Wednesday, July 21, 2021

EP234: Mike Nichols: A Director

More with author, Mark Harris who wrote the book MIKE NICHOLS: A LIFE. In this episode we delve into Nichols’ directing career — his approach, process, hits and misses, theatre and films, and how Jackie Kennedy helped get one of his movies released.

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scottmc said...

This was just as good as Part 1. You almost could have had a Part 3 covering the revival of ‘Death of a Salesman’ and the underrated ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’. There was also ‘The Birdcage’. There was the story of Stephen Sondheim and Nichols watching the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald from the television in Mike’s apartment. There is Nichols love for the movie ‘ A Place in the Sun’. I believe the book quotes Mike as having seen that movie an unbelievable amount of times. Mark Harris previous book touched on the life and work of George Stevens, the director of ‘A Place In The Sun’.

stephen catron said...

Enjoyed the interview. I had thought about reading the book and your interview pushed me to check it out of the library. So thanks.