Monday, August 08, 2022

Exceptional women

 Here’s a Friday Question that became an entire post.

Msdemos asks:

If Stan Freberg "had one of the most creative minds of anyone", who are some of the women you've met or worked with who are exceptionally talented or creative people?

It’s a fairly long list, and I apologize because I know I’m going to leave some deserving women off.

Treva Silverman (pictured)

Merril Markoe
Anne Flett-Giordano
Regina Hicks
Robin Schiff
Cheri Steinkellner
Jane Wagner

Susan Harris
Linda Teverbaugh
Jen Crittenton
Heidi Perlman
Eileen Heisler
DeAnn Heline
Alexa Junge
Nancy Steen
Doris Hess
Wendy Cutler
Lynne Stewart
Wendy Goldman
Jenny Bicks
Wanda Sykes
Korby Siamis
Rachel Sweet
Janis Hirsch
Lissa Kapstein
Ellen Byron
Joyce Gittlin
Pam Fryman
Katy Garretson
Tracy Newman
Kate Angelo
Charlotte Brown
Pat Nardo
Gloria Banta
Karen Hall

and… Annie Levine


She's Wandaful said...

I'm glad you included Wanda Sykes. She's terrifically funny. She made what I think was one of the best jokes ever at a White House Correspondents' Dinner when she was the guest speaker in 2009. Referring to Rush Limbaugh who said "I hope the country fails" when President Obama was elected, Sykes said: "I hope his kidneys fail. How about that? He needs a good waterboarding. That's what he needs."

Michael said...

I thought of Susan Harris, who had something to do with a few hit sitcoms.

Roseann said...

Was Rachel Sweet a one time pop singer? I did a music video with a Rachel Sweet and Rex Smith. I believe it was a Everlasting Love duet.

John Schrank said...

I first read about Treva Silverman in Joan Rivers's memoir Enter Talking, where she related their experiences when starting out their careers, and after that, started recognizing her name on Mary Tyler Moore episodes

Nicolas Quinn said...

Rachel Sweet was/is a terrific pop singer. She started out on STIFF records.

Spike de Beauvoir said...

I love Merrill Markoe's novels and essays. I've reread It's My F---ing Birthday (2002) several times and the narcissistic parents are so sharply drawn. She recently published a charming illustrated memoir, We Saw Things.

Spike de Beauvoir said...

Correction, the memoir title is We Saw Scenery.

Anonymous said...


VHS Village (Formerly The Beta Barn) said...

RIP to Olivia Newton John.

Ken, did your paths ever cross?

Steve Lanzi f/k/a qdpsteve said...

Hope you're going to add to this list here in the comment section, Ken.

Looks like you forgot two very talented women, Patricia Heaton and Cynthia Jamin. (You've said before you'd work with Pat again in a heartbeat, and I hope you've heard of Cynthia.)

Brian said...

I worked with some incredibly talented writers over 30 years and if it's okay, Ken, I'd like to add their names to the list and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone:

Katherine Green, Carolyn Omine, Barbie Feldman-Adler, Holly Hester, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, Teresa Hsiao, Alex Borstein, Elaine Ko, Apryl Huntzinger-Herschlag, Trish Baker, Laura Levine, Regina Stewart, and Julie Thacker.

Sweet, sweet karma said...

Thank you, FBI.

Where’s Roy Cohn When He Needs Him? said...

Not since the dual-deaths
of C. S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley (11/22/63) has the passing of a celebrity —
Olivia Newton-John (R.I.P.)—been bounced so quickly from the front page—if there were
still newspapers
Instead of a pardon—let’s cut him a plea deal for donor + @RonDeSantisFL dirt

Breadbaker said...

Carol Leifer was the name I searched for.

whynot said...

What about MTM?

mike schlesinger said...

Did you know Lila Garrett? IMHO, she oughta be there.