Wednesday, February 24, 2021

EP213: Elton John Sings Jingles

Jonathan Wolfert, president/founder of Jam Creative Productions is this week’s guest discussing why today’s music is different from yesterday’s (you decide which is better). Also, the unique business of radio station jingles and how they have ties to both Clayton Kershaw and Elton John. Hear Elton John sing radio jingles.

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Unknown said...

Not part of your podcast, but Kelsey Grammer is doing the Frasier reboot

Grumpy Gus said...

So that Frasier reboot is going to be on another streaming service? Yeesh.

Friday Question: Ken, how might actors/showrunners feel when a potentially big show is relegated to a network's streaming channel? I'm sure publicly they'll say all the right things ("And thanks to Paramount for making this all happen...") but I can't imagine they wouldn't rather be on a regular network. Will & Grace's reboot got that chance. So did Murphy Brown. Are they supposed to be flattered that they're the jewel offering of this new channel? Wouldn't they rather their show be exposed to a million more eyeballs?

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks. In addition to jingles, Sir Elton also survived by singing on some of those cheapo cover version albums. You remember- albums with titles like "Big Hits!" and where the cover listed all the song titles but made no mention of the performers? Years later all that was re-released so if ever wanted to hear Sir Elton do "Spirit in the Sky" or "In the Summertime", thanks to the internet you're in luck.

JoeyH said...

Always enjoy hearing Jon

Mike McCann said...

Great show, cool stories, interesting insights into the kind of radio that shaped our collective perspective.

Thanks to John, for sharing that Elton John story.

A highlight of my long-ago DJ career was having JAM sing my name alongside my station's call letters.

DwWashburn said...

Today's "music" reminds me of the sounds you would hear from the tribes in the old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies right before the natives would attack.

I haven't really been into contemporary music since the debut of MTV. At that time I saw the importance of music diminish as it was all about the small movies that accompanied them. As your guest mentioned, today's "music" has abandoned melodic tones to emphasize production gimmicks.

And don't get me started on rap "music"!

Roger Owen Green said...

By sheer YouTube video luck, I heard Jon talk about how boring most current pop music is. It made me oddly happy. It's not that I'm old, it's that the new music sucks!

Laurie said...

Thank you for this podcast. It was so interesting! Loved hearing Elton John's jingles, too.