have an archive so that it is easily accessible to readers. People may not see the blog today, but they may want to read some other day.

I have same way created playlists, so that interested viewers can access the type of videos they want to see, any day they visit.

3. Always reply to readers. You reply many times on that day itself or reply in your FQ post.

Same way I make it a point that no matter how many comments are posted I reply to all of them.

4. This is one thing I wanted to follow you but I couldn't.

You always allow all comments, except in your political blogs.

I too wanted to allow that, but here the comments are very nasty and abusive to me, my mother and family. There are regulars who are nice..... but India has a lot of net users who are just haters. I speak in 4 languages English, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. Each person hates the other Indian language and I get abused. And those who don't know English, abuse me for speaking the foreign language.

In your country trolls are there, but very few and that too they just have opposite opinion. People are so dignified when commenting. They don't abuse family.

Anyway now I regulate my comments section.

I started my channel last December, then I started posting seriously in Feb this year. Then I met YT targets, then they monetized my channel.

My channel is not very popular but I am doing decently. I get around 20,000 - 30,000 views for all my videos put together per day.

YT doesn't pay me that much since I am from a third world country, the ads are cheap and so finally something trickles down to me.

Anyway, let's see how thing work out.

Thank you very much for the blog Ken :)
They are always entertaining and informative. It's inspiring to see you post 6 days a week. That's a lot of hard work.

Thank you for the many things I learnt from you :)

P.S. :

1. My name is not Dhruv. I don't have any social media presence. This was and is my only presence, so when I started to comment I chose a name I liked - Dhruv.

My real name is Karthik. On my channel I use that and so do my regular viewers who address me in the comments section.

But I would love to continue commenting here as Dhruv :)

2. My channel's name is "Single Traveller".
It's the first one that comes when you search on YT. It has a photo of dry land with a mountain in the backdrop.

I post videos of my travel in buses, trains, boat.
And also nature, monsoon, ghat section and forest travel videos.

Jahn Ghalt said...

60-yr-old WASP, Alaska.

Checking in since mid-2016.

Like all the topics - love the "inside" stuff about the biz, critiques of current sitcoms (none of which I watch), film reviews, baseball comments/stories, even the bitchy/snarky stuff about emmy's/oscar's (don't watch those, either).

(more Natalie pics, please)

The podcast is terrific - whatever you want to do - though interviews of Burroughs, Isaacs, Sutton, that voice-over guy, the casting lady, Ricky Jay's "ex", are among the best.

(Al Michaels - pretty good - even the football 2nd-half)

(and the writer who collaborated with Chayefsky)

(how cool would it be to interview Sims, Blowers, Rizzs? - give the Goldsmith kid a few years, first)

(or the San Fran Giants announcer??)

Oh yeah, keep doing the Sitcom episode commentaries.

jtmktg said...

Hi Ken... this is JT, a 40-something from suburban Detroit (home of WDRQ...but not YOUR WDRQ of old). Heard about your blog from a good friend about 8-9 years ago and you've been in my RSS feed ever since. I also enjoy the podcast - it's a perfect length for a lawn mowing listen. I did some time in the world of television, so I like your war stories and inside Hollywood information, along with your radio reminiscences... if that cam be pluralized!Thanks for what you do and keep up the fun (and the funny!)

Cap'n Bob said...

Cap'n Bob Napier from Tacoma, WA. Been here for a coon's age and have no idea where I heard of you. I'm behind on my podcast listing but I tune in occasionally. I like everything but your politics, but I know you can't help yourself, being a So Cal native and all.

But I honestly appreciate that you take the time to do this blog and share some insider stories about your showbiz and baseball days. Thank you.

Kristen said...

Hi, I'm Kristen from southern NH, 56 years old and I've been reading for maybe 5-ish years after an acquaintance recommended your blog on Facebook. Since I don't think she's mentioned you since, I'm so glad I caught that specific post! I haven't listened to your podcast, mostly because my podcast queue is so long already and I feel like I get the gist of you here on the blog. I'm open to being convinced otherwise though!

My favorite topics are behind the scenes on shows I have watched and loved, as well as more nuts and bolts in HOW a show is made. I wish the Friday questions posts were longer! :)

Doug said...

I originally found you sometime in the summer of 2018, when I was searching for "Barney Miller"-related info. After reading the post that Google sent me to I continued to read the comments. The BM posting happened to have garnered 50+ comments, so there was quite a rich trove of information. Amazingly, I found the comments as interesting and entertaining as the post itself! After sampling 3-4 random entries I moved back to post #1 and began reading chronologically, averaging about 50 posts per week. Realizing that, at this pace, it was going to take me months to catch up, in late November 2018 I decided to also read all the November 2018 posts so I now read each new daily post while continuing to catch up on all the old stuff at leisure. You manage to hit so many of my own areas of interest -- lots of TV and other pop culture, baseball (obligatory "Boo, Dodgers!" from this retired San Jose-based Giants fan), technical aspects of film and TV production, etc. And I've learned so much about other things - notably radio - from you and other regulars here.

I've posted two (I think) comments under my nom de plume of OokOok (a loving homage to the late, great Terry Pratchett).

My favorite part of your blog are the links to Costa Rican real estate. I can NEVER get enough info about Costa Rican real estate.

Dreaming in Denver said...

Hi Ken! I'm a mid-40s mom working in marketing from beautiful Denver, Colorado. I've been reading your blog since I found it for earning the TIME award (2011?). I love your posts on "how screen/tv/theater writing works," "how Hollywood works," your reviews, snarky one-liners, Friday questions... and it's fun to see family updates. I listen to your podcast from time to time. I like similar topics to the blog.

keith brodkorb said...

Keith Brodkorb from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Long time reader, from mention in either Time or Newsweek. Follow for the old radio stories and baseball career highlights. Not a Dodger fan but still read your comments about your local team. Listen to the podcast most weeks and enjoy the glimpse into the backroom of showbiz. Yours is the first blog to visit each day and heaven forbids you join my other go to that was Bill Criders blog. I still miss his musings, and Go Giants.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

Well, since others are going the extra mile, I guess I'll add to my comment as well.

I'm a struggling independent producer and puppeteer who has been creating and producing content on YouTube for almost twelve years; my signature character, Steve D'Monster, who is basically the flagship of my YouTube channel, will be celebrating his 15th anniversary of existence next week. In addition to puppetry, I also occasionally dabble in other forms of content, whether they be short films, or more satirical little sketches.

Despite being considered a Millennial, my parents are old enough to be my grandparents, so when I was growing up, they would introduce me to the shows they grew up with, and I fell in love with them: THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, I LOVE LUCY, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, BEWITCHED, THE MUNSTERS, SANFORD AND SON, GREEN ACRES, M*A*S*H, HOGAN'S HEROES, THE ODD COUPLE, to name a few. All of these shows are so much better than most of the garbage that's been polluting the TV landscape for the past twenty years or so, and as such, I very much try to invoke a sense of the classic TV era in my original work - right down to using Charley Douglass's laugh track!

71dude said...

Jake from Pittsburgh, 48 (still in the demo and the networks already don't care what I like so I've given up on network TV). Like the Cheers and MASH stories, the Friday questions and the political rants (sorry you had to come in on Sunday this week but it needed to be said). Hopefully if sanity prevails you won't have to write them anymore. Don't really like the WGA-related posts. I hope you writers get everything you're entitled to but all that goes over my head so I just skip and come back the next day.

Anonymous said...

David in England, 51

I haven't read much of your blog having only recently discovered it but wanted to take this opportunity to comment on the style of humour employed in each of the three shows you worked on early in your career, those being M*A*S*H, Cheers and Frasier.

M*A*S*H for some reason just isn't funny to me. I understand how it was groundbreaking and unique at the time but it might as well be a drama as far as I am concerned. This is not me rattling cages just an honest assessment.

Frasier is interesting as I loved it when it first appeared, and enjoyed rewatching all the episodes at least a couple more times. So many of the episodes were skillfully constructed and the scripts were so expertly tweaked to eke out the most from every line. However, I find a decade or more later it is unwatchable. The excessive use of sarcasm, Daphne's awful accent and the snobbish and one-dimensional antics of the two lead characters now leave me cold like a second-rate pantomime, or first rate for that matter.

Cheers for me IS like a fine wine (see what I did there) and continues to improve with age. The switches from Coach to Woody, then from Diane to Rebecca injected a new impetus and dynamic and this is very rare in any television, not just comedy. I always felt that where the stories were the backbone of Frasier, Cheers is almost 'the show about nothing' rather than Seinfeld, where a turn of phrase or retort, a look, or an expression carry most of the weight and the stories are largely incidental. The subtle use of irony seems so much more sophisticated and mature than Frasier. If Frasier was dumbed down a little to deliberately reach a broader audience then it was a job well done and it's ratings and popularity still reflect that even now.

I suppose I am curious as to how others compare these three shows now and how you Ken look back on them having had such an involvement at the time.

I guess the inescapable conclusion is and always will be that humour is the ear of the listener.

Tammy said...

Hi, I'm female, 40, from Israel. Have been reading daily for about 5 years. I found a link to your blog on another writer's blog, can't remember who.
The posts I like the most are about the writing process, like the one from several days ago on joke construction, or how you come up with storylines. Also enjoy reading how TV gets made, your opinion on current entertainment events, funny personal anecdotes, and reviews (your recent review of Game of Thrones was hilarious - please write more snarky reviews of shows you don't watch! :) ). Oh - and Friday Questions of course.

It's amazing how you've managed to post (almost) every day, and maintain the quality of the blog for so long. We really appreciate it!

Andrew said...

Where are you from? Columbus, Ohio.

What demographic? White male, 49, attorney, divorced with two teenage kids.

How long have you been reading? Can't even remember, but it's been several years.

How did you find the blog in the first place? A Google search on the Newhart finale led me to your post about whose idea it was to have Suzanne Pleshette return.

What topics do you like and dislike?

Like: Any posts about MASH, Cheers, or Frasier; your movie and TV show reviews; Friday questions; inside scoops about the industry. Also, you have great commenters.

Dislike: Political posts, although I appreciate that you give us fair warning, and you handle the topics with sensitivity.

Are you also listening to my podcast? I've listened to a few and really enjoyed them, but not enough to have an opinion.

Request: More reviews of classic shows and movies. You have great taste and enjoyable insights.

Thank you, in all sincerity, for everything that you do here.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am another Ken
Live in Hawaii born/raised in Chicago.
Extensive meandering in between.
I have earned my living in to many ways to remeber.
Old enough to vaguely remembering Jack Webb as Sgt Friday on small (9") tv in my youth and Jack Brickhouse as the voice of the Cubs.
Picture of Natalie from the "Great Race"?

Kevin FitzMaurice said...

Reside in Lexington, Kentucky, where I was born 55 years ago in October.

Former local magazine reporter and newspaper op-ed writer.

Found blog two years ago while wanting some info on "M*A*S*H." I'm a daily reader and a occasional commentator.

Love "M*A*S*H," "Cheers, and "Frasier" stories. "Frasier" is my all-time favorite program.

Also loved "Mary Tyler Moore," "Lou Grant," "M*A*S*H," "WKRP in Cincinnati " and "The Slap Maxwell Story"--a Jay Tarses effort with Dabney Coleman that aired on ABC during the 1987-88 season.

Also enjoy radio and baseball stories, and I often listen to the weekly podcast.

Thank you, Mr. Levine, for your enjoyable work--past and present.

Snoskred said...

Where are you from?

Jervis Bay, a small town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

What demographic?

I just turned 44.

How long have you been reading?

I'm not actually certain but it has been quite a few years now.

How did you find the blog in the first place?

I think another blogger mentioned your blog. When I found out you were one of the writers for MASH, I knew I had to subscribe and keep reading. I grew up watching MASH, the TV channels here played it every single weekday and I loved the show.

What topics do you like and dislike?

I'm here to read whatever you want to talk about. I enjoy all kinds of topics, there really isn't anything I'd just scroll through. I like the way you write.

Are you also listening to my podcast?

I've listened a couple of times but had forgotten to add you into my new podcast app, so I will make that happen now. I'm deep into a podcast binge at the moment but once I dig my way out of it I'll dive into yours. :)

What do you like or dislike about that?

I love your voice. Again subject matter not so important, you could tell me the story of your weekend and I'd love to listen to it.

Hogne B. Pettersen said...

My name is Hogne, I'm an IT consultant and freelance writer, journalist and photographer. I also write sketches for satire shows, as well as revues. I'm 47 and living in Norway. I'm trying to remember how I came across this blog. I think I googled something about Frasier or MASH. Both are among my favourite shows.

Charles Bryan said...

Hi, Ken! I can't remember how long I've been reading blog - several years, at least. Discovered it from a mention in Mark Evanier's blog. You two write the only blogs that I read.

Can't help with likes and dislikes - I pretty much enjoy them all. Genuinely, I do. I'd rather read about whatever's on your mind or if interest to you.

The podcast is one of the few that I listen to regularly. (Dana Gould and Slate's Hang Up and Listen are two others.) I used to download the Dodger Talk podcasts, too, so I guess that I'm a fan, although I haven't purchased any plays yet. Books, yes.

Anonymous said...

Tim in Seattle (age 54). Longtime lurker. Appreciate the reviews and baseball posts. Enjoy the entertainment industry posts even though they are outside my areas of interest and expertise.
Happy to read whatever you are able to produce - thanks for the many laughs. If you have to give up the weekend post to keep the blog going I will not begrudge you your sanity. Thank you for many years of entertainment (blog/Mariners/TV/movies,etc.).

Tony.T said...

Melbourne, Australia. Mid 50s. Since you were on Gilbert Gottfried.

Ted McCarthy said...

I am a Baltimoron who has been reading your blog for about 10 years and listening to the podcast for the past year. I am sorry to admit this, but before I heard your voice, I always thought you would sound like Eddie Deezen. I was basing this completely on your picture and not the countless posts about your radio career. Once again, I am sorry.

One thing. the Orioles did not have Baltimore on their road uniforms between 1973 and 2008. The official explanation was they would give the used uniforms to their minor league teams. I guess it was just a coincidence those were almost the same years between the Senators leaving and the Nationals arriving.

After the release of Bull Durham, every minor league team realized they could could make more money from merchandise and dropped the MLB team from their name.

Check out http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/introduction.htm I have spent far too much time on this site.

Question, what does "break" mean as in, "go back and break the story?" I assume it means that there is a story and the writers need to break down the story from point a to z. Then, from there they can create an outline.

Another thing, any proud Baltimorean who has ever tried to have a pleasant conversation, with a stranger in a DC bar, knows which town is better.

MikeKPa. said...

60+. Outside Philly. Found your tribute to Jerry Belson after reading Garry Marshall's autobiography about five years ago. Like to read about: Writing process. Behind the scenes of TV production. Tributes. Movie reviews. Sports (baseball and your days calling games). Listen to the iPod most times depending on subject and/or guest. Wouldn't mind reading an update on the WGA issues with agencies.

1955david said...

Hello. David here. I am 64 years old. I found your blog when you were on K ABC radio talking about it. I’ve been reading it for years now. I enjoy your point of view and the varied stories you spin. I listen to your podcast every week. I always move it to the top of the queue when it drops. The podcast is thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to it. You don’t know it but I consider you a friend. Thank you.

MikeN said...

It's getting annoying seeing every reviewer not get the point and complain about Tarantino playing Booth killing his wife for laughs.

Dennis Johnson said...

Sixty-eight year old retired sound tech from the studios. Moved from the valley down to beautiful Lake San Marcos. I think I found you via News From ME at least ten years ago.
Very seldom post, but was honored when you answered my question about your opinion of “Exporting Raymond “.
I read you every day and more or less binge listen your podcasts. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!

Michael said...

Greetings from Las Vegas. I'm a 54-year-old history professor, which puts me in the dull demographic.

I've been reading the blog for at least 10 years, and came upon it searching for Ken to see what he was up to that I might not see go by in the credits. I love the stories, the profiles, and the sports stuff, and wish Ken didn't write such beautiful obituaries, because they mean someone special died.

Not really into podcasts, and I should be, so this may yet inspire me.

Lars said...

Hi, Lars here. I'm 46 and from Arkansas-- I teach mathematics at a small college there.

I've been reading for about 2 years, I think, maybe a bit more. I found you first from the Kevin Smith/Matt Mira Frasier podcast when you guested, and jumped over to your podcast thereafter. I listen religiously weekly, and read the blog almost every day.

I like most everything you write/talk about, but especially the hollywood behind-the-scenes stuff. I sometimes only skim the radio posts (sorry).

John Nixon said...

I'm 66, live in Seattle...radio production director...been in radio since the days when we were playing records. I used to hear you on the radio doing Mariners games and we know a couple of people in common. I read your book and I've been reading this blog since...well...I don't know...for a buncha years. Probably since about when you started it. I don't listen to the podcast....I'm just not really interested in podcasts. I guess because I don't watch TV or movies or listen to the radio (in all its forms including podcasts)on my computer or phone. TV is watched on the TV and radio is listened to when waking up, doing stuff in the kitchen, driving in the car and working.

Steve said...

Late baby boomer, originally from the south, moved to Palm Springs with my husband (so part of the LGBTetc. demographic), found your blog via Mark Evanier, like reminiscences, sitcom columns and reviews, uninterested in sports talk, haven't listened to podcast. And I'm the guy who posted your "Another Christmas of Agony" on a Virgin America gate sign! A proud moment!

Roger Owen Green said...

You actually DID write to me in regard to a comment once.
Lessee, I actually came here because you had a GUEST writer talking about FRASIER, and I saw it referred to in someone else's blog - Mark Evanier's maybe?
Anyway it was before the year you o that blogging award, so before 2012 for sure.

Jeff Boice said...

I am a married sexagenarian (cool word, isn't it?) living in No. Virginia. Demographic: Swede/Dutch/Scotch-Irish. Therefore, I'm frugal. Been reading your blog for a couple years now. Found your blog via Mark Evanier. I like best your posts on baseball and your past work including disk-jockeying. I like the podcast a lot-particularly the interviews. So I try to post a comment on the podcasts, even if its just "I liked this podcast".

Daniel said...

I'm 46. I live in Ellicott City, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore (thanks for the Baltimore post the other day). I've been reading for over five years, maybe longer. I think I discovered you through Mark Evanier's 'blog. My favorite posts are about craft, process, and behind the scenes stories (particularly about Frasier and Cheers). Not a fan of the sports posts or the posts about the '60s (I'm a Gen-Xer, so not happy about the mess that the Boomers have created that my generation is going to have to clean up). I'm not really into podcasts, so I rarely listen to yours. If you transcribed it, I would read that.

Barry Traylor said...

I am 77 (good Grief) and live in southeast Pennsylvania (BTW, even though I live in a red state I am a life long democrat). I am not much of a sports fan but I like everything else you write about. I have been coming for so long I can't remember how I found your blog. Keep up the good work as I check in every morning along with my coffee.

Wally said...

I just want to say I vote for @Lyle to post a Sunday blog in your steed. He's 80, listens to podcasts while many over 40 blanch at the notion of doing 'such a thing' mostly because they just don't want to learn a) how to and b) about the world and good stories. He has had a full and eventful life (both positive & negative). He's got material, for sure.

Anonymous said...

hi, lurker for many years here. 40, living in N Virginia. Love your takes on current tv, and the stories from Mash, Cheers, and Frasier. I always pass over the baseball stuff :)

Don't do podcasts, I can read things quicker than I can listen to them :)

Curt Alliaume said...

Curt Alliaume, longtime listener, occasional poster.

From: Chicago suburbs (born and raised in NYC suburbs, lived and worked in NYC for 15 years)

Demographic: late baby boomer

Been Reading Since: 2010 or so?

How Did I Find the Blog?: through Mark Evanier's blog

Topics I Like: television/show business, baseball

Topics I Don't Like: gastrointestinal surgery

Listening to Podcast: no, but I guess I should. I don't listen to any podcasts, however.

Currently Reading: Churchill by Roy Jenkins, The Long Season by Jim Brosnan

Favorite Game Shows: To Tell the Truth, Password, The $100,000 Pyramid, Match Game, The Big Showdown, Jeopardy

Favorite Comedies: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, How I Met Your Mother

AJ's Blog said...


From suburbs of Chicago, 55 year old CPA. Discovered the blog via the podcast when you were on the Frasier podcast with Kevin Smith. Have been an avid reader/subscriber ever since. LOVE the stories you tell, appreciate your opinions/insight/commentary on all things Hollywood.

In college, I worked at the collage radio station and got on the air for a few months. Loved it, but life took a turn and I left college and the radio station.

On a completely different note, I've been binge watching MASH for the last few months, just finished season 10. What I'm most amazed by this process is the fact that i believe i've seen almost every episode already, something I wasn't anticipating.

Keep up the great work!

DARON72 said...

My name is Daron and I live in Montana. I enjoy TV, film and music and baseball so I guess I got very lucky when I stumbled upon this blog in 2014. I was and STILL am a HUGE "Big Wave Dave's" fan and always wondered if you and David had any interest from other networks when you pitched that show as it almost seemed a little too 'edgy' for the Tiffany network at that time. I love all the other shows you have written or directed and "Volunteers" was a funny movie! I hope you keep up the good work on the podcast too. Not just anyone can land James Burrows! I enjoyed your review of the new Tarantino movie as well. I've never been his biggest fan but this one looks interesting. I happened upon a movie on TV about a year ago and thought it was really good and was very surprised when I found out it was "Jackie Brown". Then I was less surprised when I learned it was based on an Elmore Leonard novel.

Mark--> said...

I'm a mathematician from south central Michigan, and I cannot remember a time when I didn't read your blog. I do know that Mark Evanier's blog directed me here. I'm a particular fan of your radio stories, but I'll read and listen to anything you post here.

PolyWogg said...

I'm a 400 year old wizard frog that...oh wait, wrong forum.

Let's see, from Ottawa, Canada, and I seem to recall that I found you from some article or link tied to Entertainment Weekly, and can't for the life of me remember the chain. I think it was something like EW to Janet Evanovich to Lee Goldberg to you. And now I just follow you.

I read when the articles show up in FB feed, which means I probably miss some. I have started listengin to the podcast, but I'm not really a podcast kind of guy, more a serial TV ep binger, and try to review all the premieres every year and predict renewal or cancellation (kind of a personal fantasy pool for myself). I've only got about 7 Eps in for the podcast (although naked auditioner was kind of weird).

I blog heavily, into astronomy, and when I retire in about 7 years, I'll probalby give some fiction a try (books, not plays). I'm not a healthy human being when I'm deep into writing, so I can't be working fulltime and doing that, the candle doesn't stretch that far into the evening. I get positive nibbles here and there, encouraging requests, but not what I'm ready to do yet. Maybe some day I'll regret that, but I have a great day job that pays well and I enjoy, so hard to give that up (golden handcuffs). But I like to read what you, sometimes Lee, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, et al have to say about writing.

And Lawrence Block. Anything he says.


Jorge González said...

I'm a 25 y.o. male from Chile (my first language is Spanish) who has been reading since about 2013, I believe. I found the blog searching for info about Frasier or Cheers, which I had recently started watching (never had a rerun or anything when younger, so it was all new to me). I started reading for the Hollywood and sitcom-making trivia (I'm a sucker for that kind of thing), and have stayed for the multitude of opinions and stories on other subjects (specially the radio stories).
My field of study has absolutely nothing to do with this kind of creative endeavours, but I still enjoy learning what I can about them.

Mike Heath said...

I'm a working drone(and part time writer) in southern california. Been reading for a few years now because I've always been fascinated with the mechanics of comedy.
I don't always agree with your opinions on comedy, but that's the wonder and joy of it. What one person enjoys, another might not and that's ok.
I've listened to your podcast, but I listen to quite a few and yours feels like you're reading it. Not that it's poorly written, but I guess I'm used to more off the cuff stuff.
Either way, I'll still keep reading, because it's interesting.

Wally said...



Charles said...

Charles Pavlack

From: St. Louis suburbs

Demographic: 54/w/m

Been Reading Since: don't remember.

How Did I Find the Blog?: don't remember.

Topics I Like: tv/movies/gossip/baseball/writing/behind-the-scenes stuff

Topics I Don't Like: nothing comes to mind

Listening to Podcast: yes, but I'm a few behind.

Currently Reading: Comic books, The Intellectual Devotionals

Favorite Game Shows: Jeopardy, The Chase, Millionaire, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, Says You!, Ask Me Another

Favorite Comedies: The Good Place, The Big Bang Theory, MTM, Cheers, Archer, Black-ish, Modern Family, You're the Worst, You Me Her

Mario S said...

I'm from Chicago, 55 years old. I think I've been reading since 2011. Don't remember how I found the blog. I like all the topics. I'm a sports fan so I have no problems with the baseball posts. I love the podcast and have heard all episodes. Again, I enjoy all the content and like how you mix it up.

Andy K said...

I'm Andy, your friend from drafting class at Taft high. I admired you then as I do now. I read your blog daily. I enjoy your wit, but I'm not a sports fan like you.

DougG. said...

I'm 44 and living in Columbus, OH. First came across your blog when "Googling" something about FRASIER. I listen to your podcast occasionally but to be fair, that's about as often as I listen to podcasts; not a regular listener regardless of who produces them.

Pizzagod said...

Still your big fan from the carnival world!

Anonymous said...

I’m 35, from Hull, England. I’ve been reading for a couple of years. I’m maybe because of Matt Mira and alevin Smith that I first came here. I also listen to the Podcast. There isn’t anything in particular I like or dislike

Frank said...

Where are you from? I live in Las Vegas, NV.

What demographic? I am a white, male 47yrs old

How long have you been reading? Since KL's November 2018 appearance on GGACP. But I have been delving into the archives.

How did you find the blog in the first place? My interest in writing and the histories of people working in TV (writers, producers, sound, camera, lighting, casting, music ... not so much actors.)

What topics do you like and dislike? I enjoy the TV industry blogs/episodes thoroughly. However, I have become a fan of the sports and dj/radio pieces/episodes because of KL's firm approach and unique work experience. He's not 'angry talking points' and 'sound bites' like every other person who attempts to talk sports.

Are you also listening to my podcast? Fervently. And to answer Kara Mayer, I think the program at 30-45 minutes is perfect. After all, KL learned from the very best how to produce and distill great content into 20-30 minutes.

What do you like or dislike about that? I love the writer talk: the unapologetic, acerbic, veteran talk that cuts through the shit with a spoonful of humility. KL's hosting skills are excellent. His program is the most fascinating and entertaining podcast I've found where one person turns the mic on and goes.

Congratulations, and continued success KL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken.

I came across your blog about 5 years ago via Mark Evanier's blog, and read both of you, together with about half a dozen others, daily.

I am retired and live in Tasmania Australia.

I particularly enjoy the behind the scenes stories (what eventuated and what didn't), as well as those of your writing thought creative processes.

Because the end of a podcast is immediately followed by the podcast from the week before, I have too often found myself being sucked into reliving (and enjoying) that one again.

I certainly do not agree with everything you say (e.g. your views on "The Donna Reed Show" and its ilk), but that's what makes the world go round.

(For that matter Mark Evanier and I have wildly differing views on "Snow White And The Three Stooges (1961)

Keep the good work coming for as long as you are enjoying it.

Brian said...

Hi Ken, I'm in my late 50's and have been reading your blog for over 10 years. I was referred to it by a programmer at Microsoft. I live in North Carolina. I really enjoyed "Must Kill TV". I plan to read your baseball book, just waiting for a cheap Kindle version. I have listened to your podcast since episode 1. I passed along the link to your play scripts to the creative directors of two local playhouses. If they decide to do one, maybe you can attend.

I like technical info and "behind the scenes" stories about Hollywood. I also enjoy the baseball stories.


Oliver said...

My name is Oliver, I'm 47 and live in München, Germany. I'm a comedy writer for TV and have also written for satirical magazines.

I'm reading your blog since, I believe, ten years (is it this old?). I come here every day and read most of it; don't care for the sports part though. Love the Friday Questions.

I don't listen to your podcast regularly, mostly because I don't have the opportunity (don't commute, don't drive much), but have listened to single episodes.

You did inspire me to write a blog myself (www.britcoms.de, it is about, well, british comedy tv (mostly)), although I've run out of steam a little over the last few years. Admire your stamina.

Loosehead said...

Dave from Basingstoke over the pond in Britland. 63, been retired from paying work for 3 years now, after being dicked around by my employer when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Now completely clear of that, and the employer, and never been happier. Came here after a recommendation from Mark Evanier's blog, so I reckon I've been here from the start. Love Mash, Cheers, especially Frasier, but I don't think we got any of your others over here. I like reading your insider stories about The Biz, less keen on your baseball stories (did I mention I'm a Brit?) or radio stations as I never listen to them. Voted for Brexit, so I guess that makes me a populist. Pretty neutral on Trump - he ain't my president - so I take a break when you go on a rant. Listened to your first couple of podcasts, but your blog is something I read in bed at night, so listening to an audio blog at that time would make me Very Unpopular with SWMBO. Also, whenever I see one that might be interesting, I don't really have the opportunity to devote 30 minutes to it.
Excellent NatWood photo, BTW.

Brian Hennings said...

Who: Brian Hennings

From: Perth, Australia

Demographic: mid-40s(ish) male

Been Reading Since: a long time...

How Did I Find the Blog?: It was recommended as one of the top-10 blogs for screenwriters to read

Topics I Like: pretty much everything

Topics I Don't Like: I generally don't read the movie reviews, but that's only because I haven't seen the movie yet

Listening to Podcast: recently picked it up. I like it because it is relatively short and concise (something that many podcasts lack)

Pierre D said...

I'm Pierre; I'm from Paris, France.

What demographic? I turned 41 recently
How long have you been reading? 2 years I'd say...
How did you find the blog in the first place? Mark Evanier's blog tipped me to it.
What topics do you like and dislike? Nothing I particularly dislike but I don't always read, your posts appear on my Feedly, and there's way too much feeds on my Feedly... I love all your posts about your experience in Hollywood.
Are you also listening to my podcast? No, I generally don't listen to podcasts, when I try I get distracted too easily and don't actually listen much... So nothing I particularly like or dislike about it, I'm sure it's very good actually...!

Thanks for the blog, it's awesome.

Pierre Durand

Bill said...

I’ve been reading for about five years, including your books. Started because of a link or recommendation from Mark Evanier. I do listen to the podcasts, usually several in a row when I’m in the car. Baseball is not one of my interests, but most of those posts are entertaining because there is a story involved.
Bill in Paducah

James Marshall said...

Hello Ken,

James from the UK here! 24, been a fan of your work from as soon as I started watching Cheers and MASH when I was less than 10 years old!

I came across your blog and podcast when searching the internet to see what else of your work I could enjoy, and pleased to say I have thoroughly enjoyed both! Particularly the humour and insight that they both bring!

From 'Cheers' and 'Hollywood and Levine', you have inspired a friend and myself to do a podcast on 'Cheers', episode by episode, https://www.facebook.com/WNKYNCheersPodcast/

We wanted to ask, what struggles did you face when writing sitcom episodes that addressed important social themes and how did you and David keep the balance between seriousness and humour in those episodes?

Thank you,


Ted Kilvington said...

Name: Ted Kilvington
From: Mason, Michigan
Demo: 50-y.o. pasty white Male, Protestant, veteran, career criminal justice, flaming liberal.
Read: Four years now, I think.
Find: Via Mark Evanier's website.
Like: True Hollywood stories, the craft of writing, pop culture critiques. Dislike baseball.
Podc: Yes, listen regularly.
Like: Speaking style, topics, guests. Needs cash prizes for tenth caller.

James Marshall said...

Hello Ken,

James from the UK here! 24, been a fan of your work from as soon as I started watching Cheers and MASH when I was less than 10 years old!

I came across your blog and podcast when searching the internet to see what else of your work I could enjoy, and pleased to say I have thoroughly enjoyed both! Particularly the humour and insight that they both bring!

From 'Cheers' and 'Hollywood and Levine', you have inspired a friend and myself to do a podcast on 'Cheers', episode by episode, https://www.facebook.com/WNKYNCheersPodcast/

We wanted to ask, what struggles did you face when writing sitcom episodes that addressed important social themes and how did you and David keep the balance between seriousness and humour in those episodes?

Thank you,

johnachziger said...

I'm 69 and been reading your blog for several years. No offense, but I don't care about your plays or most of your radio stories. Do enjoy your posts about your TV shows and other insider Hollywood items. Would like to listen to your podcasts, but being old fashioned, I don't want to hear profanity in my house--it's bad enough out in the world. I only listened once or twice when you started, so maybe you've stopped it, but probably not. Anyway, I enjoy about half of what you right about and ignore the other half. Thanks.

TimWarp said...

I live in Pittsburgh (but am "from" the south: Georgia/Texas/Virginia), I'm 63, female, white, married, mom to a 20 year old daughter, 2 cats, and a beagle. Bleeding-heart liberal. Have bought most of your books. :-) Been reading the blog 2-3 (3-4?) years: found it when I was down a rabbit-hole google search that ended up being about bad behavior Cybill Shepherd stories. I read all the blogs because even though I'm not a sports person or a radio person, a good story is a good story. And yours is one of the very few online anything where I'll read the comments because for the most part you have sane readers! I'm not listening to the podcast (hangs head in shame) because I do most of my computer things at work, and it's too hard to listen AND get things done.

TimWarp said...

PS to anonymous: Yay! Another "Snow White and the Three Stooges" fan!

Maryjo said...

My name is Maryjo, I am 61 years old and live in the Chicago area. I have been reading your blog for many years but I am not sure exactly bow many. I found out about you from the former Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan. I particularly enjoy your movie reviews and snarky award show reviews. I loved your American Idol reviews back when you did them. And I really like it when you get political because I agree with you completely.

Honest Ed said...

Honest Ed, white, male, 50s, UK based writer/producer of UK and international TV dramas. Must have been reading for ten years now.

Tbh most of the stuff is of interest, to varying degrees, the only ones I tend to zone out of are the baseball and radio entries - because I'm not American I guess.

And it ain't the weekend till I've seen the Friday Questions.

Maryjo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill said...

Bill, 54, Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA. reader for about 11 years, usually through RSS.
Enjoy pretty much all your topics (and have bought your books as well), but was most interested in your career changes and how those worked.
Your podcast is the only one I listen to but it is hard to keep current; my problem, not the frequency. I can't work and listen to podcasts. I sometimes skip episodes, especially the rewatch ones.
Would love you to have Ms. Levine on the podcast to hear her perspective of your career changes.
Thanks for doing what you do.

Rudy said...

Hey Ken... Been reading your blog everyday for at least the past eight years. Memory getting fuzzy with age. And I did buy (and read) Must Kill TV. Since I still work in TV I thought for a long time that it was a non-fiction book.

Keep up the great work & don't let the trolls get you down!

FFS said...

Since I don’t have the energy you obviously have, I’m re-posting my response from last year. Just add a year to my age.

From Scarborough Ontario (Toronto). 72 years old. Retired from an ordinary job in an office. In other words an old white man. Reading for around 6 years. Found the blog when Googling about a TV show and your review of it was near the top of the Google page. Like everything you write about. In awe of your energy and output. Hate your president and the fact our right wingnuts have started to emulate him. Love your rants.

barriowolf said...

Jaime Gonzales, from El Paso, TX. I have been reading your blog for about four or five years now and found it through an article that had a link to your blog. I really enjoy reading it plain and simple. I grew up with watching M*A*S*H* and Cheers and what a bonus that you were involved. Please, keep doing what you're doing for as long as you would like, because I'll be reading.
Have a good day Ken.

Sid S. said...

My name is Sid. 63 y/o attorney in Texas. I believe I've been reading your blog since almost the beginning. Don't remember how I lucked into finding the blog but, along with reading the news, I read your blog every morning. I also listen to your blog while exercising. Not a big fan of the baseball stuff but love everything else.

Wayne said...

Hi… Wayne, 55, comedy writer from Toronto. For 16 seasons I wrote for a Canadian political satire, sketch series that aired on the CBC-TV called Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Having had to make a live TV studio audience laugh, week after week, I more than appreciate your understanding for a comedy to actually make viewers laugh out loud. Always great to hear from someone in this business who “gets it”!

Thoroughly enjoy your blog everyday and love the interviews. James Burrows was a real treat. What an amazing and talented director.

Congrats on all your success and keep the laughs coming!

David said...

I'm from the UK, I'm in my early sixties, and a few years ago I discovered the second best blog I read through Mark Evanier, and his joint second best blog I read.

I like most of what you write about, but especially your radio career. I could live without your holiday reports from Hawaii (Jealous? Me?), and I'd have thought your writings on baseball would miss the mark with me but, although a lot of the names mentioned mean nothing to me (baseball isn't very big over here), what you write about commentating on games is fascinating.

i watched Cheers and Frasier on first broadcast (they were popular in the UK) and still enjoy watching them now.

i don't listen to your podcast, but I don't listen to podcasts so that's no reflection on you.

Tim B. said...

Tim from Milwaukee here - I read and greatly enjoy your blog every day. I started listening to your podcast when it started, and it never disappoints either.

I found out about your blog from Mark Evanier's blog, and it has been several years. It's great to hear about behind the scenes in Hollywood from both of you. You both seem like normal folks with your heads on straight, and you tell great stories of people whose heads really aren't. As well as pointing out other great people, and shows to watch. And the baseball stories, too.

I have delusions of being a writer (and am trying to go in that direction, albeit not in TV/movies), and your commentaries and suggestions about how to write comedy has been great - it has helped me with my comedic Toastmasters speeches, which people seem to appreciate.

I have seen a lot of Cheers in the past, and am working through it on Netflix, since it's some of the best stuff there. I'm in Season 9, and like seeing your name in the credits. I'll start Frasier when that is complete - I've seen less of that, but I always appreciated the episodes I have seen, and look forward to the viewing.

I got a chance to tour Miller Park recently, and was in Bob Uecker's booth. What a great sportscaster. (We respectfully disagree on him vs. Vin Scully, I think.) Hopefully he'll get a chance to call a World Series again this year - it's been a while.

Sid S. said...

My name is Sid. 63 y/o attorney in Texas. I believe I've been reading your blog since almost the beginning. Don't remember how I lucked into finding the blog but, along with reading the news, I read your blog every morning. I also listen to your blog while exercising. Not a big fan of the baseball stuff but love everything else.

Dan said...

My name is Dan and I am from Lexington, KY. I work in publishing but love to read about your history. I found your blog through Mark Evanier and really enjoy your Friday questions. Your insights and stories are always fun to read and just generally make me smile. And I need that more often today than ever before. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Joseph said...

My name is Joseph, live in LA, and I've been reading for many many years. I went to a mixer you hosted at the WGA Library and also saw your play A or B. I write for fun so really enjoy the comments on the writing process and read the blog everyday. Thanks for taking the time to continue doing this.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, 39, San Diego. Read daily since you were mentioned in Time Magazine. Really admire the effort you put into your craft (whether it's announcing, writing or ranting).

Jeff Maxwell said...

I’m a native Los Angeles Californian with the brief fantasies of living in Italy. Or Solvang, CA.

MASH used to pay my rent. Working there nine years taught me a lot about life. Reading your engaging, funny, entertaining blog offers me insight into stuff I did’t learn on Stage 9. Same deal for the podcast.

I’m married to a beautiful wife who looks a little like Natalie Wood. No children, but we do have a thirty-six-year-old parrot. Her name is George.

I live in a house with a pool. I wish I could sell just the pool.

If you ever retire this blog, it will be as difficult as the day Vince Scully left the air.

Thank you, Ken.

Chris G said...

Hi! I'm a fortysomething white guy, married, father of two kids, fan of Cheers since I was a kid. I've been reading for I don't know how long. I live in New England, not far from where Diane took herself after she broke up with Sam.

JAC said...

Where are you from? Chicago originally. Degrees from IU (Bloomington), 3 years in an army band, moved to Delaware 35 years go.

What demographic? In 70s, gay male originally Protestant now long-time agnostic, recently retired music professor, writer.

How long have you been reading? I calculate 12 years...

How did you find the blog in the first place? ... because I first heard it mentioned in online discussion (at TWoP, R.I.P.) after the first season of Heroes.

What topics do you like and dislike? Love anything about the writing of TV, that's why I came. Skip anything about sports.

Are you also listening to my podcast? No.

What do you like or dislike about that? I listen to very few podcasts (maybe two). I can read the same material so much faster, I get impatient.

Horaceco said...

Horace, from Washington DC, 55, and I think I found your blog through Lance Mannion's blog. Of course, I only started reading his blog because of the "Cheers" reference in his name, so I was delighted to be directed to an actual Cheers writer. Love all the behind the scenes info and the showbusiness history. Also, I really appreciate your praise of Baltimore in a recent post. Thanks for that.

Jerry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teri Mueller McGuinness said...

Living in Pittsburgh PA, 62 yrs old, and my employment has nothing to do with entertainment... I read your blog because it, like you, is smart and funny. So glad I got to know you in my past life! Thanks.

Bardruck said...

Hi I,m Sergio from Mexico, and I read a spanish blog about movies, in that blog they mentioned you and explained how great is this blog, so I came here and stayed since then, maybe 1 year, this blog has been a great window to the world of writing and to the movies and series

ColeDallas said...

Hi Ken. I hail from the 214 area code--that's Dallas. Fifth generation Texan here (we tend to say those sorts of things). I have been a reader for at least five years. Found you through Twitter, I believe, and that's one virtue we can assign to Twitter. I'm a long-time fan of comedy television but more importantly I'm a fan of behind-the-scenes analysis of comedy and writing. I am not listening to the podcast (but will check it out now). I just turned 50, married, and work in a corporate marketing gig (where some comedy writing can always help). Thanks!

Joachim O'Keefe said...

Donald, 73, keen golfer living on state benefits in Washington DC. Found your blog because I do nothing all day (when not playing golf) but google my own name. Naturally, if I wrote your blog it would be the greatest blog in the history of the internet, but I must say you're not doing too badly for a commie pinko.

Seriously, I, 60+, in Glasgow, Scotland, follower since year dot, googled 'Frasier Script' once long ago, don't really read the sport stuff, don't have time for the podcasts (though I did listen to one, it was great), haven't bought a book (sorry), but I'll blow smoke up yo'ass till the cows come hame.

Your intelligent comment, insights and insider stuff are streets ahead of any 'influencers'. Lang may yer lum reek.

forg/jecoup said...

Hi I'm from the Philippines. 31 years old, male and I discovered your blog in 2010 when Eric Stonestreet tweeted your post about what actors endure during auditions and have been a regular reader. My favorite topics are of course anythign related to US TV world then your movie reviews. I'm no sports fan so i skip that.

I listen to your podcast when you have a guest that interests me or a topic I'm drawn into. The podcast is OK but sometimes it gets a little boring when you are just alone, it's better when you are interviewing someone

katenhor said...

Kim, from Vienna, VA, 56. I've been reading your blog for 5+ years or so. I think I found you soon after the blog was named one of the 25 best by Time Mag or NY Times (can't quite remember). I love the behind the curtain stories about the making of TV shows and movies, and Hollywood History. Love listening to the podcast too.

Filippo said...

Hi I'm Filippo, 39, from Italy. I don't follow the blog regularly, but I try to catch up and read every post. I'm mostly interested in writing and all related topics. I love sitcoms. I comment every now and then. Thank you for the amount of knowledge you share.

EndlessSender said...

Hi Ken,

56 years old from Toronto Canada. Been silently reading your blog for years, dunno how long. Probably came here from Mark Evanier's blog which I've been following for even longer. I enjoy what you write, and haven't been listening to your podcast. Thank you for everything.

Unknown said...

Boston area, following since pretty much the beginning.
Back then, I was an aspiring sit-com writer...now just a fan running a comedy club.

Stacy said...

Hey there. My name is Stacy, I'm 49, and live in NH. A long time reader, having discovered you from a link over at Mark Evanier's site. Married with 2 sons.

littlejohn said...


I was referred to your site by my brother just after you started and read it most days. Originally from Maine, then NC, Miami, Denver, the Bay Area, and for now the Central Valley.

Love the blog for the most part. Played baseball as a kid, but have no interest in it now. Your political rants can come across as very hateful instead of biting commentary. Enough hate in the world, so I skip those.

Even read your blog while traveling: so far Italy, France, England, New Zealand, Australia, & Canada. Humor goes down well wherever you are !

Lastly, I am very grateful that you chose to spend the time and energy to do the blog. You have made me laugh and brightened my day on countless occasions. Thank you !


Lark Hawk said...

I am from Seattle, 52, white male, IT worker.

I've been a regular reader for a long time. I think I found your blog after Dave Neihaus died and you came back to Seattle to do some guest announcing for the Mariners.

I listen to the podcast every week. Love it. I love it when you have guests, as they usually provide a view of show business that I've never heard before or even really thought about - stuff about voice-over work or turning a film into a broadway musical.

I am a Mariners fan, and I loved you when you were here. I really like the stuff you do about baseball. I like the "inside Hollywood" stuff you talk about, how agents negotiate contracts, what a showrunner does, etc.

Plus, you're pretty funny.

Nonchalant Savant said...

Rob - old (63) white dude from Dallas, TX. I don't recall how I found you, but have been following you for 4-5 years, I believe (I didn't know we were supposed to keep track of anniversaries!) I typically enjoy the behind-the-scenes info that you provide (as well as the Friday questions). I comment every now and then when I have something pithy to say or if something pitheth me off.

Justin Russo said...

Justin Russo, 33-year-old illustrator in NYC and reader for the last 3 years! Avid Classic Hollywood fan (especially Garbo and Bacall) and big fan of quality sitcoms (hence why I follow your blog!)

norm said...

This guy is from rural (can you say Green Acres ?) Indiana....I follow you to get the West coast bias on the politics ...so there.

Bill Slankard said...

Bill Slankard, Arlington Heights, Illinois. I've been reading for many years now - I don't recollect when I started. I probably found out about the blog from Mark Evanier's blog.

I enjoy the stories of your experiences in show business and baseball. I've listened to a few of the podcasts, but haven't found the time to listen to them all.

Jerry Smith said...

I'm Jerry. Middle-aged fat white guy from the Midwest. Found you years ago through Mark Evanier's website. I usually check in every weekday and really enjoy the podcast and tales of Hollyweird. Not a big baseball fan and we disagree politically, so I usually just skip those topics. Everything else I find interesting because of your funny and insightful writing style.

Thumper said...

:::waves from NorCal:::

I think I've been following along since (almost) the beginning. Now I feel old...

Neil said...

From Phoenix, AZ, started reading your blog after you were on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast.


Craig Larson said...

Hi Ken. I live in Nevada, but I read your blog as well when I lived in Virginia. So it has nothing to do with my proximity to California. I am not much of a Podcast person, but I have listened to a couple of yours and will listen to more. Usually I have Sirius going in my car when I am driving. Other than that, there is no time in my schedule for Podcasts. Anyway. love the blog and I am on here every couple days or so to catch up.

tavm said...

I'm 51 years old and I first discovered your blog when Mark Evanier kept mentioning it. I've long admired you and David Issacs' writing on "Cheers", "M*A*S*H", "Frasier", and even the short-lived "Mary"! Thanks for keeping the blog going all these years...

Anthony Adams said...

My name is Anthony, I live in Weeki Wachee Florida, the city of live mermaids. I'm 63 and a retired Librarian. I read the Time review, back in the day, but Mark Evanier put you over the top. I love television and movies, particularly enjoyed your work on MASH, Cheers, and Frasier. I share your appreciation and Natalie Wood. I read everything you write in your blog. I have had two plays produced, but that was back in college. I have a PhD in philosophy which gets me adjunct work at the local College. I check you out daily. For whatever reason I don't enjoy the podcast format. Not just yours, anybody's. Seems crazy since I love radio. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. I live in Baltimore. I remember when you were on the radio with the Orioles. Thanks for the blog, I really enjoy when you go nostalgic ob your baseball play-by-play days.

Jeff said...

I'm a Mark Evanier referral like others above, and I've been visiting here for many,many years. I enjoy the inside baseball showbiz stories (and the inside baseball baseball stories too!). I visit every day, and on Sundays I look at old FQs.

estiv said...

I'm pretty sure I've responded before, but what the hell.

Where are you from?
Texas. I always say that everything you've heard about Texas is true, especially the things that contradict each other completely.

What demographic?

How long have you been reading?
Not sure exactly, at least nine years.

How did you find the blog in the first place?
James Wolcott, whose own blog seems to have gone dark.

What topics do you like and dislike?
I'm the kind of person who's interested in nearly everything, so I don't really dislike any of it. But music and TV are my faves.

Are you also listening to my podcast?
Yes, every week.

What do you like or dislike about that?
It's not something I really dislike, but because I've been reading your blog a long time I already know some of the stories (such as Allan Carr). Still, it does add something to hear it in your voice. I do agree with those who say they prefer the interviews, but I know that it's probably not possible to have one each week. I will mention again something I think I said before: I think it would be cool if you would answer phone-in requests. Some of the NPR shows play voicemails from listeners and then respond. It may not sound like a big deal, but somehow it adds something to hear people's voices. So set up a dedicated phone line, let people know about it, let the voicemail collect, listen to the results while fast-forwarding through the spam and trolls, and voila, new feature.

cbm said...

Chris here, long time reader, very rare poster. A musician, retired from the tech world (A man's gotta eat.)

I never listen to the podcast. I prefer to _read_ my internet, thank you very much.

I usually skip over the baseball stuff, but love the TV and Radio stuff.

Lyle said...

For those not familiar with the Scot's idiomatic expressions, Don's sign off comment of "lang may yer lum reek" translates to "long may your chimney smoke."

I was married to a Scots lassie from Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland, for about 40 years so I picked up on the sayings and speech patterns.

Diane B said...

Hi Ken - I live in Mill Creek, WA (area code 425) and I've been reading and listening for several years. Love your references to the Seattle Mariners (and enjoyed listening while you were here). And I love Nancy Travis too - I try to watch anything she's in.

I don't remember how I found you, but I thoroughly enjoy your writing and the content in both your blog and podcast. Keep up the great work!

McAlvie said...

DC Metro area. I've been reading the blog for a few years after stumbling across a link somewhere else. I read regularly because your posts are well written; and I enjoy most of the posts, regardless of topic, because good writing is reward enough. I'm not very sports-minded, nor do I have any connection to show biz. I also don't have time for a whole lot of tv viewing, so I'm particular about what I do make time for. I'm old enough to have enjoyed the shows you've written for the first time around. I guess I enjoy those posts, the anecdotes and behinds the scenes stuff, the most as they are the most relevant for me. I also enjoy reading the comments, because you have some smart readers who are nearly as good with words as you are.

-bee said...

I found your blog many years ago from a long-gone blog James Wolcott used to have - boy gave you outlasted him!

Sean said...

I read you from Waco, TX. But I moved here from NoCal. I've been reading your blog daily for about 5 years now. I followed a ling from Wil Wheaton's blog to find yours in the first place.
I am 42, so I grew up watching the shows you wrote.

I for one, wouldn't mind more baseball talk. But I'm a Giants fan, so We can compromise and just talk about how great Jon Miller is.

I listen to the podcasts when the topic or guest appeals to me. I admit that I skip around on them.

Dana King said...

Sorry, Ken. I was away yesterday and just saw today's post where you asked us to check in.

I became a fan of your when you did the Orioles games with Jon Miller. There were many nights you two were the only reason to listen to that horrible team. (Though those were the good old days compared to now.)

I live halfway between DC and Baltimore, on the cusp of the 301 and the 410. This blog is a daily read for me. I rarely miss it, and usually catch up if I'm away for a day or so, as I have today. Keep up the great work.

Loosehead said...

Hey, there's a lot of people who came here from Mark Evanier's blog. Maybe you owe him royalties or a finders fee, or at least lunch at that diner. Perhaps we should be writing about why we came to HIS blog. I'll start - I was googling Rod Hull and Emu and Mark did a story about him/them.

Lairbo said...

Too busy yesterday to comment on this post (or even read it at the time) but, rest assured, your blog is a pleasure I rarely miss. Like many, probably the first I read of you (in this context) was your Aaron-Sorkin-Does-Baseball post ("There's always a Danny"). Love your insights into the wide world of TV writing and, as a 718 resident but prodigal son of what's now the 562 area code, I always get a kick out of your LA radio of the 60s and 70s reminiscing. Not two hours ago, I shared a "Tina Delgado is alive, ALIVE" shout out with another SoCal expat.

Question (maybe for a Friday): If you were to revive Big Wave Dave's, would you do a straight-up reboot or change it up with some sort of Next Generation twist (the kid Adam Arkin and Jane Kaczmarek find out their going to have now all grown up and in charge, or something)?

Anyway. Keep writing and we'll keep reading.


Lane said...

Early 30's in South Texas. I was raised on MASH and Cheers and when I was in college I started looking at blogs of writers on shows I liked and writers who talked about their process for crafting a great, intelligent story. I think I got here by following a link on Jane Espenson's blog.

Really I enjoy everything you write about. I'm not a big sports fan but I still really enjoy your descriptions of that whole world as well. I really enjoy reading about how you write and how to improve a piece you've written. I guess the 60's nostalgia isn't a huge draw for me since it was well before my time.

I'm guilty of not listening to the podcast; most podcasts tend to take a few years to really find their rhythm so I usually wait until they're well established before I commit to listening regularly.

Covarr said...

Hello, Ken! I'm Andrew

I'm a community theatre junkie. I've been acting with my local community theatre since 2015. In that time, I've acted in nearly a dozen shows (some musicals, some not), become a theatre board member and chair of the publicity committee, and even directed a show. But the thing I'm most proud of is that the theatre produced (and paid royalties for) a show that my now wife and I wrote, which was generally well received, and wouldn't have been even a little bit possible without the lessons gleaned from this blog.

Where are you from?
Moses Lake, WA, but I work with the theatre in Soap Lake. Smack dab in the middle of nowhere, generally away from most professional creative opportunities.

What demographic?
30-year-old Halfspanic (but culturally white) male. I'm not sure what demographic info is important here; that's kind of a topic I usually try to avoid caring about.

How long have you been reading?
At least six years. Possibly longer, but my oldest comment on your blog seems to be from June 2014.

How did you find the blog in the first place?
I don't remember, but I was probably looking for the other Ken Levine, the BioShock guy. Given my decades-long love affair with video games, that seems in character for me.

What topics do you like and dislike?
I like the stories. I like anything that's funny. I really like the stuff that digs a little deeper into the actual writing process. Not so big a fan of the review show reviews or other "list of jokes" type stuff; the jokes themselves are funny individually but the lack of any sort of narrative or structural flow can make them a bit exhausting.

Are you also listening to my podcast? What do you like or dislike about that?
Very rarely. I enjoy it when I do listen, especially the Jim Burrows episodes, but a single episode requires a greater consecutive time investment than any of your daily posts, which is more difficult to fit into my schedule.

Ziggy said...

Only a co-worker once, but always a fan of your work. - Ziggy

Chris Thomson said...

Hi Ken

I am Chris, from Wellington NZ. I saw you went to the 7's once. I think I was at that one. I probably stood next to you buying a beer!

It young for when MASH was airing originally, but was around for Cheers and Frasier and have seen every MASH episode about 6 times from re-runs.

Think I discovered your blog when I was weirdly googling random searches (as you do) and was looking famous sets, and struckone of your articles talking about the MASH one and one about the Frasier one.

Since then I have basically read your whole blog backwards to your first post.

Keep up the the work!

Hoops For All said...

I am a older Gen X male born and raised in the central Midwest. This blog was a link from an article I was reading that said the author had a lot of experience and accomplishments in writing. You quickly peeked my interest in your critique of a TV actor I shared your opinion on that no one ever critiques. Was it though for Helen Hunt or not all those seasons?

I have enjoyed the behind the scenes insight as to the professional writing experience and process.

I do not agree with some of your observations and opinions. Many might call them outdated or something else.

Your informing on programs like the one day play writing contests in Pasadena are of help in that they inform on new outlets and innovative ideas for writing. A good service. Also a good deal of humility for someone with some success to work without regard to societal opinions as to what or what not they should be doing. Presentation here is even more impressive along with the volume you are still marketing and producing.

I am also aware this could be a catfished effort by whomever. The writing lessons and stories seemed valid enough. Age, some attitudes along with good amount of success do not always seem to add up on the surface.

One valid seeming incite was Frasier writers were changed at some point. Early Frasier not as annoying as later Frasier - the only sitcom on during insomnia at a certain time.

MASH anecdotes are the most interesting of the shows you describe. Nothing new there though.

Mibbitmaker said...

First, distracted the previous 2 days, then taking a long time to read this many posts, so finally...

I did one (if not more) of these before, but I'll do it again...

Mark from Northampton, Mass. 57(!!!) year old white (Italian-Welsh) male with an Elizabeth Warren amount of Native American included. I don't remember exactly when or from where I discovered this blog, but I started checking in occasionally, then making a regular habit of it. I really should be listening to the podcast far more than I have.

It was easy to start reading here, a blog by one of the names I see in writers' credits on some favorite shows - especially M*A*S*H and Cheers. One of the great privileges of internet communication, along with the old M*A*S*H newsgroup that included Larry Gelbart and (this comment section's own) Jeff Maxwell.

Main topics of interest: TV, radio (the DJ stuff) with all the inside stuff (WJM was my favorite part of the MTM Show). I'm not that into sports, but it is a nice era to be in New England. I like the politics stuff because I loathe Trump (in a sensible world, every political person right, left or center would reject his intrusion - myself a liberal-leaning independent).

So not to end on a political note, here are my all-time favorite sitcoms (not including all that I really like) - Flintstones, I Dream of Jeannie, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, Cheers, NewsRadio, Arrested Development, The Office (US, but the British original's great), Community, and The Good Place.

Cliff Ames Jr. said...

I'm Cliff I'm 39 years old. I first heard about you from the Jimmy Pardo Podcast when you were a guest back in July 2017. I have been a life long Frasier fan and when I found out someone with so much influence over my favorite show had a Podcast of my own I was hooked. I love you Podcast and your guest list has been great. Occasionally the audio volume can be a little low compared to other Podcasts I listen too but that's my only quibble on what is an otherwise entertaining program. Keep up the good work!

Johnny Hy said...

John 52 year old from Atlanta. I'm not sure how long I've been reading but at least 7-8 years I think. Maybe somebody on the old Bill Simmons site mentioned your blog which is how I found it. Love the inside look into how the Movie and TV business works and the older baseball stories. I do listen to the occasional podcast and you do a great job. I especially appreciate how you call out the people about "how comedy should be". If it's funny and makes people laugh, that's comedy. There are so many shows these days that are "funny" that I maybe laugh once or twice. My wife had never seen Cheers so we are watching it and she's always saying "I can't believe I didn't watch this show before. It is so funny!"

Kaysi said...

Hi Ken! I'm Kaysi and I'm from Huntington Beach, California. I'm 21. I first found your blog while I was watching Cheers through for the first time about a year and a half ago and have checked back ever since. I'm a huge tv nerd and am looking into being part of the field so I love your posts about shows you've worked on or television in general but I read everything because there's always more to learn about. I try to listen to the podcast when I can! I'm behind on every podcast I've ever started but I do enjoy listening when I get the chance to! I mentioned in an email to you a few months back how I just really enjoyed the insight into Cheers and just the day to day of the industry. Also, I feel like I agree with you about everything TV related. My top 3 favorite actresses are Elizabeth Mitchell, Shelley Long, and Amy Poehler and I've seen all the nice things you've said about them so I guess I like feeling even more validated in that, too.

Love your blog, podcast, and all your work. Thanks for being the best!

The Moderate said...

I'm John; 50 years old from Ky. I've been coming here for 2-3 years I think. I'm not sure how I found this; I think I was looking at information about MASH and went down a rabbit hole. Always insightful and entertaining. I'm in LA a few times a year and would love to buy coffee (or stronger libations) and talk about MASH until whatever liquid we're drinking is gone.

Kaysi said...

I'm Kaysi from Huntington Beach, California. I'm 21. I found this blog when I was watching through/ binge-watching at a record pace Cheers for the first time about a year and a half ago. I enjoyed your stories about the show and have been checking back ever since. I love all your tv-related posts because I'm a huge tv nerd and am interested in working in the industry someday so I always appreciate your insight. I love the other topics as well though because there's always something to learn more about. Also, my top three favorite actresses are Shelley Long, Elizabeth Mitchell, & Amy Poehler and I've seen all the nice things you have said about them so it makes me feel super validated. I do listen to your podcast when I have the time. I just get super behind on podcasts but I always enjoy them when I listen in!

Thanks for your blog, podcasts, & ALL your work. You're the best.

lucidkim said...

Where am I from is not the same as, "Where are you right now?" which I think is what you're asking...

When I started reading your blog (is it possibly 10 years old?) I think I was still living in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm now in Bowling Green, KY. I used to think I'd like to write screenplays which is what led me to your blog. I work too many hours (accounting!) and have kids - and have only managed to crank out one screenplay and mostly I don't write at all. But I still enjoy your insights/humor. (I'm technically from Virginia - but my dad was in the Navy so I've moved A LOT and am mostly not from anywhere.)

I'm white, 53 years old. :) I enjoy your podcast when I do listen to it, but I confess that isn't very often. Usually I have others around ALL THE TIME - so reading is easier.


Maurice Molyneaux said...

Maurice Molyneaux here. I've been following the blog for a couple of years. I forget how I found it initially. I'm a former video/computer game designer/producer who did a fair amount of writing dialog scripts for various games, I bailed on that business some years ago and have been working to get into film and TV writing, but that's a tough jump. I rewrote a feature which has been in and out of Development Hell for years and recently finished a pilot based on my experiences in my prior profession. Sadly, getting a meeting is tough, and—with the current WGA-Agencies mess—right now it hard to even find an agency of manager who's even considering clients. Alas!

Enjoy the blog a lot. Would love to buy you a drink if we're even in close range to one another.

Marcel said...

Marcel from Germany here. Been reading since 2007 actually, almost daily. Except when it comes to baseball ;) But I found a few good series through your recommendations which I'm very grateful for. Thanks!

Nate L. said...

Hi Ken,
I'm Nate from Battle Creek, Mi. 46, Aircraft Mechanic and car nut. Got to your blog from your
Kevin Smith "Frasier" podcast visit. I try to catch up every few days and also listen to your
podcast. I'm also a big "Cheers" and "Frasier" fan. I watched "Russian Doll" on your recommendation and truly enjoyed it. On the podcast, I enjoy the funny radio and TV stories, behind the scenes stuff. I haven't heard an episode that bores me yet. Your interviews are great. Thanks

SBell in San Mateo said...

Hi Ken, I’m Susan, a lifelong resident of the SF Bay Area. I just turned 61 today. I originally started reading your blog to get MASH references and insights, but I get a kick out of your reminiscences of KYA radio and your time as Beaver Cleaver! Love your podcast and reading your blog posts aloud at breakfast to my spouse. Thanks for all —

FlipYrWhig said...

Been coming around for years, at least 10 it feels like. Demographics and preferences: age 40-something, live in Virginia now, most interested in the posts about TV history.

Todd said...

Hello,I'm upper 40s from Baltimore and first heard of you when you were doing radio for the Orioles. I thought you were fun to listen and enjoyed your book "It's Gone!... No, Wait a Minute". A few years ago while bored at work I wondered what you were up to and found this site. I check in every few weeks.

Nevin ":-)" said...

Hello... I'm a 50-something computer scientist living in the Chicagoland area. I've been reading it forever, long enough that I cannot remember if I discovered you or Mark Evanier first. I generally like most of the topics because the writing is fun to read. I'm not listening to your podcast at the moment because I just don't have the time.

Colin Stratton said...

Thanks for asking, but I am one of those who is not comfortable talking about myself. Nothing to hide, just really boring. Plus I have been around enough individuals who cannot stop talking about their own boring life, that I kind of stopped lost interest. Maybe I need to stop sitting at the bar. Has everyone turned into a Cliff Clavin?

Stu R said...

Hi Ken - Stu from OC. Been following since the beginning from Don Barrett's LA radio blog. Nothing I dislike but my favorites are baseball broadcasting, radio and random thoughts. Actually purchased all your books and loved them all. Wish you would get back in the baseball booth...Dodgers sure need a qualified PBP guy on the radio.

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