Wednesday, June 17, 2020

EP179: How to give notes and how NOT to give notes

In this week's Hollywood and Levine podcast, Ken discusses the do’s and don’ts of giving notes, and how to also treat writers and actors with respect. Network and studio executives in particular, take note.

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Jim S said...

Great podcast Ken.

And it got me thinking (always a dangerous thing.) You talk about writers and actors, but what about writer, actors AND directors?

I once took a Second City writing class and wrote a sketch based on something that happened in my real life. If I do say so myself, it was pretty good.

When I saw my skit performed, I really thought the director missed the point and killed a good idea. As a writer and a director can you comment on both sides of the issue?


VincentS said...

William Goldman and Don Siegel were working on a Steve McQueen western and McQueen said to them, "You know what this script needs? A campfire scene." Goldman and Siegel looked at each other, then finally Siegel said, "Steve. There is a campfire scene in the script." McQueen replied. "Yeah, I know there is. But I mean.....a CAMPFIRE scene!"

marka said...

Podcast suggestion, because of the state of the country??

What about interviewing a black comedy writer about their career and maybe obstacles they've had that other might have not been faced with. Or show runner, or...

David said...

Ken, I thought you would dig this piece about a radio DJ who broadcasted to one listener for over forty years. Then fate intervened.