Wednesday, September 08, 2021

EP241: Meet Character Actor, Paul Willson

Paul Willson has been on over 120 shows and movies, many as a recurring character, including CHEERS. He’s also been in OFFICE SPACE. It’s a unique journey through show business as told by one very funny actor.

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Brian Phillips said...

This will be fun to hear! On a very special night, I got a chance to see Paul Willson and Bernadette Birkett live! Willson played the violin, too!

Mike Bloodworth said...

I met Paul once after an improv show. He's a nice guy. But we have major disagreements about gin and coffee.


Brian said...

Love the two Bob scenes in Office Space!

James said...

I don't have the source but it was from a reputable source (i.e. not some click-bait article on the internet)--Charles Shulz, who created Charlie Brown, Snoopy, et al., got a circular from his old High School about a reunion--a big one, like their 25th. Under the list of people from his class, he was listed as nobody knowing what happened to him after graduation.

Breadbaker said...

The most interesting and insightful bit in a delightful interview was right at the end where Paul mentioned that the fact that "Office Space" was a box office dud but became a cult classic on video, cable and streaming meant that he got a lot of residuals. It's pretty certain he didn't have any points in the movie, so if it had been instead a moderate box office hit that sort of died afterward, he'd have gotten less money. So the studio saving on promotion and not booking the film aggressively (as he mentioned, it was booked for like a week) actually made a minor player in the film like himself a nice return.