Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The paperback is again available

Once again you can order the paperback of my book, WHERE THE HELL AM I?  TRIPS I HAVE SURVIVED by clicking here.   The price remains a ridiculously low $6.99 and if we ever meet I'll autograph it for you, which will reduce its value even more.   Sorry for the one-day delay. 

Just got off the phone with Chaucer who told me these things happen.  He also told me to include all the blurbs I've gotten.  I said, "Isn't that really shameless?"  And he said, "So what?!  You're trying to sell some books, aren't ya?"   Hey, he's Chaucer.  He's the man.  So here are some blurbs. 

That Ken Levine can seem so effortlessly funny on topics ranging from the TV industry to cruise ships to sports only confirms what a devilishly good craftsman he is. His travel writing reminds me of S.J. Perelman’s; his show-biz skewerings of an unholy alliance between Mark Twain and Ricky Gervais. Go figure; go laugh.
Entertainment Weekly

Funny, hilarious, hysterical, side-splitting, witty… These are just a few of the words I found in a thesaurus to describe Ken Levine’s “Where The Hell Am I”!
Co-creator of The Simpsons

Ken Levine is one of a select hand full of people on planet earth who has been able to earn a nice living practically since childhood by writing jokes. Before deciding to commit to writing a book, he bothered to first log decade after decade in the trenches, being professionally funny! Who else do you know who did something like that, just for your reading enjoyment? How could you live with yourself if you didn't buy this? 'How?', I ask. 'How?'
Author, commentator, former head writer of the David Letterman Show.

"As a frequent traveler I always look forward to Ken's travelogues. They make me actually LOL. Anyone who travels or ever dreamed of traveling will love his humor (except shepherds - shepherds will not like this one bit)."
Fox Sports

Finally!! We who have been lucky enough to read Ken's hilarious essays
always say, "You should publish these!". I'm a tough customer when it comes
to laughing out loud alone (except after tequila), so trust me when I tell
you, this book will make you laugh. A lot.
Writer, Comedian, Founder Tails of Joy

"First, you say, 'I wish I could notice what he notices.' Then, you go, 'I wish I could put things the way he puts them.' Then it's 'I wish I had his batting average for hilarious comedy.' Then you forget all that nonsense and just laugh. With Ken Levine as your Tour Guide, you can laugh at a variety of travel destinations without ever having to leave the house. A plus for Agoraphobics, who like a good chuckle."
Award winning writer for Taxi, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Larry Sanders

"As travel writers go, Ken Levine is like de Tocqueville, only better because he is not French."
Writer, satirist,commentator


Cap'n Bob said...

Those are fine blurbs. Here's mine: "I laughed so hard I crapped my pants. Buy this book so you can do the same."

Please Leave Name said...

You had me right up until Joe Buck's blurb--he's about as funny as dried up cow turd. So, umm... comedy ain't exactly his game.

Carlos M Hernandez said...

I'm loving this book. I try to read it as I hide my smile and laughter while on the train ride home from work. In New York City, that's considered normal.

cshel said...

Post a blurb by David Lee, then maybe I'll buy your book. I need more incentive to buy the cow book when I can get the blog milk for free. Just kidding - you had me at $6.99 - but not a penny more!

What are the chances I would see you somewhere, even recognize you, and happen to have your book with me so I could collect on that autograph offer? Never mind - it's a chance I'm willing to take.

And speaking of Perelman - I just hope I don't have the following reaction to your book:

"From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it."
(Groucho Marx, on an S. J. Perelman book.)

Rick said...

Cap'n Bob, actually I don't want to crap in your pants, no matter how funny Ken's book is....

Breadbaker said...

Please tell Sam Simon that it was his blurb that caused me to click on the link. He was an old pal from AOL Trivia days.

RON JACOBS said...

"What are the chances I would see you somewhere, even recognize you?"


Think Jewish Clark Kent.

WesParker in IA said...

"I wish I'd written this book."-J. Christ

Chris Carmichael said...

Saw the blurb on LARadio.com and ordered from the jungle! I get it in two days and will be probably read by Sunday. Thanks!

Craig Edwards said...

Just brought my brand new Kindle out of the box - and your book was the first thing downloaded to it! Looking forward to reading it!

Sanford said...

Holy shit, that Joe Buck quote can't be real.