Sunday, March 12, 2006

Have a SUN-sational day

One of many catchy sayings here. Greetings from Bonita Springs, Florida. My writing partner, David and I are in the “the Gateway to the Gulf” (the Gentile side of the state) to do research for a spec pilot we plan to write. And hey, who knew, spring training was going on at the same time? But the important thing is to capture this world as honestly and accurately as we can. Of course if the pilot were set in Alabama we’d just wing it from home.

It’s the same kind of dedication that led to a drinking problem when I was on CHEERS. But worth it of course for my “art”.

On Thursday I head up to New York. I’m collaborating on the book for an upcoming musical called THE 60’s PROJECT. It will be performed this summer at the Goodspeed Theatre somewhere in Connecticut. I don’t know much about that area. I just picture this quaint theatre surrounded by thousands of gift shops selling syrup and turquoise everything-else. The project, (conceived by Janet Brenner, book by Janet and me, and directed by Tony winner, Richard Maltby Jr.) follows a generation through the decade and is filled with great 60’s songs like “If You Wanna Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life, Just Make an Ugly Woman Your Wife” and other Dylan hits. Hopefully there are a lot of old hippies hiding in the woods who are also musical theatre buffs and have disposable income.

A workshop of the 60’s PROJECT was held last November at CAP 21 in New York and went over very well. And we think it’ll play even better this summer when we make some changes and it’s performed for baby boomers who are so stoned they think they’re watching BRIGADOON.

I’ll try to keep posting while out here on the road. And a full travelogue of my adventures will appear sometime next week.

But for now I must put on plaid shorts with the belt right underneath my armpits, a short sleeve shirt with huge flapping sleeves, a visor, tennis shoes and black socks, and go search for the best early bird in Bonita Springs. I hope that doesn’t mean Shoeneys.


Anonymous said...

When you were on MASH did you develop a cutting-people-with-scalpels problem?

Anonymous said...

Happy journey, Ken - I'm in NYC, so if you have down time, I'll buy ya a cup of joe . . .

Anonymous said...

Where's Bonita Springs? If you were in Boca Raton, I'd recommend lunch or brunch at the Rascal House, long my favorite Florida place for Lox 'n' bagels...,0,2716909.story

Jon said...

Ah, East Haddam. I spent two weeks up there a while back, assisting the musical director on "Oh, Kay." Didn't have a car, so each night, I'd walk over the bridge and down the road to a restaurant for dinner. Which resulted in my being pulled over, so to speak, by a policeman after I aroused some homeowner's suspicion. Bottom line, you need a car in East Haddam.

I wonder who's playing your auditions? (Not me, alas. Our mutual loss.)