Wednesday, August 05, 2020

EP186: Another Free Association Podcast

Ken riffs from topic to topic; everything from the Emmys to the Catskills, Cub Scouts, National Anthem, comedy exercises, American Bandstand, bowling, British sitcoms, summer camp, snark, and Sinatra.   Fun personal stories and harebrained opinions. 

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RMK said...

One night after a TCM movie there was a short "industrial" on producing bowling equipment, circa 1950s. I remember some neighbors in my small hometown having at least two bowling nights in the early 70s. Plus of course, "Bowling for Dollars" - who could forget that show?

I never did watch American Idol nor caught the "bad" singers- but wish you had kept some of those National anthem tapes. It could have been a podcast bit! One or two a week. Coulda woulda shoulda!

Because of Covid we started ... woof this almost feels like an AA admission ... we started watching Holey Moley and Don't gameshows on ABC. Thankfully we record and then playback because watching them WITH commercials might explode my head. But question for you with all your experience: do you know anyone who writes/ produces these shows? Rob Riggle and Ryan Reynolds aren't coming up with all the jokes themselves is what I figure.

Tommy Raiko said...

"...I'm sure part of the problem is no one, no one has signed up for CBS All Access..."

Oooh, the Star Trek fans are gonna come after you for that one! :)