Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Election sensory overload

 Is it just me?

I am sooooooooo fucking exhausted by this election already, and it’s still a week away.   What crazy stupid thing is Trump going to say or do today?  Who will he insult?  What crisis will he cause out of nothing?  What blatant lie will he tell that sets back the progress of fighting this pandemic?   What utter insanity and chaos will he create?  

And what new “bombshell” will the media undercover?  What new revelation?  What new poll?  The endless analysis.  The mounting death toll.  The dire warnings (that half the idiots in this country ignore).  The map projections.  The constant pleas for campaign donations.  The barrage of TV ads.  Social media overload.  

And just to make it clear, I don’t agree with Trump that people are tired of hearing about the Coronavirus.  We’re tired of hearing how safety guidelines are ignored.  We’re tired of no leadership.  We’re tired of the upheaval and loss of jobs  this pandemic has caused.   Check that — the upheaval and loss of jobs that Trump has caused.  

And we’re tired of ignorance.  If all the non-mask wearers caught the virus and left the rest of us alone I’d be fine.  I’d say, they all should all attend a 2020 version of Woodstock.  But their negligence and carelessness spreads the virus to people who otherwise wouldn’t get it.  They put health care workers at risk.  They kill their family members.  So I’m tired of those stories.  And I know there are way more of those stories in the future.  Many that could have been prevented.  

So thank God for the World Series.  And the cooking channel.  And home improvement channel.  Even the golf channel.   I know I’m exhausted when I find myself watching GOLDEN GIRLS instead of Rachel Maddow.  

And we’re still a week away.  God help us.