Wednesday, April 21, 2021

EP221: Part Two with actor/Broadway star, Chip Zien

Chip Zien has been in 13 Broadway shows, has over 65 TV and movie credits, and was the voice of Howard the Duck.  This week he talks about being HOWARD THE DUCK, acting in LES MISERABLES, UNITED 93, working with Mike Nichols, and much more.

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Jeff Boice said...

Thanks. That Mike Nichols story is tough- I'll just leave it at that.

Craig Gustafson said...

1. Chateau Louise - brought back memories. It was rebuilt, and for years before the comedy boom the resident company was from the Second City. It was their farm club.

2. On opening night (without reading reviews), I didn't just see the movie. I brought a group. I gathered a group to see "Howard the Duck." I was on the aisle. After the movie, the lights came up, I looked to my right and ten pairs of eyes are *glaring* at me.