Wednesday, January 06, 2021

EP206: CHEERS commentary track: Boys in the Bar

A popular feature.  Ken does a commentary track on the controversial “Boys in the Bar” episode of CHEERS that he and David Isaacs wrote.  Hear about the inspiration, execution, reaction, and behind-the-scenes nuggets.  

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scottmc said...

I listened to your CHEERS commentary track while watching, with the sound off, the House debate on the Pennsylvania electoral votes. First thing, I didn't realize until now that the show never left the bar during the first season. This episode is one of my favorites from that season, up there with 'Coach's Daughter'. This was really fun to listen to, especially after the day we just lived through. Earlier tonight on ME TV they showed the 'Point of View' episode of MASH. If you do another commentary, that might be an episode to consider.
They are still debating the Pennsylvania question. I've switched to Turner Classic Movies and am watching last 30 minutes of THE LAST OF SHEILA. I will stay up until the vote is completed and Pence announces that Joe Biden is the next president. If it goes past 3AM I can switch back between the vote and the movie that follows SHEILA, MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY.

blinky said...

(sorry, but this was my favorite line I read today on Reddit.)
It’s not a real Coup unless it comes from the Coup d'├ętat region of France; otherwise it’s just Sparkling Fascism.

Roger Owen Green said...

Wow. I'd never listened to one of these while watching it. It's a better experience.

RobW said...

I was expecting you would give your listeners some background on the source of the episode's title, given how often you comment on how many people often don't get showbiz references to anything more than few years old.
THE BOYS IN THE BAND was a groundbreaking play in the early 1970's that was later made into a sensational film directed by William Friedkin early in his career. The story concerned a small group of gay friends at a birthday party with a drop-in guest who may or may not be gay. It had a 50th anniversary revival on Broadway a couple of years ago and the entire cast reprised their roles in a remake for Netflix that was released last fall. Mart Crowley (a close friend of both Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner) wrote the play and both film versions and sadly passed away last summer.

Brian said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this, Ken. Its even funnier today than when it first aired because it makes the guys look even sillier. It was nice to have Sam take the high road.

Watching Ted Danson's new series Mr. Mayor. What do you think of it? Tina Fey was one of the creators so it has her humor. Some of it seems a little forced, but I think it will improve. I like the Bobby Moynihan character.