Wednesday, September 29, 2021

EP244: The art of “Warm Up.” Part Two

More this week with Bob Perlow who for 37 years was the gold standard of audience “Warm Up.” This week we talk a lot about FRIENDS and what an ordeal it was to attend a filming of that show. Also a Tim Allen meltdown and much more.

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Jeff Boice said...
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Jeff Boice said...

Thanks, I enjoyed both parts. Yikes about Friends-I kept thinking I would have been one of those who decided not to eat much beforehand in order to avoid having to go to the men's room during the taping.

MikeM said...

It's fun to hear about the different jobs you don't normally hear about. Keep up the great work!

Breadbaker said...

My dad ran an ad agency in Detroit and gave a very young Tim Allen an early gig. When Home Improvement became a hit, he tried to contact him to appear in an ad and was rebuffed as though he was a complete stranger. Let's just say when Bob started his anecdote about being fired I wasn't surprised as to why.