Tuesday, June 02, 2020

We're number 29!!!

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE recently did an article rating all of Tom Hanks' movies from worst to first.  Did you realize he's made 53 movies?   Going down the list I must admit there are titles that either I've never heard, don't remember, or didn't know he was in. 

I, of course was holding my breath to see where VOLUNTEERS would fall.  


I'll take it. 

First off, I'm just thrilled it wasn't rated 52.  So it's in the middle of the pack.  The authors take issue with some of the un-PC elements, which is absolutely fair, but again, remember this was 35 years ago.  I think you'd find some objectionable lines and attitudes in THE APARTMENT today too. 

But getting back to this list.  Tom has made some brilliant movies, iconic movies, and he has some Oscars to show for them.  So I knew we weren't going to be in the top 10.  There are also animated films (TOY STORY series and SIMPSONS movie) so I'm not counting those.  Then there were a few of their higher choices I didn't agree with and a few I felt should have been rated higher. 

So when you eliminate those, let's say there were 15 of them, you're left with 38 of Tom's "other movies."  And in that list we're 14.  So in this list we're in the top 15. 

VOLUNTEERS kicks ass. 

Thank you ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE.   This was an unexpected surprise. 


Sean said...

"The gruesome quiet of an entirely imaginary world."

Hannah Arendt

Something we all need to avoid.


maxdebryn said...

What is the deal with lists ? Every site has them. Magazines and TV shows have 'em.I seriously don't get the obsession with lists.

Moon Mullins said...

Should've been #1! But "Rolling Stone" comes in at just #47 for America's most popular magazine, so if "Ducks Unlimited" ever has a movie poll, it's still a possibility.

VincentS said...

LOVE Volunteers! Tom Hanks is such a convincing jerk!

scottmc said...

I was looking at the list but abandoned it when I reached the middle of the Top 10. Then I noticed other publications with their variation of the list. One had a list of Hanks Top 20/25 best films. According to Rolling Stone The Terminal is #53 but it's #17 on someone else's Top 20. I remember the titles a few of them when they lasted a week or two in theatres but some were completely foreign to me.

Unknown said...

First day of training for the Peace Corps, we were all asked what we did on our last night home. Many said they watched Volunteers.

p.s. I packed

Jonny M. said...

A comment about Jon Pyne from yesterday's post. Your blog has introduced me to a lot of radio people I've never heard of, but Jon Pyne is one of the most outrageous with the combative and insulting way he would treat callers and guests. Reading about him online I read a great anecdote. Pyne, a Marine in WWII, had a prosthetic leg.
Reportedly, one time when he was interviewing Frank Zappa, Pyne said, "I guess your long hair makes you a woman", to which Zappa responded "So I guess your wooden leg makes you a table." The 60s in LA.

Liggie said...

"Listicles" are popular with online readers, so that's why they're everywhere. However, Rolling Stone churns out a lot of half-baked ones (witness their recent "100 Best Vocalists"). Haven't seen "Volunteers" yet, but if it's ranked above some of Hanks' bad earlier work like "Turner and Hooch", that's enough for me.

Troy McClure said...

I apologize for going off topic but this is too funny not to share. Jordan Klepper interviewed Trump supporters a few months ago to get their opinions on various topics. One guy said he believes Obama had a hand in 9/11 because he wasn't around and he wants to get to the bottom of why Obama wasn't in the Oval Office on 9/11.

Holy shit, are these people fucking stupid.

Mike Bloodworth said...

Congratulations on "Volunteers" ranking. I have always liked that movie.
Another film on the list I enjoy is "Joe Versus the Volcano." Even though Hanks is the star, a pre-plastic surgery Meg Ryan steals the movie. I'm not sure it deserves its #13 rating, however. For me it's more of a guilty pleasure.
I am SO glad that "Forest Gump" didn't get a higher rank. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I HATE that movie! Woody Allen's "Zelig" is a much better movie in a similar vein.
I have no problem with "Apollo 13" being #1.
Finally, "Philadelphia" is alright. But if everything was the same except with a different disease it wouldn't be as highly regarded as it is.


Tom Galloway said...

It seems Hanks has donated his blood to an effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine. You just know if they find one, they'll make a movie about it. And Hanks will win an Oscar for playing himself. : -)

Jahn Ghalt said...

I SEE what you DID there - putting VOLUNTEERS and THE APARTMENT in the same sentence.

It's been fun and illuminating to hear you tell the story about the making of VOLUNTEERS - and in particular how much you liked it years later. The list showed Hanks "misteps" just before reading the screenplay for the second time.

I found value in this survey in that it provide reminders of films I hadn't seen in years.

I'm with M.B. about Philadelphia being over-rated. That's pretty much a standard tear-jerker that got the bandwagon treatment.

I was "warned" about Forrest Gump, so never saw that.

I was not aware that Philly and Gump got Hanks consecutive Best Actor Oscars - a victim followed by a simpleton. I don't recall when I stopped taking Oscar Awards seriously, but the values reflected in those picks reinforce the notion that the Academy's time may have passed longer than many of us thought.

Peter Aparicio said...

You can find stupid in ANY politician's supporters...and in any politician (57 states anyone?)

Troy McClure said...

No, Peter, Trump supporters are uniquely moronic, illiterate, ignorant, invariably obese, racist, and stupid as fuck.

Just like their leader who said the 1775 revolutionary army took over the airports.

By Ken Levine said...

I published this last one (because I agree with it), but I'm cutting off this thread. Both sides are entrenched. No one is going to convince anyone of anything. It'll just be more name calling. Time to just move on. You want to talk about Tom Hanks? Fine. Politics? I'm deleting from here on out.

Brian said...

Great Ken!

I visited Tom Hanks' twitter account and the man has nothing to say about the current situation..... NOTHING.


Troy McClure said...

Back on topic, it's a shame that Greyhound, the new Tom Hanks WWII movie, is going straight to Apple TV because of the lockdown. They could have just delayed the theatrical release. I want to see it on the big screen. Plus, Hanks wrote the screenplay. Talented dude!

Larry V said...

VOLUNTEERS is great fun. In fact, I need to see it again; it's been a while.

Lists are prime click bait. The goofier (excuse me, the "more controversial")the better for generating outrage or disbelief and therefore clicks.

Jahn Ghalt said...

Is there ANY CHANCE of repurposing I Dream of Gina for middle (Tom Hanks) aged leads?

(surely Hanks remembers Volunteers - having met the missus there)

Who need Hanks? Why not pitch Gina to non-Hollywood "content producers" (Netflix, Amazon, et al) ?

Not enough fun to overcome the grief?

That's a damn funny script - deserves at least a small-screen life.

(four excerpts from February 2006)