Wednesday, November 07, 2018

EP97: Behind the Scenes: Another CHEERS commentary!

Ken provides a commentary track to an episode of CHEERS he co-wrote. “Any Friend of Diane’s,” Season 1, EP6. Lots of great inside stuff. You can either just listen or follow along as you watch the episode!

Listen to the Hollywood & Levine podcast!


James Lyle said...

Ken, these commentary podcasts are my favorite. I would love to hear the behind of scenes of Frasier's "Room Service".

John H said...

I can't wait to synch this up. Thanks Ken!

Frank Beans said...

Thanks for the commentary Ken, that was a lot of fun to listen to. If you're inclined to do more of these sometime again, would you consider The Boys In The Bar, or any of your MASH episodes?

Diane D. said...

I haven’t visited the podcast in a while, but I was motivated by your slightly irritated comment that you wished “more of us would listen to your podcasts.” You also mentioned that it was one of the ways we could support you. And like others, I have enjoyed the blog (for which you get nothing) for so many years, I feel indebted to you.
I couldn’t have chosen a better episode—CHEERS is what brought me to your blog, and this episode is one of my all time favorites—hilarious, charming, just great. Loved your commentary.

Pat Howard said...

Yea I like this it's interesting.

PJ said...

Yay, I love these!

I'm Outraged! said...

Listened to a song called 'Any Friend of Diane’s' by Weezer on YouTube, then eventually found a stream of the show on, installed proxy so I can pretend I'm American, about to watch and listen, thanks.

Tim G said...

My vote for single funniest moment in all of Cheers is when Diane opens the office door to call for Rebecca. "I was laughed at by the other boys, Norm..."
"Rebecca, may I speak to you in here for a moment please?"
"..But, don't they always laugh at the graceful fellows."

The loosened beer-fueled admission from a person who seems mundane always makes me laugh, and I remember it from a Thursday evening 36 years ago.

The first year of Cheers is one of the best comedy seasons of all time.

Thanks for the commentary track Ken. Your speaking style is so natural and inviting and it is clear how eager you are share with your audience. You make every day better.

Amanda said...

Oh yes, I was hoping you would do this episode!

James said...

I like the commentaries; keep it up. I listen at work so I can't watch the videos, but I've been familiar enough with the episodes that I didn't need it anyway.

You might try it on something a little more obscure--something on YouTube, like an episode of MARY or THE TONY RANDALL SHOW. But maybe it's because I like the less-loved, mostly forgotten shows.

Max Clarke said...

Excellent commentary, Ken. Please keep them coming.

Funny reference to Fred Dryer, "...enemy of comedy."

Liked your discussion of frustration in this episode. I knew Diane wanted Sam and I knew Norm wanted more beer, but I did not appreciate this episode was so much about frustration.

The Russian poem continues to make me smile, simply from the title. I once recited it for a restaurant assistant manager in Berkeley. His name was Mischa.

At least this year we eat.

Y. Knott said...

Late to the party on this one, but enjoyed this "commentary" podcast, as always!

A question -- according to IMDb (which is not always a reliable source), "the last eight minutes of this episode had to be rewritten and reshot because it did not work with the studio audience. The new scene was filmed after the filming of episode 1.10 "Endless Slumper".

True? False? If true, what was the material that "didn't work"?