Wednesday, August 10, 2022

EP287: Jobs I didn’t get

No matter how successful you are, there are always jobs you didn’t get for one reason or another. The takeaway is not to be discouraged. It turns out not getting the all-night DJ shift on a radio station in Fresno wasn’t the end of the world. These are the jobs that Ken didn’t get.

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Aaron Chwatt said...

Are there any dinners you didn’t get?

Al said...

Hey! I spent 6 years getting my 4-year degree at Fresno State. Fresno is . . .

You were very much better off.

I used to DJ for the campus radio station between Midnight to 3 on Saturday nights. It wasn't until I was given tickets to give away for a very hot concert in town that it became clear that literally, no one was listening.

Orson Hartley said...


If you wore the see-through blouse, would you have gotten the job at LAVERNE & SHIRLEY?

YEKIMI said...

My biggest regret was being offered an on-air job at XM when they were first firing up. I can't even remember who offered me the job and how they even heard of me in the first place since I had been out of radio for a while at that point in my life. I figured they must have been turned down by serial killers and pedophiles and were getting desperate for ANYBODY to use on the air. I turned it down thinking "Who the hell is going to pay for satellite radio when they can get it for free just by turning on a car/home radio?" Plus the fact that I didn't want to move to Washington DC and deal with the shitty traffic there. Now the same suits [companies] that wrecked real radio stations have decided to try their hand at destroying satellite radio. On one hand I miss it and on the other hand....glad I am out. Here's something that pissed me off the other day: Listening to a locally owned station and the run an ad for an event that was taking place on the 7th of August. Trouble is, the ad was being played on the 8th! Guess no one is monitoring the automation and voice tracking on it. Hey, I know the hometown teams want to emulate the big boys but does that include making the same freaking mistakes they do?