Sunday, January 12, 2020

My busy month

I have a number of things coming up this month and wanted to alert you (read: use my blog to plug things).

Tonight I will be on Sirius/XM Channel 106 from 7-9 PST/10-12 EST, guesting on THE DINER hosted by Lou Simon.   We'll be talking music, primarily from the early days of Rock n' Roll.

Today and next weekend my short play, SHE DIED WITH HER PUMPS ON will be performed in San Juan Capistrano at the Camino Real Playhouse as part of their Show Off Festival.   It's a beautiful theatre, beautiful town, and if you don't believe me, just ask any swallow.  Here's where you for info.  

Today, two short plays of mine close at the Gallery Players Theatre in Brooklyn.  SORRY SHAKESPEARE (above)  and FINAL JEOPARDY (right).   Last minute tickets for the matinee can be found here.

Next weekend I have a short play in the Little Fish Theatre "Pick of the Vine" one act festival in San Pedro, Ca.  The play is DATING THROUGH THE DECADES.   I'll be there Saturday night.  Here's where you go for tickets and details. 

The next day, January 19th, I'll be participating in another Ruskin Theatre one day play festival -- the Cafe Plays.  I get the topic and actors at 9 AM, write a ten minute play by noon, and then it's performed at 7:30 and 9:00.  It's live theatre at it's most live.  Spend Sunday night in Santa Monica.  And say hi.  Here's where you go for info on that.

And then the one I'm really looking forward to -- a reading of my full-length romantic comedy, AMERICA'S SEXIEST COUPLE at the Atwater Village Theatre in Atwater (a lovely community to raise your children) on Friday, January 31st at 8:00 PM.  Tickets are limited.   And it's ONE NIGHT ONLY.  I have a great cast and it should really be a fun night.  Would love a full house for that one.  It's all part of ESTLos Angeles' Winterfest Play Reading Festival.

But wait, there's more.  Starting January 23 for several weekends, Theatre68 in North Hollywood is staging a festival featuring three of my short plays -- OPEN TABLE, TWO IN THE BUSCH, and DIGGING UP DAD.  Here's their website. Details aren't posted yet.  

And other than that I got nothing other than the blog and weekly podcast.

Thanks much.   End your month with me and laughter and Atwater. 


YEKIMI said...

Really have to figure out how to increase magnification on my computer. Thought the first play was called SHE DIED WITH HER PIMPS ON and I was thinking "Oooooo, I'd pay to see that!" Damn my crappy vision!

Dr Dre said...

SHE DIED WITH HER PIMPS ON could be the version performed in Compton.

Joanne S. said...

I'm a Diner fan and heard you on the show tonight, you really "get it" & played right along, it was great fun! I was one of the last callers & wasn't able to greet you properly which I had hoped to do because Lou was running out of time. I feel like I've gotten to know you through Art Vuolo's Radio Dream lunch videos, which
I really enjoyed before I even knew about your baseball announcing, what a long and winding road (no intro song?) your career has taken, congrats. I look forward to reading your book about the me generation. And I will always think of you when I see Radar leave his beloved Teddy Bear on Hawkeye's pillow.
--Joanne from San Jose

Unknown said...

How do you have time to blog?

Chris in Cowtown said...

While holding down the "CTRL" Key, hit the "+" key to increase magnification in your browser.

Charles Bryan said...

So, not retired, then, eh? Y'know, Ken, one thing that I hope people learn from your blog is that we should all seek out and welcome new roads to travel. DJ, TV writer, sports broadcaster, director, blogger, playwright, and podcaster. Good for you, and good for anyone, to pursue their passions and master new talents.