Wednesday, April 14, 2021

EP220: Meet actor/Broadway star, Chip Zien

Chip Zien has been in 13 Broadway shows, has over 65 TV and movie credits, and was the voice of Howard the Duck.  He starred in INTO THE WOODS and discusses working with Stephen Sondheim along with many great showbiz tales.  Chip is a great storyteller and has great funny stories to tell.

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Jim said...

PTSD. Too soon. Not sure we can listen to this one, No, in fact we cannot,

We were close friends with someone who appeared onscreen in ‘Howard the Duck’. “Were” being the operative term.

One can never forget that life-changing screener.

Spouse instantly left that person. Friends left. Society forced that person into virtual hiding. Agent stopped all contact. The industry immediately abandoned the person. Eventually so did everything else good in life.

We and of course that person were haunted for years by the nonstop, incessantly-invasive flashbacks of that waddling freakazoid.

Sorry. Too soon. No choice but to skip this week’s offering and wait for next week’s episode. I hope your listeners that are unscarred by HTD (are there any?) enjoy learning about this man’s life and work.

slgc said...

I just checked my old Playbill. I saw Chip Zien when he was in Into the Woods!

Roger Owen Green said... Katharine Hepburn movie.

"In addition to the version of [Grace Quigley] originally released in 1985, two other versions are known to exist: the original cut, which premiered at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival running 102 minutes; [the 87 minutes theatrical release;] and the alternate and re-edited version titled The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley, assembled by screenwriter A. Martin Zweiback, running 94 minutes. The latter version is considered superior by some critics.

Diane KH said...

Thanks to both of you, looking forward to next week.

Shrill1 said...

What a terrific actor. He did a nice turn in the TV series Now and Again, currently on YouTube.

DG said...

What a great guest--how can you not love Chip Zien? So pleased there's a part two.