Wednesday, February 17, 2021

EP212: Your Questions, My Answers

Ken answers listeners’ questions ranging from television, actors, to child actors, comedy, continuity, and cop shows.

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Corbin Womack said...

Hey Ken! It's Corbin! I posted a comment a long time ago, anyways I graduated TX State, got a job , staying warm, and am doing well. I hope you are too! Can't wait what you have in store for us in the future! You freaking rock man.

Michael said...

Friday question: How much control do networks have over plot lines once a show has been renewed for a new season? For example, if showrunner decides wants to do long arc where married couple gets separated, can the network stop him/her, short of cancelling the show?

71dude said...

FQ: You said you never worked on any family shows, but do writers generally ask the child actors or their parents before they hand them a potentially embarrassing or puberty-related storyline?

Mike Doran said...

Here And There:

Once on The Benny Hill Show, Benny was a program controller for Thames TV, and Henry McGee (straightman/interviewer) asked him "Who would be your favourite dramatic actor?"
Benny's answer: "Edward Woodward would."
Try saying that aloud - and fast.
Woodward had been a star actor in GB for years; he knew that he had been a hard sell to CBS, due to his age and physique, so his success in the States came as a pleasant surprise:
"It's nice to show that a short fat man with glasses can be a hero too!"

Roger Owen Green said...

GREAT show!

If you like Margo Martindale, look for the movie Blow the Man Down (2020).

Brett Butler was in Grace Under Fire, a show I liked early but it quickly lost its way

I loved Burke's Law, The Closer, Life on Mars, The Shield, The Fugitive (my mom's favorite show), and indeed most of the '70s shows, including Columbo, Kojak, Mannix. It's Ironside, not Ironsides, btw.

The Equalizer I loved but it was on Wed at 10 pm on CBS, the same time as St. Elsewhere on NBC, and I didn't have a DVD recorder. And you are dead on re: Dragnet, as I'd seen both TV versions.

I think that Hill Street Blues was so edgy at the time that other shows would build on it and HSB now seems tame. Although two cops almost got killed in Season 1. Ditto NYPD Blue.

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks- that was an interesting podcast. Talking about continuity and M*A*S*H, it was specific stated Col. Potter took over as commanding officer of the 4077th on Sept. 19, 1952. Later that 4th season in The Late Captain Pierce, President-Elect Eisenhower is visiting Korea. But then in The Deluge suddenly we're told its 1950, and the Chinese have entered the war. Its like they originally figured the series would run five seasons at the most and set the episodes accordingly-then realized it would go on longer and turned the clock back.