Wednesday, January 08, 2020

PARASITE: My review

So far PARASITE is my pick for movie of the year. A Korean film with subtitles. Mic drop Hollywood.

Writer/Director Bong Joon Ho has achieved the near impossible – making a movie so engrossing that no one in the theater had to tell someone to turn off their fucking phone. Now, THAT’S filmmaking.

Happily, PARASITE doesn’t fall into any one genre. It cleverly and stylishly combines a few, bends a few, and creates a few into one compelling cohesive film. I was knocked out by the storytelling. I guarantee you won’t be able to predict what happens next. You’ll laugh, you’ll shriek – and isn’t that what entertainment’s all about?

Beyond that I’m not going to say anything about the plot or characters other than it’s about two families. A parasite is an organism that lives in an organism of another species. How it applies and to whom it applies is ingeniously at the heart of this film.

After seeing a glut of superhero and space sequels, PARASITE will renew your faith that movies can still be good, still be smart, and in the hands of a skilled artist with a true vision, still a thrilling experience.

But here’s my fear: There will undoubtedly now be a Hollywood studio reemake that will be star-studded, cost fifty million to produce, and be a steaming piece of shit.

Go see the original before the guys who did MAN OF STEEL get their hands on it.


forg/jecoup said...


I'm quite happy you liked this movie Ken! You have been writing a lot of disappointed reviews lately so glad you watched something that clicked with you

It's a miracle that a South Korean movie made over $20M dollars in the US and is a talked about awards contender outside Foreign language

Don Graf said...

Admired his quote at the Golden Globes: ‘Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films’

Lemuel said...

"so engrossing that no one in the theater had to tell someone to turn off their fucking phone."
A marquee blurb I'd like to see.

slgc said...

Have you seen Jojo Rabbit yet?

As much as I agree with you about Parasite, I personally enjoyed Jojo Rabbit more. I'd be curious to see what you think about it.

Unknown said...

I have a question for discussion and I think there's no one better to ask.

Just as you enjoyed Parasite, I have recently seen some amazing TV comedies that all have one thing in common with Parasite: none of them were made in the United States.

Through the magic of streaming, I have been delighted at the quality of shows like Fleabag, Catastrophe, Motherland, Episodes (England) and Kim's Convenience (Canada). There are so many of them that I can't remember them all!

Do you enjoy any of these shows? Why can other countries make shows like this, but US studios apparently can't (or won't) anymore?

I'll hang up and listen.

Tom Leykis

Grum P. Oldman said...

I saw it. Its 30 minutes too long.

Pat Reeder said...

This is why I was sorry to see Moviepass die. We had it for a while and used it almost exclusively at the Magnolia or Angelika Theaters in Dallas to see classics and movies about actual human beings with scripts instead of CGI cities being ripped apart by gym rats in long underwear. Now, the only movie ticket clubs around are exclusive to chains like AMC, which might show three movies a year we want to see.

Does anyone know of an AMC Stubs-like ticket club that covers the so-called "art house" theaters?

BTW, I had to prove "I am not a robot" to post this. I wish more of the characters in movies these days had to prove they weren't robots.

blinky said...

You only need to think of the American version of Coupling to see how bad a remake can be.

blinky said...

Addendum from yesterday.
You (may) have to admit that this Rickey joke was spot on about Hollywood.

“Our next presenter starred in Netflix’s Bird Box, a movie where people survive by acting like they don’t see a thing – sort of like working for Harvey Weinstein.”

Then the clip I saw on You Tube went onto to show every one from Meryl Streep to Richard Gere kissing Harvey's ass after getting an award.

Brian said...

I was so engrossed in reading your review until.......

"Go see the original before the guys who did MAN OF STEEL get their hands on it."


Imagine Nolan / Snyder / Michael Bay / J J Abrams re-making it.

Mike said...


Look at the way Jennifer Lawrence touches him.

You may not have liked him Ken, but there has been overwhelming appreciation for him across many platforms.

He knew his main target was the general public and he hit bulls eye.
This from the same people who didn't think his previous gigs were great, including myself.

Comeback said...

Meghan and Harry have announced they're stepping down from royal duties, effectively resigning from the Royal Family, and will split their time between England and the US in order to become "financially independent."

This can only mean one thing. Megz is coming back to acting!

Anonymous said...

Just heard ABC is teaming with Mel Brooks to present Young Frankenstein as part of their live series. Can't wait to see who gets cast.

Jeff Boice said...

You reminded me of seeing the Japanese "Shall we dance?" back in the mid-nineties, and then years later reading there was going to be an US version starring Richard Gere.

Roger Owen Green said...

I saw it yesterday. the woman in my row turned her phone on TWICE.
The first half had some of the funniest bits I'd ever seen.
Yet it speaks about how the stench of poverty doesn't go away.

Rob in Toronto said...

Well, that was fast. HBO has announced a limited series based on the movie !