Wednesday, June 24, 2020

EP180: Meet 8-time JEOPARDY champion, Jennifer Quail

Jennifer Quail won $228,000 in eight days on JEOPARDY and will likely be in this year’s Tournament of Champions.  Ever wanted to go on JEOPARDY?  Or know what it was like?  Jennifer graciously shares her experience this week and next.  “What are two great episodes of Hollywood & Levine?”

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Ben Scripps said...

Now I'm jealous; if I'd known winning eight times got you a Ken Levine two-parter, I would have tried harder on my three episodes...:-)

Tom Galloway said...

Had the pleasure of interacting a bit with Jennifer on Quora, and an acquaintance of mine, who was one of the players she beat, had nothing but good things to say about her (well, other than that Jennifer beat her...: -)).

Amusingly enough, the winning contestant on yesterdays MasterMinds game on Game Show Network was Leszek Pawlowicz, an early J! Tournament of Champions winner. I have a fondness for him as for several years in the early 90s, he was the J! contestant staff's poster boy for taking multiple test passes to get on, in his case five (which since he played early in the 8th season was almost a pass every year the show had been on). As I think I've mentioned on previous J! related posts here, I may very well hold the record for passes without getting on; I literally tried out the week before Alex's first show aired, and I've lost count how many passes I've done, save that it's definitely in the upper teens.

By Ken Levine said...


I'm thrilled a Jeopardy champion actually reads my blog. I remember you. Bow tie, right? A three-time champ is amazing. I'd humiliate myself even before Alex took a break to chat with the contestants. Congratulations, sir.

Roger Owen Green said...

As a one-day champ (1998), I'm just happy I can put that fact in my obit.
I've been watching J! since the Fleming days.

Edward said...

***Friday Question***

What is your take on actresses quitting voiceover jobs due to the pressure of racial or ethnic conformity? I understand that women have to deal with agents assaulting them or setting them up to be abused by predators such as Harvey Weinstein and are generally paid less than male colleagues, so it's kind of crazy citing 'white privilege'

Ben Scripps said...

Nope, though the guy in the bow tie (Nathan) beat me...:-) I was the one who asked Alex "What is Canada, eh!" and later did the world's worst rendition of the Twist. But I'm looking forward to Jennifer winning the TOC--it's been a good year for us Michiganders on the show.

BTW, I've got a Friday question for you while I'm here: I've been watching Earl Pomerantz's "Best of the West" and noted about halfway through its one season that they changed the format, moving the opening credits after the first scene had played out. Do those sorts of format changes usually come from a decision the producers/showrunner makes or is it more something from the network looking for a way to spice up the ratings?