Sunday, August 30, 2020

Happy Birthday Annie

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Annie.  I love you and admire you and you make me laugh every day.   I'd get you a card but I'm in lockdown. 




Mike Barer said...

Happy Birthday to Annie.

Michael said...

Happy birthday to Annie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie!

Ken is that restaurant the Bistro Garden on Coldwater and Ventura?

By Ken Levine said...

Yes, and it breaks my heart that they just closed.

Mike Bloodworth said...

Virgo, eh?
I met Annie several years ago when you brought her to the improv class. She is smart and has a very quick mind.
Happy Birthday, Annie.
I'd get you a card, but I'm broke.


Kirk said...

Happy birthday, Annie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Everyone Born Today
I sent a card but it’s stuck in a
dismantled mail sorter
along with my bill payments

Brian said...

Happy Birthday!

Jahn Ghalt said...

C'MON "cartoonist" draw one up = it's NOT TOO LATE!

(plus you'll have fun with it)

(my Daughter, when she makes one - ALWAYS draws one - never more than 1/2-hour)

Maggie Egan-Cummings said...

I adore your girl, Ken. Please give her a big Happy Birthday hug from me. ❤️��❤️